DONATE and WIN: Charity Giveaway for the CLARE Foundation



Recently we have received many requests to do another charity giveaway and of course we’d be more than happy to give away some signed stuff.

[column width=”1/3″ first=”yes”]
[/column] [column width=”2/3″ last=”yes”] [jbox color=”gray”] We are giving away several items signed by Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin:

– Bill and Sookie poster (signed by Stephen and Anna)
– Entertainment Weekly (signed by Stephen and Anna)
– True Blood season 1 music CD by Nathan Barr (signed by Stephen)
– Starter Wife DVD (signed by Stephen)
– The Caller DVD and photo (signed by Stephen)
– Hay Fever Details magazine photo (signed by Stephen)[/jbox] [/column]

These items will be given randomly to people who make a donation of any amount to the CLARE Foundation.

This is the first time that we do a fundraiser for the CLARE Foundation and we hope you will all participate to show the people at CLARE what amazing fans Stephen Moyer and his show True Blood has.


logoThe CLARE Foundation is a nonprofit organization providing compassionate treatment and recovery services for alcoholism and substance abuse to individuals, families, and the community.

It was recently announced that Stephen has joined the Board of Directors of this Santa Monica based non-profit organization. And in addition to being honored for his contributions to the field of recovery at CLARE’s annual Tribute Dinner in 2010, Stephen has volunteered in CLARE’s Drug Court program for over two years.

“The dedication that Stephen has shown to CLARE has been awe-inspiring.” – CLARE Executive Director Nicholas Vrataric.



[jbox color=”blue”]HOW TO PARTICIPATE IN THE GIVEAWAY[/jbox] – Make a donation of any amount to the CLARE Foundation with your credit card through our fundraiser on Crowdrise.
– Make sure to leave a valid email and do not donate anonymously, you cannot win if we cannot contact you.
– Make your donation before August 18th, 2013 11.59pm PST.
– Open world-wide.



If you don’t have a credit card you can use PayPal.

Make your donation of any amount to the CLARE Foundation clicking the button below.
Send us the confirmation of your donation to and we’ll enter you in the giveaway manually. We will record your donation on Crowdrise as an offline donation.

This PayPal button was provided by the CLARE Foundation.


Photo Gallery of the prizes


And as always Stephen signed these items exclusively for The Vault and and we have the pics to prove it!


  1. Love these two as a “Real life couple” but not as a couple on
    TRUEBLOOD~they’re totally opposite.

  2. I was just re watching some Bill and Sookie scenes from Season 1 and 2 and really miss seeing them together. Eric and Sookie together was uncomfortable and Sookie with Sam or Alcide would have been OK. Sookie with Warlo I am warming up too, but still feel pangs for Bill and Sookie to get back together.

  3. I’m on Bill’s side. She’s dead to me.
    After having ridden Warlo like a strumpet she tries to rekindle Sam’s past affections (as if she hasnt toyed enough with his emotions). Yeah, she’s a piece of work.

  4. I love that Bill’s hatin’ on her just so she can get it it out if her head that she’s not all that. Bill’s probably the first one to do that and I love it. Hahaha.

  5. The truth is that. Sookie broke my hrt wen she was with Eric nd even with wallow. I missed she nd Bill been together. Possibilities of them coming back. Sure of it.

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