Bill & Sookie dolls for all your role playing fantasies

Bill & Sookie DollsTo add a whole new level to your Bill and Sookie fantasies, you can now expand your role-playing with these dolls that are available on eBay.

My first reaction was WTF and my second was BBBWWWHAHAHAHA!

From the description: Sookie is wearing her red lingerie from the “menage e trois” dream sequence with Bill & Eric. Sookie is a combination of Barbie and LIV doll. Bill ironically used to be Edward, sans glitter.

There I go again BBBWWWHAHAHAHA!

They have both had custom hair rooting, styling & faces repainted. Bill has pink cuticles and a little chest hair painted on.

No disrespect to the creator, but I think they are hilarious!


  1. Oh. My. Gawd. Seriously, I laughed for five minutes straight. Including tears of laughter streaming down my face. Literally. I think I’ve never had a better laugh this year. HAHAHAHA.

    1. Hey y’all! I’ve started to watch True Blood and I’m way into vampire stuff, and I really want to get a Sookie Stackhouse doll and a Bill Compton doll. How can I get those dolls?

  2. My first reaction when I saw the dolls was, “What’s Edward Cullen doing with Sookie? Now she’s really robbing the cradle.” LOL

  3. Completely agree…the “Bill” doll looks like Edward and the “Sookie” doll looks nothing like Sookie….what a laugh!!!

  4. Hahahahhaha! The blond doll somewhat passes for Sookie with the red lingerie on but Bill? I especially luv the painted on chest hairs! LOL. Great find Shad.
    Is there a comparable converted Ken doll as a stand in for Eric being offered? If there isn’t I’m sure one is soon to follow…..

  5. Hahaha! Kudos for the creativity! The Sookie one kinda resembles her facially, but the Bill one is too obviously Edward. I have an Action Man that actually looks a lot more like Bill than this!

  6. I personally think the HBO people have missed hte boat on merchandising for True Blood. If they did come out with some cool dolls that looked like the characters and had appropriate clothing , they would totally sell. There’s a LOT of doll collectors out there, the numbers are huge and they’re not all women either. (points finger at guys who collect ACTION FIGURES) .

    I would buy them.

    1. I so agree with you hdgcat, those legless torso half dolls HBO put out (are they by HBO?) left me cold. I’m not a doll collector but I would buy the TB set. Summer & Maxine are channeling me. LOL

  7. I agree, hdgcat, if they really looked like the characters, and were put out by HBO, they would garner a lot of interest.

    These are really silly and do not look like their human counterparts at all. One question, though: Are they anatomically correct?….Just kidding!

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