Brentwood Theatre thanks the Billsbabes for their ongoing support

Mark P. Reed
Mark P. Reed

Brentwood Theatre has just concluded the Billsbabes Week of Kids Theatre, that was sponsored by the money raised with last year’s Billsbabes Days. Mark P. Reed, Administrator of the Essex theatre of which Stephen Moyer is patron, left a lovely message on our Facebook page that we would like to share with all Billsbabes.

Through your love and support, we have just had a week of Kids Theatre throughout half term which was just amazing. We started with fun acting workshops, then had a magic show which was so well done (honestly we could not work out how they did it), the world premiere of Pirates of Dinosaur Island which saw over 400 visitors in two days (which for us is a lot) and a day of proper storytelling, something we had wanted to do for years. And we could not have done that without your support. Thank you, you have made a difference to hundreds of people in Brentwood and have given us a new direction to keep our community theatre vibrant.

Brentwood theatre is planning another week of kids theater in the fall and hopefully we will be able to sponsor this week as well. Right now we are preparing for Billsbabes Day 2013 and money raised with this event will go towards the fall theater week and the traditional Christmas show.

Stay tuned for more info about Billsbabes Day 2013.



  1. What a beautiful message.  I’m so happy we could help make Kids Theatre Week a reality.  It sounds a rousing success.  Thanks to Mr. Reed for his kind words.  I’m looking forward to Billsbabes Day in April and doing our part to put next year’s Christmas show and Kids Theatre Week on the calendar.

  2. That is a lovely note of appreciation. It sounds like our donation enabled a lot of fun things to happen at the theatre. Glad to hear it and happy to have contributed.

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