Brighten up Your Facebook Timeline with a new ASM Cover Photo

If you are on Facebook, you probably know that on March 31, everyone’s profile will be redesigned and dubbed the “Timeline” which — according to Mark Zuckerberg — is a way to present “the story of your life.” When someone looks at your Timeline, he or she will be able to see summaries of the most important events in your personal history — instead of having to scroll through years of silly status updates.

Whether you like the change or not, there is one thing that is very appealing to us and that’s the new “cover photo.” We’ve just added it to the top of the page. If you’re a true Bill/Stephen fan we think you’ll definitely want to make your page reflect that, so why not add one of our “customized AllStephenMoyer” cover photos as your cover photo? The AllStephenMoyer page has already gone through this change and here’s what it looks like if you haven’t yet seen it.


We’ve created a whole bunch of AllStephenMoyer cover photos that you are welcome to use on your own Facebook page. Please choose from the images below to add one to your Facebook. They are all sized to fit perfectly on your Facebook page.

We have also added a new section here on AllSteve where we will be adding new cover photos as we create them and it is located here.

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