Confirmed: The Gifted will have a panel at Comic-Con San Diego

The Gifted

We have just learned that Stephen Moyer will attend San Diego Comic-Con this year!  His new show The Gifted is scheduled for Friday in Ballroom 20. I’ve spent many days in Ballroom 20 waiting for True Blood and now it’s going to be fun seeing Steve representing a new show.

The Con is just a couple of weeks away and if you are looking forward to the new X-Men series, The Gifted, then you will enjoy this. 20th Century Fox Television is bringing a slew of programming to Comic-Con, including Matt Nix’s new The Gifted show for a Q&A as well as a new sneak preview of the upcoming show.

The panel will be hosted on Friday, July 21 in Ballroom 20 between 3:45 – 4:45 PM where cast and producers of the series will be attending to meet new fans of The Gifted. Series star such as Stephen Moyer, Amy Acker, Jamie Chung along with executive producers Nix, Bryan Singer who directed the pilot, are set to attend, with more cast members and producers expected to be announced later.

The new series will not be the only X-Men related show to be present at Comic-Con this year. FX announced last week that they are bringing Legion to Ballroom 20 on Thursday, July 20. You can check out FOX’s full schedule for Comic-Con 2017 by clicking on the link below which includes Seth MacFarlane’s new show Orville, the new Ghosted series and returning fan-favorites like Bob’s Burger, The Exorcist, The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad.



  1. Wonderful news! Brings back memories of the old days, as we anticipated seeing Stephen, Anna, and the whole cast at Comic-Con. I always wanted to go but could never do it. I’m looking forward to video and photos from the event. Stephen is always so great hobnobbing with the fans!

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