Billsbabes historic meeting in Hollywood with Stephen Moyer

I’m still up in the clouds and can’t stop thinking about what happened while I was on my vacation. Billshuman and I were in Los Angeles this past week and never expected to have such a wonderful and memorable meeting as we were lucky enough to encounter while there. We were already having a wonderful time seeing all the sites, taking in Hollywood Boulevard that included the Oscar festivities and even saw some stars, but all of that was paled by the historic meeting we had that was truly the highlight of the trip.

On Tuesday, in Hollywood, while walking on Highland Avenue towards our hotel, Billshuman and I saw and spent time with the man, the myth, the legend, Stephen Moyer.

He was having lunch at Ammo Restaurant on Highland Avenue, which happens to be near our hotel. He looked wonderful dressed casually in jeans, black shirt and grey cardigan. Although he was in the middle of an interview and very pressed for time, he was happy to take a moment out to speak with us.

We asked him if he remembered us from last year’s PaleyFest event and he said yes, of course he remembered us and he also mentioned that he knew of Billshuman from her question at Paley and that I was a co-admin on the Vault and We asked if it would be possible to get a picture and/or video with him and he immediately got up from his lunch and came outside the restaurant for the quick hello.

Stephen and Lynnpd

I still can’t get over how incredibly natural and funny he is. As we began chatting, he immediately noticed Billshuman’s teeth and asked if she had fangs in. She said no these are her real teeth and he said I have some, too and showed us his.

He mentioned that he was a bit jet lagged, as he had just returned from London to attend the Vanity Fair Oscar party and was still getting up at 4am because he was on London time. He did look a bit tired, but he still looked unbelievably perfect to me!

We asked him how the filming of Season 3 was going and if we could depend on him to, “kick some ass” this year. He said, of course, and although he couldn’t elaborate too much, he did say, “You won’t fucking believe what they are doing to my character this season”. We asked if we might get to see a femoral artery bite also and he said, “you just might”. We’re hoping!

I then inquired if True Blood would be at Comic con this year and he said, “Yes”. He then went on to talk about how he remembers all the Eric fans from Comic con last year and that there will probably be even more fans for him this year because of Eric’s increased profile on the show, so he needs all the Bill fans he can get to attend. We assured him that we were true to Bill only and would help to rally all the Bill fans for him.

Billshuman and Stephen

He was very affectionate, friendly, charismatic and extremely personable. Along with the photos and the video, we each got two big hugs and a kiss. He is everything I thought he was and more. Extremely gracious in every way and as handsome as I thought he would be and not only that but, he gave a big shout out to the Vault and in the video. What more could you want?

For me, this was the highlight of my vacation and probably for the entire year or even longer! What a treat! Thanks Steve!

Stephen and Lynnpd

A few notes about the video written by Shadaliza:

Even though Stephen was in the middle of lunch he graciously agreed to record a quick video message and do a shout out to The Vault and So you’ll all understand what Stephen is talking about in the video, he refers to a problem I am dealing with for which I was hospitalized just a few weeks ago.

Despite what you may have heard about Lynnpd and Billshuman’s investigative activities, no restraining order for stalking has been filed (yet).

Tip for watching the video. Loading time of the video depends on your connection and the amount of viewers. To watch the video without interruptions click “play” and click “pause”, watch the blue bar and let the video load completely before hitting “play” again.


Photography by:Billshuman
Video and story by:Lynnpd


  1. What a great article! Congratulations Lynn and BH on once again spending time with the kindest, most generous of spirit and sexiest man on the planet!!! YOU BABES ROCK!!!

    Thank you SHAD & LYNN for posting

  2. I KNOW the reason I’m the first one to post a comment here is because everyone is watching this 1000 times before hey pick themselves up off the floor and form a cohesive thought. I, on the other hand, don’t care whether I make any sense (why start now?) … A joy to watch and a thrill for Billsbabes, the world over to have Lynn and BH able to shmooze with Stephen. Great job, considering you were probably unconscious most of the time, Lynn. No really … nothing but wonderful!

  3. You girls do not need a four leaf clover. You are the luckiest girls I know. I am thrilled for you. How delightful and chivalrous he is to his devoted fans. One of the many reasons we adore him. Thanks for sharing with your sister babes.

    *Shad I hope you are feeling better everday.

    1. make that everyday. I think we all are bit flustered. lol so many typos

      Look what he does to us. Stephen ♥

  4. So happy for you gals, what luck, what a wonderful encounter. How charming, how incredibly generous Stephen is with his fans, and what kind concern for Shad. Later in the year I plan to visit L.A., and I can only hope fate is as good to me! Thanks for the excellent writeup and photos.

  5. Lucky, lucky, lucky is all I can say for you two!!!!!!!!! Great job and Stephen is a wonderful, beautiful man!

  6. Thank you so much Shad and Lynn, you girls must be on cloud 9, what a joy it is to listen to and see Stephen. You girls are so awesome.

    Shad I too hope you are feeling better. I am kind out of the loop about what’s happen, only what i’ve read in the article, wish you all the best.

  7. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! How lucky can you ladies be?? You just go to Los Angeles and just happen to run into Stephen?? O.M.G….I would have died on the spot!! AWESOME!!!!!
    He is definitely everything we have heard that he is!! I am so happy for you two and what a great video!! I just adore him even more and I didn’t even believe it was possible! What a beautiful, beautiful man he is, both inside AND outside!!! I am dying here………*SIGH*

    Congrats, Lynn and BH….I’m so happy for you two and how awesome was it that he remembered both of you? I’m so jealous…….but happy for you at the same time!! Thanks for the great report!

    Shad…get better soon!

  8. Lynn and BH, I am thrilled for you. The pictures are wonderful. Stephen sounds like the dream we know he is … kind, gracious, friendly, welcoming, and oh so very handsome. How sweet of him to take time in the middle of his interview to visit with you.

    Thanks for sharing your encounter with all of us. I’ll be back to try for the video. I have to leave the house shortly and don’t have time to watch now. I shall return.

    What an unbelievable treat! Totally, completely and utterly fantastic!!

    Stephen, you are THE BEST!!

    Shad, hope you get to feeling better very soon. Thanks to you and Lynn for posting.


  9. Talk about good luck!!! I am so envious. He is so nice – there has got to be something wrong with him somewhere. It would have been nice if Anna had been with him. I have never had a “star” crush before this – but he is so worth it. Thanks for sharing with all us fans.

  10. omg i cant believe how sweet and gracious he is, and even though he was in the middle of lunch he took the time for fans…that is so great of him!!

  11. Thank you ladies for sharing your encounter and video of our man. Stephen, you are so sweet and kind. I wish I could be in person at Comic Con to support you. I will be there in spirit when it comes around.

    I’m not sure I could be as cool and talk if I ever met him. I told my daughter I hope she is with me if I ever do. She may need to speak for me.

    Shad, I will be thinking good thoughts for a speedy recovery.

    P.S. I am think I’ve converted my office “mate” to a Stephen Moyer. If not, she is this close and this video will tip her over from Team Eric to Team Bill, I’m sure. ;-)

  12. LYNN, BH, and SHAD — thanks for the great pictures and video. I like the way you two ladies were giving Stephen “directions”, and he followed them. Very cute. Stephen is just the sweetest, and I bet, even more “perfect” in your eyes, Lynn. I’m so happy for both of you. I bet this will be a vacation you’ll always remember. Next time, I’m hitching a ride in your luggage.

  13. Is wondering If Lynn and Billshuman have showered since their encounter with Stephen…..they got to hug him afterall!

  14. Wow, congrats on the “historic” meeting, Lynn and BH! Stephen was a total sweetheart to take time out of his interview/lunch to meet with you guys. How lucky were you??

    And Shad, you totally deserve that shout-out from Stephen. The Vault and ASM are such wonderful sites.

  15. Oh wow what a wonderful time you gals had and thanks so much for sharing with us!!! I am so jealous yet very happy for you two at the same time!=-) Stephen is just full of awesome!

  16. I’m feeling like a bonafide lazy git tonight and can’t get it up to composing a new comment, so I’ll use the one from The Vault.

    What a wonderful treat for these tired ole eyes! This is so wonderful and I’m so happy for you two. You two are the defination of lucky beeotches if I ever saw it.

    We always knew Stephen Moyer was perfect in every way and you have proved it. He’s such a sweetheart.

    I don’t blame you for still rolling around in that cloud. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! And I still think Shad got sick on purpose so he would give her a shout out!

  17. what lucky, lucky girls you are! i will be cheering for you at Comic Con Steve. I have a big mouth, so it will sound like 20.

  18. Wow that was fabulous luck for you ladies, and for us! Thank you!
    But I want to know what he was going to say before he got interrupted!

    1. Eva, good point. We didn’t intend to interrupt him, but I guess we did. Forgive us please, I hope Steve will, too. It was an insane few minutes, and we just got caught up in the moment.

      1. I am so glad you gals enjoyed, “The Miracle of the Moment.” Love that song by Steven Curtis Chapman.

        Lou, you might want to consider this for a video for Stephen or Bill in honor of his fun & fearless designation from Cosmo. Just a thought…

  19. Whoa! What are the chances of running into Stephen in LA?? I loved the article and the video! Taking the time to talk with y’all when he is so busy is just one reason why I admire him! Gah! I wish I could go to Comic Con, but I’m just a poor college student! I’ll be cheering for you, Stephen, at my computer screen!

  20. You gals really weren’t stalking, but fate and all the stars aligned for you to have this incredible luck? Amazing. I think I’m going to LA later this year and have thought about talking my friend into taking a trip to Venice and strolling around the neighborhoods a bit, maybe a lot, in the hopes of a sighting. I guarantee I could do it 24/7 for weeks and would never catch sight of Stephen or Anna. That’s my luck. Good things come to those who deserve it, when least expected. How wonderful that Stephen is well acquainted with this site and knows Shada. Through ASM, his recognition of it, Billsbabes, and the things you do in his honor, I feel a real connection to him. He’s so damn special, takes my breath away.

  21. Lynn & BH, you two are some very lucky ladies, it seems like you were just meant to see Stephen. What a great way to end your trip… pictures, a video, hugs, kisses. It doesn’t get any better then that. Stephen is an absolute doll & you both seemed so composed… well done! :-)

  22. Thanks for sharing, you are sooo lucky. I wouldn’t have been able to think straigt or even see through my teary eyes to aim the camera in the right direction.
    He looks wonderful and sounds wonderful – love his voice. I hope he does more narrating – his Andy McNab stories were great, but I would love to hear something longer and in the accent he uses here.

  23. Thanks so much for sharing your heavenly encounter, Lynn and Billshuman! I can’t imagine how you managed to remain lucid throughout this exciting event! What unbelievable luck–congratulations to you both! And best wishes to Shad for a speedy recovery.

  24. I am so happy for you Lynn and Billshuman. And extremely jealous!! I kid. What a fabulous treat. So nice that Stephen took the time to come and chat with you. The pics and video are great.

    Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful experience. Stephen, you’re the best!

  25. OMG! How lucky are you ladies for that chance meeting with Mr. Moyer! Thanks for sharing your pics and video with us Lynn and BH. I’m happy and jealous at the same time! How gracious and sweet of Stephen to take a break from his lunch to spend time with his “Billsbabes”.
    You guys definitely have clout! Now that TwiCon is cancelled I’ll have to change my vacation plans to ComicCon-no need to worry Stephen, you’ll have plenty of Bill fans there!

    What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man…..

  26. P.S. What a great and derseving shout out to you Shad! Hope you are getting stronger every day! That dose of Stephen is just what the doctor ordered!

  27. OMG! How lucky are you ladies for that chance meeting with Mr. Moyer! Thanks for sharing your pics and video with us Lynn and BH. I’m happy and jealous at the same time. How gracious and sweet of Stephen to take a break from his lunch to spend some time with his “Billsbabes”.
    You guys definitely have clout! Now that TwiCon is cancelled I’ll have to change my vacation plans to ComicCon-no need to worry Stephen, you’ll have plenty of Bill fans there!

    What an awesome and deserving shout out to you Shad! Hope you are feeling stronger every day. That dose of Stephen is just what the doctor ordered!

    What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man…..

  28. Lynn and BH, you two are truly blessed. Stephen was so sweet and gracious as usual. The pictures are just lovely and Stephen is sexy as ever. I’m so happy for both of you. As a fellow Billsbabe, it is wonderful to know that Stephen is worth all the love that we have for him.

  29. Lynn and BH fantsatisk!
    I can not believe it! To meet Stephen just like that! When I read about it I was so happy for you that I almost cried. And then I was so jealous of you! I will never see this man for real! So I trade work with my feelings, and I have already cooked three-course lunch for the whole family, and baked a good cake .::))) So my family will say thank you, ladies!!!
    BH Lynn, is his eyes as blue as it looks in TB?

  30. Shad, I send you my positive thoughts. Fight on …. Shad, enjoy his words and thoughts about you! Enjoy it as if it’s the tastiest sweet in the world …

  31. WOW ! Stephen is SO nice to take time out for fans Love him !

    and what LUCK to run into Steve I am so jealous LOL no really glad
    for you and feel better ,,,

  32. Get well, Shad; you totally deserve the shout-out for all your hard (though enjoyable) work. And Lynn and BH, just one question…next time you all are planning a trip to LA, can I join you? Please, I’m begging you. (Just kidding, sort of :) )

  33. Also, I meant to say that, with Stephen, it’s nice to know that what you see is what you get. As so many here have already said, OMG, could he be any more perfect?

  34. Oh just wonderful for you to meet Stephen. So nice of him taking his time!
    And Stephen your’e a true bloody gentleman! Don’t care about the Eric fans they will grow up some day too! We are there for you even if some of us can’t make it to the Comic Con….How about taking a trip to Sweden? ;) well at least to Europe so we european fans can make it too!

  35. What a great article, and a great video ! What a treat to actually meet this man and have a real encounter, with proof ! He is so generous, so personable, so gracious, so handsome, and so full of fun and joi de vivre!( That’s supposed to be a French phrase meaning joy of life, but I probably misspelled it- high school French was a long time ago!) I am thinking that I might be unhappy with Bill’s scripts this season. I hope not. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.
    When is Comic Con, and how does one get in ? Is it open to anyone ?
    I would love to go, if I could arrange it.
    Kudos to The Vault ! What a great job you do. It is much appreciated!

      1. Even though it’s sold out for the four days, there are still one day passes available. Also, closer to the date those that have purchased tickets and cannot go, sell their tickets back to the Comiccon people and the auction them off on Twitter, so there’s still opportunities for those that wish to go.

      1. Thanks, I was thinking there should have been an ‘e’ – however it’s spelled, he sure has it. What a man, what a man, what a mighty fine man !!!!!

  36. Love this clip; it’s just so charming. Well, Steve is certainly charming; love when he rubs his eye, just like a little kid.

  37. I think stephen is so sweet. He is one of the nicest actors in hollywood today. I love that he thinks of fans and co-workers first. I can not wait to see season 3. I have season 2 on order. I have been totally obsessed with him since I started watching a month and half ago. I want to see priest just to see him. I am an artist and have been painting and drawing him and Anna. I sent them a drawing two weeks ago and haven’t had a reply yet. I hope they liked it. They have been such an inspiration to me and my daughter. I hope the have many years of success in movies and tv. I hope to see wedding photos soon on allstephenmoyer. Sorry for the rambling. By the way how do you become a billsbabe? Thank-you for your time. Email a reply please.

  38. Love, love, love this video… Stephen is so amazing! Stopped back to watch it again, but the video link is gone. Is it just me or is it not available any longer. Thanks!

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