A Couple of New Spoilers for True Blood Season 6 – Is Bill a Prophet?

SPOILERSASMSQUAREBelow are a few more teasing spoilers for the upcoming True Blood Season 6 from new showrunner, Brian Buckner.

You all remember that Sookie saw her Bill transformed into…something after drinking a vial of gore that once flowed through ancient vampire god Lilith’s veins.

Well, here’s some new info that offers a bit more about what really happened to Bill and more about the dreaded “Warlow.”

Does that make him a god now?

We prefer prophet. Bill’s more than just vampire and has powers we’ve never seen a vampire have,” says new executive producer Brian Buckner.

Bill and Sookie are not going to get on so hot. But their not getting on is kind of awesome.”


What’s not so awesome? Humans declare war on vampires, and Sookie has to contend with the mysterious Warlow, who killed her parents.

“Warlow is the oldest vampire we’ve met,” Buckner says. “Killing the Stackhouses — that was nothin’!


While battles have brought together Sookie and Eric before, this season?

she’s looking to date somebody with whom she has more in common,” Buckner teases.


This should give you some things to “chew on” Trubies, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

source: tvguide.com


  1. The previews all look exciting and this make me a little less nervous (for now) about Bill’s standing in the show. And I am glad he’s not a god. My favourite scenes are always the Bill and Sookie scenes, but they’ve done falling in love, breaking up, squablling… so I’m intrigued at and apprehensive of what not getting along in an awesome way might be.

  2. Bill as a prophet. Okay, I’m good with that. Of course, it all depends
    on what kind of prophet. I’m very okay with Bill and Sookie scenes.
    Whether they are fighting or making love, there is always plenty of
    electricity between them. Now that he has additional powers hopefully
    Bill can come to Sookie’s aid when she’s dealing with Warlow. Sookie’s
    latest squeeze … someone with fairy blood. We’ve had spoilers about the
    human-vampire war. Should be quite the battle.

  3. Bill and Sookie fighting, I’m good with that, I’m sure we will get some excellent scense out of those two and all sounds promising.
    Just counting down the days and trying to stay away from the really big spoilers.

  4. A prophet, eh? Color me intrigued. I’m still worried on what they’ll do to Bill, but I’m just hoping we get some semblance of the old Bill at some point. 
    The Warlow business is also interesting. 
    Sookie looking for a new love? Snore.

  5. I love it all! Bill and Sookie fighting is always electric AND leaves the door open for make up lovin’! just sayin’…ha ha!
    and when isn’t Sookie finding a new love that is always temporary? She’s a flighty fairy after all!   “having something in common” for the Sookster simply means that new Fae on that same old couch!
    Great stuff! thanks!

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