Cast photos and video for The Gifted Season 2

Cast photos for Season 2 have been released for the cast and some new cast members who will be seen in the upcoming season.  The second season of The Gifted starts on September 25, 2018 at 8 pm on Fox.

First, we have a somewhat new Season 2 promo video which we hope you’ll enjoy.

Below are the cast portraits starting with Stephen Moyer as Reed Strucker.

cast photos
Stephen Moyer as Reed Strucker in Season 2 of The Gifted


Sean Teale, Grace Byers, Skyler Samuels and Natalie Alyn Lind

And the rest of the cast: Coby Bell, Amy Acker, Blair Redford, Jamie Chung, Emma Dumont, and Percy Hynes White.


Source:  SPOILER.TV and thanks to @JenniHarding123 for the quite video.


  1. Thanks for providing. I especially appreciate having the cast photos. However, I didn’t see the actress who plays the Frost triplets … Skyler Samuels, I think is her name. Wonder why no photo for her.

    1. Oops, how did I leave her out? I had a pic, must have missed her. So, there is no significance to her not being there from the getgo. Thanks for noticing it Rowena.

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