Comic Con 2014 True Blood Swag

While at Comic Con 2014 last week, I got lots of SWAG. Most importantly though I got TRUE BLOOD swag. One of the nice things about attending the Con is getting the gifts that each show gives out to the fans.

Below are the True Blood related items I received while there.

After participating in the True Blood Drive, a wonderful event where the fans like me could donate blood for a good cause, I got this great True Blood T-shirt (images represent front and back):



Then, after the True Blood panel on Saturday night, each fan was given a True Blood “final season” backpack, TrueToTheEnd t-shirt, pen and notebook:


I’m still very sad about True Blood ending, but glad I had the opportunity of attending Comic Con for their very last panel. It was a great panel!


  1. My brother got me a poster at comic con. Its a picture of Bill, Eric, and Sookie. And they all looked like from the season 2 promos. My fav season :)

  2. Wonderful swag, and very well deserved for all your hard work.  Thanks for sharing the pictures with all of us.

  3. I wonder if any of the cast will continue at comic con or if actors only sign while the show is still presenting new

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