Bill & Sookie star in Super Bowl Commercial

Recently we posted photos of Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin who were off to shoot a commercial for Time Warner Cable.  Tonight, during the US Football’s big game, the Super Bowl their commercial aired. Stephen and Anna played their True Blood characters, Bill & Sookie. You can watch the commercial below:




  1. watching it over and over again to catch all the nuances. love that P Diddy told Sookie “I can read minds too.” and Bill and her looked at each other. She was looking at some good looking guy when he said that. lol.

    great commercial. lots of stars in it but they were the focus of my watching. lol.

  2. Was gonna send it to you but the knew you had seen it.It was a nice True Blood fix.Only 4 month’s to go!

  3. Not very good, p ditty had nothing to do with true blood “really” , n sooki said nothing! More work should of went into that commercial! Thumbs down.

  4. This wasn’t a True Blood commercial. This was a commercial for Time Warner Cable. They just used Bill and Sookie as focal characters.

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