Billsbabes Day 2013 kicks off with keychain signed by Stephen Moyer

Keychain signed by Stephen Moyer

Billsbabes Day 2013 isn’t until April 27, but since we’re planning on holding various auctions, we are spreading them out over the whole month.

We are kicking off this fundraiser for the Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fund of Brentwood Theatre with a one of a kind item. A -I heart the Billster- keychain signed by the man himself: Stephen Moyer. This is the only keychain he has ever signed for us so it truly is a unique item.

The auction takes place on our own Bid ‘N Buy platform, which is our very own little eBay. To place your bid, just sign up for an account and you are good to go.

Click here to head over to check out the listing and place your bid.

Keychain signed by Stephen Moyer

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