Brian Bucker Talks About Bill and True Blood’s Finale

truebloodbrianbuckner-steve-annaIn an interview, True Blood showrunner, Brian Buckner talks about the finale episode and the decisions the writers had to make about the ending for Bill and Sookie. 

Buckner explained Bill’s (Stephen Moyer) choice to die, not from Hep-V in the finale but by a staking from Sookie.

Part of Bill’s decision was to give her a normal life by having her use her fairy light on him, Buckner said, but his other motivation was the point of Bill’s flashbacks throughout the season. “It was all meant to tell the story of the natural course of a human life, and I think what Bill came around to was similar to what Godric [Allan Hyde] came around to [in season 2], which is that a human life is extraordinary too.”

Buckner, who has written for every season of the HBO drama and served as showrunner for the latest two, wanted to bring the story back to Sookie and Bill because their relationship “launched” the series,

he said. But “I think it’s obvious from these seven years that Sookie and Bill were not meant to be true love forever,” he said.
He pondered a finale — and even pitched it to HBO — in which Sookie gives up her powers, but it “felt really wrong,” he said. “The idea was that we wanted Bill to be correct when he said that Sookie could have a normal life, the twist of course being that Sookie choose to keep her power and specialness and persevere despite his belief that she couldn’t be OK without giving up her powers.”


To read this entire interview with Brian Buckner go to: The Hollywood Reporter


  1. The final season on the part with silky in the grave with you is very heart touching I think that there should be another episode because I think there still is a lot of life in the show still need to go on

  2. Exactly, Cerise.
    That actually just made me upset. He has been with the show for two seasons. I’m going to guess he skipped seasons 1-5 and started at 6 when Bill was a Vampire God.

  3. No, Brian Buckner has been with True Blood since day one. He became show runner after Alan Ball left in season 6. He is not new. Which makes his comments even worse.

  4. Bucky put down the shovel and stop digging when you find yourself in a deep hole.  
    Just an unfortunate result that you have to live with and regrettably so do we.

  5. Didnt care for the lat 10 minutes of the final episode,it had a feel like the director just said ( I Quit) and then everyone else had to slap the ending together. Why they all felt it wasnt important for people who have followed every episode through every season to not know who Sookie ended up with is beyond me? She went from 2 Vampires to a fairy vampire then finally a where wolve to a unknown man and had a baby with this unknown man,dont make a show concerning the love life of a woman throughout 7 seasons and then leave her with Mr unknown! The really Nerdy Eric and Pam commercial was disappointing and then having no relationship with Sookie after being lovers then friends? Huh? Loved every season and episode just didn’t love the last 10 minutes

  6. I think it was very limited reasoning that Bill could only have his wife Caroline from his human life so long ago as the only loving wife he should ever have. It would have brought no dishonor to him or her loving memory, if he were to live a happy rest of his extraordinary life with his other great love, Sookie. The show didn’t have to completely remove all of her fae power, which she suddenly embraced at the end. The writers could have just had her use some of her power combined with the hep v to make Bill be human again & still leave her as part fae or even human – which was her wish for all 7 seasons! – and they could have married & live out a happy human life then die naturally. I’m very sad about Bill & Sookie’s end! I was pretty pleased with the other wrap ups for the other remaining characters though…

  7. So sad it’s over. The last episode made me cry. I loved the way they ended it, though, with everybody gathered for dinner. But who’s baby is Sookie carrying?

  8. for Bucker to have been a writer .. He had to know that by reunting Bill and then letting him die would piss off the Fans .. It like he was never involved in show .. I think 3 ppl like the Finale ! I feel so alienated ! I wish I could unwatch it before the cemetary scence ! For True Fans of the Books ( ending up with Sam – NO WAY ) and in the Show ( if Bill had not died and just watched from afar ) Killing Bill ruined it for me .. I would have prefered that he had died before he found out about Cure ! 3 episodes before .. i would have been satified .. but to do it like this Buckner U and Writers assed Up this Finale !!!

  9. It made no sense for Bill to die. Sookie could’ve ended up with another vampire after Bill’s death. Bill and Sookie could’ve adopted or Sookie could’ve been artificially inseminated by someone.
    It was a bad end to Bill and Sookie. I don’t believe Bill Compton would of chose suicide.
    It wasn’t Bill.
    It made no sense.

  10. I don’t agree. I think it would have been a more realistic ending to have Bill and Sookie wind up together, after he turned human. All the storyline this season pointed to it.

  11. Brian Buckner is an ass and he is just trying to justify a stupid ending and the fact that he simply WANTED to kill Bill for some idiotic reason. Clearly he was not the devoted TB fan and Bill/Sookie lover that so many of us are who waited and waited and held out hope every season that they’d FINALLY get back together. Even Alan Ball promised way back at the beginning that Bill & Sookie were soul mates and eventually would come back together. So we held out hope and stayed True To The End and got screwed over by Brian Buckner. :-/

  12. i completely agree with you.they have vampire jess who was treated by bill as her daughter and sookiehe could just end up with eric instead storyline

  13. I didn’t like it.
    I wanted Bill to be with Sookie.
    But I’m glad they are in real life.
    Anna looks stunning and Steve, always handsome.
    Beautiful couple! :)

  14. Yes, indeed … so Sookie kept her powers, and would be prey to any old vampire who might come a-calling, attracted by her fae self.  Oh, and Bill got to explode twice and turn into goo TWICE.  Wasn’t he fortunate!
    Totally disappointed and saddened by the finale.

  15. The reason everyone doesn’t like the end part was because Bill died.but guys have you guys forgotten that stephen moyer and anna are spouse reality….they have kids together…so what we actually wanted has being fulfilled reality. So we don’t have to be angry about the end part …its just a series..look at this pics…hmmm don’t they look great together??

  16. “Bill and Sookie” were not a great couple .. and by the way that “Bill” had “Sookie” kill him (which was pure selfishness in his part) they were never ment to be…

  17. I was very sad about this season finale, Eric norton get along and the bill that was our hero dies by the hand of his beloved, horrible woman, not like !!!!! I am disappointed by the authors, bill deserved to be happy because it was never.

  18. This man Buckner, has ruined an iconic show that has lasted fir 7 years with the Truest fans EVER. All he had to do – after announcing that Bill& Sookie were back together for s7,- was give us BILL AND SOOKIE! He did not have to kill Bill:( I think the writers totally intended to make Bill human then switched the idea later. It was going that way.

  19. I would say the decision he made was the WRONG one. Despite what he feels about Sookie and Bill not being true love, many fans including myself felt differently. In all these seasons and out of all the couples and hook ups over the years I felt that they were THE love story of True Blood. So sad that he ruined that!

  20. The guys a jerk. Despite what he thinks- there are many fans that believe Bill and Sookie were THE love story of True Blood. Killing Bill off was just a stab in the back to the loyal fans. Screw him!

  21. First of all, I don’t know of anything said in any previous episode that Sookie would have the power to turn a vampire human.  I didn’t want Bill to die, but it doesn’t destroy the show for me.  I appreciate that the writers didn’t want to change Bill and Sookie from the vampire and faerie that they were when they met.  I was super upset when I watched it Sunday night, but I feel better about it now.  It was a powerful ending to the show.  From what Stephen has said, he was totally on board with Bill dying.  Stephen likes edgy stuff, and True Blood is an edgy show.  If Stephen is down with it, then I’m okay with it.

  22. i can’t read this. it’s too painful. I’m so furious and upset by this ending. i know that it’s just a tv show and i shouldn’t thinking about it too seriously, but i really liked this show and it’s really hard to except a death of a characters i love.

  23. I think Bill and Sookie definitely had a “true love forever”. I still don’t like the ending, but it is what it is. At least I know the “real” Bill and Sookie are together forever in real life. That helps me deal with the ending a little better.

  24. Shad and Lynn, I just want to thank you for your years of selfless devotion to True Blood and our beloved Bill Compton.  You’ve enhanced my True Blood experience immeasurably.  My sadness and disappointment in the finale no way reflects on either of you.  I will continue to eagerly follow Stephen’s career and look forward to his upcoming projects.  Bless you both!

  25. Shad and Lynn, I too thank you for so many years of devoted writing and posting for us fans. You have done a superb job for seven years and I thank you for that.

    to Brian Buckner: You are just making excuses for the sloppy ending, terrible writing and
    you should never have been allowed to write or end the series this way.
    Bill and Sookie WERE THE LOVE STORY of the whole show from day one. To say that was not true just means you don’t know how to write. Your
    decision to end the series like this has angered so many fans that I
    don’t want you to ever have a writing job again. go away. nobody will ever watch anything you work on. I was horrified at the ending. stupid. stupid. stupid.

  26. It doesn’t make sense to me, how can she be free when she’s still a fairy, she killed the man she loved BILL no guilt there that she staked his ass, AND  STILL HAS FEELINGS FOR ERIC. She AND HER CHILDREN still has to be protected by her friends that are vamps. Against other vamps. Who could sense what she is, yep that’s freedom for her! NOT — They should have had Bill become human, and they could still do that because all of this could have been a dream sequence, I wish tptb would read the comments! THAT’S THE ONLY THING THEY NEED TO CHANGE AND THE FACT THAT ERIC AND PAM WERE NOT AT THE TABLE WITH THE REST OF THEM AT THE END!!!!

  27. I disagree that the ending was “lazy” or “sloppy”.  This is what they planned to do.  Stephen said he knew that Bill was going to die before season 6 aired.  They planned for Bill to die.  Sookie was supposed to kill him with her light, but it didn’t seem right to them that Sookie no longer be fae.  So Sookie decided to stake Bill, to help him meet the true death that he wanted. Then they had the ending sequence showing that Sookie did find happiness, as Bill wanted for her, and she is going to have a child.  Did I like the fact that they chose to kill Bill?  No, I didn’t, but it was the plan for over a year.  I thought the graveyard scene was remarkably well done, even if I didn’t like the outcome.  Eric and Pam don’t strike me as the Thanksgiving types.

  28. I have an idea.  They  could easily make an alternative ending.  It’s been done for other shows, I think. Everything is the same up until Sookie actually stakes Bill. Sookie tells Bill that she knows he realizes that since she has decided to remain fae, she will not be safe from vampires, so his death will not help her with vampires.  She tells Bill that she does want children, and she will have children, even if she never finds another man to love.  She tells Bill that if he chooses to live, he will not be her children’s biological father, but he will be their father, as he has been a father to Jessica.  Bill protests that he doesn’t want to be vampire anymore.  He has done so many unforgivable things as a vampire, he doesn’t want to hurt her or anyone else again.  Sookie tells Bill that she doesn’t believe he will hurt her again like that, and that he needs to forgive himself, just as he told Jessica to forgive herself for Andy’s girls.  Sookie tells Bill that she is only asking for more time, and if, a year from now he feels the same way, he can walk into the sun, and she won’t try to stop him.  Sookie pulls a small vial of Sarah Newlin’s blood from her pocket.  She asks Bill to give them one more chance to be happy together.  Bill looks into her eyes for what seems like an eternity.  Bill takes the vial and drinks it.

  29. Continuing the story from below.  Bill’s veins disappear slowly, and Bill and Sookie embrace.  The Thanksgiving scene is the same, except that Sookie is not pregnant, and the stunt guy isn’t sitting at the table.  It is four years after Bill drank the cure.  After pouring the lemonade, Sookie looks to the right and calls to someone in the distance “Boys, come into the house and get dressed, it’s time to eat”.  The camera pans over to where Bill is playing with two 3 year old wolf pups.  Bill picks them up and kisses Sookie as he heads for the house.  Alcide’s dad comes over to Sookie and tells her that when he first heard that Bill would be the father to Alcide’s sons, he was certain that Alcide wouldn’t like it, but after seeing how Bill has taken care of those boys, he thinks Alcide would approve.  Bill brings out the dressed “human” boys and sits them at the kid’s table.  Bill takes his place at the head of the table and the music plays as everyone toasts.  The End.

  30. Adding to this:  Bill deserved far better than the ending he got.  If he had to die (and I’m not convinced he did), why not have him meet the sun with Sookie by his side.  He deserved a dignified and respectful death.  No, you gave us and Bill THE GOO.

  31. mr.buckner: nothing you can ever say will change my mind!  BILL and SOOKIE belong T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R
                                                                                                                                                   FOREVER AND EVER!!!

  32. I totally agree too! Buckner is an ass and is just trying to justify his inability to see past his own nose. He has no idea what the entire show was really about. I so wish Alan Ball had written the final episode, he DID say that Bill and Sookie were soulmates and gave us the hope that they would finally reunite for good. I hated the way he killed Bill in such an undignified and sloppy way. It’s almost like he wanted to “leave the office early on that day” and also like he really wanted to cause a big backlash so his name would be repeated online. Well, guess what BB? none of us will ever support you again. your career just took a nose dive.

  33. anything4bill I just wish he would stop talking and saying such stupid things. He laughed when he hinted at a  spin off, knowing he would give some hope to those fans and yet also knowing that Alex S. will never appear in another TB show or spin off. He’s an ass and deliberately goading the fans imo. ANYONE on the show could have written a more believable and better ending. one of the crew from the donuts table perhaps?

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