Catching Up With True Blood Season 5

HBO has launched a new site called “CATCHING UP WITH TRUE BLOOD: THE WAR AGAINST HUMANS.  Its a site that is designed to recap what happened last summer when True Blood Season 5 aired.  They want us all to be ready for the new Season 6 when it premieres on Sunday, June 16.

The site is full of many photos and several videos to describe the most important highlights of the fifth year of the show.  Below are a few examples of what you can expect to see there. Better yet, why not go over there and see for yourself at


  1. Yup sure am got season 5 as a christmas gift and been keeping it safe just barely opened refresher here i come!!!

  2. I have been re-watching all of Season Five to familiarize myself with the last known episodes of the story. These little bits of “recaps” from HBO  are cool. There are many more too, but they cannot do them all. We have to watch the entire season to get them all.
    I am getting exited…’s almost here….season 6! YAHOO!

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