Celebrate Halloween with a Marathon of True Blood Season 7

Celebrate Halloween like a real Truebie and tune in to the True Blood Season 7 marathon starting at 12PM on HBO Zone.


source: True Blood on Facebook


  1. I’ve been watching True Blood allover again, started from season 1 and now I’m at season 4, episode 5…Love my True Blood! :-)

  2. i think things would of ended differently is eric accepted sookie’s invite to go into her home in season 7 near the end

  3. Wish I could watch right now, but have a house full of ppl who disliked all that nudity and stuff. *cries heavily*

  4. lol when the series first started my parents went to a halloween party as bill and sookie bartender outfit no one even heard of them since it was still early and getting popularity. My dad makes a great vampire.

  5. Wish they’d go back and rewrite season 7. It left a lot to be desired. I felt like the writers were tired of it and just wanted to wrap it up as quickly as possible. It felt very rushed. And, sigh!, I miss Eric

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