Candid Shots from Dallas production of Marvel X-men The Gifted

The working title for Stephen Moyer’s new X-Men Marvel series is “The Gifted.” We have no way of knowing if that will be the final title or not, but that’s what they’re calling it for now.  I kind of like the title; what do you think?

They’ve been filming in Texas for a few weeks now and candid photos of the cast and especially, Stephen Moyer have been starting to show up from time to time on social media. Below is just one of the images found recently by Stephen’s fans on social media.

The Gifted
Thanks to @keriqbaum and @therealRhondda for their finds.

We’ve started a “Gifted-Candids Photo Gallery where we will add all the behind the scenes candid photos we find for the upcoming series.

Steve posted a deliciously yet eerie video on his Instagram account recently while wearing a lovely black wig. Oh, is that creepy or what?

Embracing my new family…

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Source of video, click here.



  1. Thanks for all the goodies … the candids here and in the photo gallery, Stephen in the long wig (what a hoot!). “The Gifted” as a title doesn’t quite do it for me, but I’m good with it as a working title. I’m really eager to see this one!

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