Brian Buckner: Bill and Sookie will always hold the center of the show

True Blood

“Bill and Sookie will always hold the center of the show, but they can’t always be together.” Says Executive Producer Brian Bucker in an article on the digital version of EW.

And that is exactly how it should be.

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True BloodTrue Blood


  1. It makes sense that Bill and Sookie can’t always be together. That
    would make for boring storytelling. But I think theirs is the pivotal
    relationship in True Blood. Their scenes when “on the outs” can be just
    as compelling as when they are together as a couple.

  2. I have reached the point that I don’t even want them back together anymore, but their chemistry and dynamics are still great even if their relationship/friendship is on very rocky ground. They are the main characters of the show and their storylines are front and center.

  3. When Jessica said to Bill “I don’t care, you and Sookie is different than Sookie and anyone else!”(parrotphrasing) she could have been talking about Stephen and Anna.   Nothing compares to the chemistry of those two playing opposite one another.  Whether love making, or fighting, or just talking, it is unmistakable.
    I’m so glad Mr. Buckner said that.  Maybe some writers need to be reminded.  I’m looking forward to their scenes together, even if they are at odds now.

  4. I agree with everything My sisters-n-Bill said. I love the past love story of Bill and Sookie but for me she has been so annoying I would prefer her in fanfiction with Bill then them on True Blood. I do agree how ever you can miss the chemistry between them. I feel it is the reason TB is a such a Big hit. Adding Eric made it a house hold name. 
    Bill will always be my fave forever and If they off him in season 6 I am done.  I do not like the Evil reference toward Bill. I do not feel it is Evil but misunderstood. He deserves all the recognition he has received here  and I would love to see TB go on forever..wait it can. DVD. :)  Stephen? You Rock!

  5. BTW Thank-you so much for such a wonderful website for The Stephen/Bill fans. I do not think I ever thanked you, Shad. *hugs*

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