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The vampire known as Bill Compton, and played to perfection by actor, Stephen Moyer died in episode 10 of Season 7 on August 24, 2014.



William Compton (William Erasmus Compton according to Dead Until Dark) was a fictional character from the The Southern Vampire Mysteries/Sookie Stackhouse series by author Charlaine Harris which in 2008 was brought to life by Stephen Moyer in the HBO series True Blood. Bill was a vampire and was introduced in the first novel in the series, Dead Until Dark, and appeared in all of the novels. He has also appeared in every episode to date of the TV show.  He is sometimes referred to as “Vampire Bill” by locals in Bon Temps.

RIP Bill Compton!

In the final episode of the final season of True Blood which ended on August 24, 2014, we saw our favorite vampire of all time, Bill Compton die.

It’s true that Bill did not want to be a vampire and never really embraced his new form except for the few times when he achieved power and when he became a vampire god. After his godlike powers were gone at the end of Season 6 and throughout the final season 7, Bill was a sad vampire longing for his human life.

He continued to regret, throughout all 10 episodes of the final season, his time as vampire and was unhappy with what he had done and become, even though he and Sookie had rekindled their love. He felt so much guilt about what he had done that he begged for death and asked Sookie to help him accomplish it.

For Bill Fans, this death was devastating and while we still think that Bill should not have died, we could recognize Bill’s desire for death. Even so, we weren’t convinced that dying was necessary at all even though the writer’s claimed it was his only way out. Again having found his way back to loving Sookie and she loving him, in our opinion, should have made him happy again.

However, since the writer’s felt that Bill had to die, we could have understood that. But, what we continue to dispute was how the deed was done. Bill deserved a much better death; one that gave him dignity. It would have been much preferred for Bill to end his time as a vampire in a way similar to how the vampire Godric did, but instead Bill was turned to goo on Sookie’s dress; with no follow up scenes showing any mourning by those who loved him.

We all loved the character Terry Bellefleur and mourned his death at the time, but can’t understand why Terry’s death warranted almost a full episode of mourning when Bill, the lead character in the show got so little and such disrespect!

Now that the deed is done, the show is over and this horrible ending it not going to change, all we can do is choose to not accept Bill’s death with any grace here on this web site and instead, think of him as we loved him most, in Season 1, episode 1 when he walked into Merlotte’s.

Watch that moment below:

There is an EXTENSIVE section here at about “Bill Compton that has been updated and expanded to include the last two seasons of the show including Bill’s death.

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    1. I still miss Bill and I am so angry about his death.He could end up with Sookie and they could adopt child and live but no the writers have to ruin the reason why I watched the show Sookie and Bill ….That isn’t fair

  1. Thank you, Lynn. I agree with everything you wrote. That he had to die was heartbreaking enough but to have to watch him splat again like that felt like my heart was smashed and then stomped on. We were told and shown that he was unique among all the vampires. I still contend his body should have stayed corporeal in death. Forever mourning him.

  2. True that was a wonderful thought and yes Bill did deserve a better mourning scene he was a great actor in this he will be truly missed!

  3. I revisit the Bill of the early seasons.  I miss him very much.  He did not deserve to die; and if it was necessary, as the writers’ seemed to believe, for him to meet the True Death, it should have occurred in a respectful and dignified manner.  Personally, I think he should have lived and found happiness with Sookie, or been transported back to his human family post Civil War.

  4. You are so right Lynn .  Deep breath, this is me not going into a rant . 
    I am still in mourning for Bill and still harbor considerable anger over  his demise.  There is no convincing me there was a reason for Bill to die.  He was reunited with his “miracle”  and had a chance for true happiness.  From my perspective the writers reinvented Bill for the final season  in order to tie up loose ends even though it made no sense. Killing him shows a lack of imagination and laziness on their part. 

    Sadly it is over and it is too late to edit and give Bill the better ending he so richly deserved. 
    I will never watch the finale again.  I  watch videos or earlier episodes for my Bill fix. 
    I will always love and miss Bill and  I thank Stephen for portraying him so brilliantly.

  5. Agree. The end of Bill was heartbreaking and unnecessary. The fan fiction has much better endings. I’m choosing to go with those.

  6. Still angry. Sad. Inconsolable. Bill deserved so much better. Thank you for putting all my thoughts into words. Don’t know if I will be able to watch an older season of TrueBlood ever again. Not only did we have to say goodbye to TB. We Bill fans had the added ‘ bonus’ of saying goodbye ( in the most horrific way!) to our favorite vampire.

  7. Willkill4Bill Well said, WK.  The writers could have given Bill a happy ending or a dignified death had they put their minds to it.  They chose to make him a pile of goo … for the second time.

  8. I just still can’t wrap my head around the fact that they wasted a whole episode mourning Terry’s death but Bill gets nothing, Tara really didn’t either, and they were both way bigger roles than Terry.

  9. Did not want Bill to die, and I was incredibly upset by it, but the manner in which he died was not a problem for me.  Being staked is classic vampire, so that makes sense to me.  They wouldn’t have killed Bill the same way that Godric died because it would be repeating something that had been done before, and TB tries not to repeat the same thing twice. I didn’t need a memorial, I think it would be even more painful to watch that.  Could not bear to see Sookie crying again or Jessica.  That would have torn me up.  At funerals, I am always saddest for those left behind.  I totally get why Bill wanted to die.  He could not live with himself any longer.  As much as he loved Sookie, it couldn’t erase the terrible things he had done.  He was such an honorable man, totally non-violent as a human, he couldn’t bear the guilt.  I try to think of Bill as being at peace now, though I’ll always wish it had ended with a happily ever after.  I will always love you, Bill Compton!

  10. I can certainly understand those who don’t agree with me.  I’m not saying I’m happy about it, but that I do understand it, from Bill’s point of view. At first, I didn’t think I could even watch that scene again.   I think it helps that the graveyard scene was incredibly well done.  The acting and chemistry between Stephen and Anna is stellar.  I have watched that scene many times just for that.  I am a total romantic, but I choose to view it this way because I don’t want the ending to destroy the series for me.

  11. I miss Bill.U0001f622 I so looked forward to seeing him every Sunday (ALWAYS wished for more) and the wonderful gentleman he was. Sookie and Bill had one of the best love stories to me and I think he deserved more of a loving goodbye.

  12. Good point! Terry got so much more attention even though he was a secondary character. (And what was the point of Terry dying anyway? So Arlene could find the young hottie? Also Bill could have saved him since he was able to walk in the sun at the time….well…Anyways…) I could actually see Bill dying somehow because there was so much drama in his and Sookie’s relationship and it never seemed to be resolved, and Bill had trouble finding a place outside of that, and Jessica had grown up, but I thought the death would be something heroic like he gave his life to save Sookie’s. He did love Sookie still and wanted to make things up to her somehow, but couldn’t find a way how. I think it would have made sense if he somehow gave his life to save Sookie.

  13. Nice Obituary Lynn. I agree tho with most of the posts here that I am still angry and disappointed in HBO with the way they ended True Blood. 

    I feel like the Bill fans got slapped in the face and the writer just laughed about it. Totally upset still and I will never again let HBO get me involved in a show and watch it completely. They showed total disrespect and gave Bill NOTHING at the end. I don’t agree about his being “so sad” with his life. He would never have done that and not in such a horrible way, especially asking Sookie to kill him. They completely changed his character with their lousy writing at the end.
    They gave him nothing compared to the deaths of others. NOTHING for the Lead Actor?

    HBO will not fool me again into being a loyal customer and watcher of their programs. I refuse to just accept it and pretend. They did what they did and I will not pay them anymore.

  14. I could not agree with you more! Every other character that died got some kind of closure. Even Tara after the awful way they killed her off screen got closure. Terry got a whole episode. Gran got revisited several times. Bill got a horrific, resounding shock of a death. Sookie looking like “Carrie”  coming out of the graveyard was simply bad, lazy writing.

  15. Willkill4Bill “From my perspective the writers reinvented Bill for the final season  in
    order to tie up loose ends even though it made no sense. Killing him
    shows a lack of imagination and laziness on their part. ”


  16. Agree with you Lynn I adored Terry but why did he get nearly a full episode with seeing people morning him and Bill didn’t I was heartbroken when he died but understand why he wanted to end his vampire life he never wanted to be one he was turned agenst his will then he moved back to bon – temps and fell in love just wish they chose a different ending with Bill then the one they went with. Will always love our Bill.

  17. I agree Lynn. Very angry on how Bill’s death was handled especially since I believed he would not die and I’m still pissed!

  18. I don’t really care what their “reasoning” was; Bill’s death was deliberately and intentionally crude and thoughtless. I think it was a slap in the face of the character and the fans. both Bill and Eric fans, imo. Season seven was the worst season of the whole series and none of the characters were treated with respect. After such a huge hit that ran for so long and made HBO so much money I think they should have put a little more thought and talent into the last season. Bill killed in such an awful way, BY SOOKIE, and Eric still on his throne in a bar and Pam hawking Sarah as “the most expensive trollop in history” was simply lazy writing and a “we don’t care what anyone thinks” attitude. It was also done with hints of his becoming mortal, giving us hope he would survive and then BAM! a quick and bloody ending then cut to the future with no time to mourn or grieve. and even the future shot was stupidly done with a stage hand filling in for Sookie’s future. ?????

    That was the final stake in HBO’s audience’s heart. They deserve nothing more from us.

  19. Why could he not marry sookie and then turned her? So they could have stayed together forever.

    However Stephen moyer has hinted that the writer is about to release more sookie stackhouse books and that they might get turned in TV series.
    Now when you look at that garden party you do not really see sookie’ s husband, only that he has dark hair.

    In the desciption it said she was contemplating a. Live. With or without bill.
    Could it be that that is why the goodbye is so nasty ( and left me raging)…… Cause you do NOT see the contemplation of a life WITH bill. Maybe if indeed the new series come the dark haired person appears to be bill after all. ( and yes she is pregnant but there is off.

    Just a thought

    And big chance serie comes if you listen to at
    Stephen interviews that he would not be sure he’d be in it because of the 6 year difference but stranger things have happened

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