Welcome to the special Billsbabes Day 2012 page where you can find all the info about this upcoming fundraiser event.

Your hosts on this FUNdraising journey are Shadaliza, Lynnpd and Zuzana.


You can post your questions, ideas and suggestions in the comments below this post or contact us at info@allstephenmoyer.com…. don’t be shy!


Let’s start with the basics: who are the Billsbabes and what is Billsbabes Day?

Who are the Billsbabes?

The Billsbabes is Stephen Moyer’s original fangroup that was formed in September 2008 on the old HBO messageboard. The most dedicated Billsbabes are now united on the AllStephenMoyer messageboard, but every Stephen Moyer fan who follows AllStephenMoyer.com is a Billsbabe in our eyes.

What is Billsbabes Day?

Billsbabes Day is the day where Stephen Moyer fans come into action to raise funds for one of the charitable causes Stephen supports. This year Billsbabes Day is held on April 28 and the donations will go to the Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fund of Brentwood Theatre in support of  their activities for kids.


On the FAQ page we answer the following questions:

– How can I participate in Billsbabes Day?
– Do I have to organize my activity on April 28?
– Where can I auction or sell my creations for Billsbabes Day?
– Do I have to donate all proceeds to Brentwood Theatre?
– How do I make my donation to Brentwood Theatre?
– Can I support Billsbabes Day by just making a money donation to Brentwood Theatre?
– Where can I buy Billsbabes Day 2012 merchandise?

Click here to visit the FAQ page


On the Resources page you can find images and texts that you could use to promote Billsbabes Day 2012 and explain what the Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fund is and why you are raising money for it.

Click here to visit the Resources page

Make your donation to the Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fund

You can make a direct donation to the Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fund using the below PayPal button that was provided by Mark Reed, administrator of Brentwood Theatre.



After you have made your donation, please send us an email at info@allstephenmoyer.com with:

– Your name
– The amount you have donated

So we can keep track of the total raised.

Thank you xoxo

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