Bill Compton’s Daughter in Season 7 – played by “Isabella”

It looks like we’re in for another Civil War flashback in True Blood’s final season. Below is a photo of a little girl named Isabella Rice, who is said to be playing Bill Compton’s daughter in the show (we think she will play Sarah, Bill’s human daughter in a flashback):


You can just imagine how EXCITED I was to shoot ISABELLA who is right now filming the 7th season of TRUE BLOOD, as Vampire Bill’s daughter!! TB is one of my favorite shows ever, not to mention that Isabella is gorgeous and such a pro!

source: alex.kruk photography on Facebook


  1. He’s a vampire he can’t have a child with sookie it’s not like twilight^^i think she’s the daughter he had with his first wife,maybe she will be in a flash back

  2. Season 7 sounds like a good one xD can’t wait til it’s out if she was sookie and bills daughter I’ll be very suprised since vampires can’t have kids with humans and of course sookie is with someone else no longer with bill she’ll probably be just a flashback of his human like before he went to war and became a vampire or after when he left his maker but really excited to watch it

  3. This cute little actor is playing Bill’s daughter,Sarah, from his human life. It will be a flashback. Bill and Sookie will probably adopt a child. lol

  4. elle est magnifique laura til avec sookie ou vas til al modre pour sefaire une nouvelle famille mais cest pas convenable dansle monde de vamire de les faire aussi jeunes …loi de vampire dans entretien avec un vampire souvenez vous

  5. pretty little girl. she will be Bill’s surviving relative that links him to the Bellefleur family, probably. CANNOT WAIT MUCH LONGER!

  6. Why is everyone still hung up on “OMG!! Bill & Sookie!!!” I honestly don’t see it happening again. I’m pretty sure Sookie done with vampires.
    As for the picture, it’s probably his daughter from his human life, possibly Sarah?

  7. ok maybe its just me but how are they going to be able to get everything out in the last season when they keep on adding more people to the show im starting to get worried the season is going to leave me empty

  8. Please don’t let this season be the last! All my other shows have gone off the air. Please don’t take TRUE BLOOD too. #1 fan forever!!!;)

  9. Well if Sookie is the mother which I do believe it so by the stunning beauty of this child… She’s a hibrid… ;-) muax love it

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