Charity Auction Quickies of Magazines signed by Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Deborah Ann Woll

Here are a few “charity auction quickies!”

To celebrate (or mourn) the season finale of True Blood we are going to make a few fans happy with magazines signed by Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin and Deborah Ann Woll.

In a series of quick 3-day auctions, we are offering 3 signed magazines.

Auction quickies
Auction quickies
Auction quickies

This is the auction schedule:

TV Guide June, 2009 signed by Stephen and Anna – auction date Sept 6 -9
SFX Magazine special edition, 2011 signed by Stephen, Anna and Deborah – auction date Sept 9 -12
Entertainment Weekly, June, 2010 signed by Stephen and Anna – auction date Sept 12 -15

Pick your favorite or try your luck at all 3 of them.
The first auction will go live later today… so stay tuned.

All proceeds minus fees of these auctions are donated to Facing The Atlantic.
For more information visit

SimplyMoyer is running a Giveaway at moment for Facing The Atlantic, so make sure to check that out as well here.

Auction quickies

You too can give to Facing the Atlantic and support Stephen Moyer’s charity by making a direct donation to Facing The Atlantic here

Please note: add the code TB4FTA (True Blood for Facing The Atlantic) to the note of your donation so we can keep track of how much was donated by True Blood / Stephen Moyer fans.

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  1. A wonderful fund raiser for Facing the Atlantic. In all honesty I don’t have the dollar power to bid on the magazines. Good luck to all who plan to participate. Here’s hoping a great deal of money is raised for this amazing adventure.

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