Check out what Stephen Moyer was up to in the year 2019

While the holidays are over and 2020 is here, it’s nice to see some additional celebrations going on.  It’s also nice to look back on the past year of 2019!

For 2020, we begin the year with a posting from Steve’s Instagram account. Our favorite actor, producer, singer, and all-around nice guy, Mr. Stephen Moyer posted the photos below. We just couldn’t let these photos go by without posting them here on the website.

It looks like the Emery family had a fun time at Christmas this year.  Below, Stephen Moyer poses with his latest Christmas sweater and some pretty big ahem, “balls.”

Source: Stephen Moyer on Instagram  Click on the images below for a larger view.

Yikes, that sweater sure lives up to the “ugly Christmas Sweater” tradition.

It’s true that he’s a bit late clearing up the Xmas decorations, but we can forgive him since we know he’s been busy lately with his other film and TV projects,  especially “Fortunate Son” and also the producing/directing projects for CASM.

I’m glad to see that the family seems to have had a very festive and fun holiday.  We wish Steve and all of his family the very best.

Now that 2020 is well underway, we thought it would be fun to see what Steve was up to during the past year of 2019.  What we found is listed below and I’d say it was another pretty productive year.  This guy never seems to rest.

Here’s a list of projects, that we know about that took place in 2019 (click on the links below to see all the posts we’ve made for each topic):

  • NEW SERIES: FORTUNATE SON – New TV show for CBC Canada which started in January 8, 2020, titled “Fortunate Son” which is inspired by a true story and created by showrunner Andrew Wreggitt (Pure, Borealis), a drama which is set in the social and political chaos of the late 1960s.
  • UPCOMING FILM: G-LOCThe story of Bran Marshall, a young man who has fled from Earth through The Gate to find a new home on Rhea. But the early human settlers of Rhea have decided that they will no longer accept refugees from Earth, which sparks an adventure of discovery as Bran is forced to team up with a Rhean woman named Ohsha Rainer and stop her ship from killing thousands of Earth Refugees. Along the way they might just become the best hope that the next generation of mankind has to co-exist with itself.
  • FLACK  – Season 2 of Flack which stars, his wife, Anna Paquin is scheduled to air on POP TV. Produced by their production company “CASM”, on this project Stephen serves as an executive producer and directed several episodes of this season.  The second season will premiere on March 13.  Can’t wait, can you?
  • THE PARTING GLASS – CASM’s film, The Parting Glass which gave us Stephen Moyer’s feature film directorial debut was screened at many film festivals worldwide in late 2018 and 2019. It was finally released on DVD and streaming on September 10, 2019.  I was privileged to see it and meet up with one of the film’s stars Ed Asner and Producer, Cerise Larkin.
  • JUVENILES – Stephen’s independent film, Juveniles he made a couple of years ago finally came out on streaming services. Steve himself posted about the film’s availability saying the following: ‘Juveniles’ – A film I shot a couple of years ago is available today on @iTunes and On Demand. It has a great cast too. @beauknapp @martinhendersonofficial @kevinmalejandro & @kathleenroseperkins. Watch it now!
  • THE GIFTED – the series ended in February with Stephen’s character, Reed dying in the final episode, just like Bill. Could this be a trend, Mr. Moyer?

While it was sad news to see The Gifted end, it was exciting to see so many new projects on the horizon for Steve, especially those done by the Production Company, CASM!  I can’t wait to see what Steve will be up as 2020 progresses. What about you? Leave your comments about Steve’s 2019 below.


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