Blu-Ray Clip from ‘The Double’ – Stephen Moyer Learns To Fight

In the exclusive Blu-Ray clip below, you can see Topher Grace and Stephen Moyer talk about the form of fighting they learned for The Double, and how it helps you engage with the other person in the fight without actually doing yourself in. The Double is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

The Blu-Ray includes the film’s theatrical trailer and a commentary with director Michael Brandt and his co-writer, Derek Haas. They’re the writing team behind 3:10 to Yuma and Wanted, and The Double marks Brandt’s directorial debut. If you want to know more about the movie this very instant, the film’s official plot synopsis is below.

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Below is a video that includes Stephen’s scenes from the film:

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  1. I appreciate learning a bit about this kind of defensive fighting. Fascinating concept. Thanks for providing the video. Always a pleasure to see and hear Stephen.

  2. It is called Systema Kadochnikova : ))) So Stephen is able to odefend himself in a new way now. I think he really likes to know such things because he is fond of boxing.

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