Throughout the seasons of True Blood, Bill Compton was transformed into a god like creature, a prophet saving vampire kind and finally someone who just wanted to die. Read more about Bill’s transformations below:


In season 5, we saw a much darker side of Bill. He and Eric end up working for “The Authority” to find Russell Edgington. When they do, Russell ends up killing the Authority Leader, Roman and then Salome rules the roost. The authority vampires drink some of “Lillith’s” blood and they all get really high and party in New Orleans. Ever since that night Bill becomes an advocate of the vampire bible and is no longer interested in mainstreaming. He moves up the ladder of the Authority when he suggests that they bomb the Tru Blood factories. Finally, he kills of has killed off all of his competitors until lastly he kills his only rival, Salome when he outsmarts her into drinking blood filled with silver. By this time, Eric and Nora have left the Authority and he, Sookie, and Jason arrive to help those imprisoned (Pam, Tara, Jessica). After freeing everyone, Sookie and Eric look for Bill, and find him about to drink the blood of Lillith. Bill drinks the whole vial and explodes into a blood goo on the floor. He shortly rises from the goo as a new monster with huge Vampire teeth, Billith.

Bill as Billith


As the sixth season of the show begins, we find Bill as he was at the end of the 5th season. However, after a rampage where he burns down the Authority headquarters, we next see him looking very “normal.” However, when he threatens Eric, Sookie stakes him and surprisingly he simply pulls out the stake from his heart and heals immediately. Bill cannot be killed by staking. The others are frightened of him all except for Jessica who sticks by him.




In the final season of True Blood which ended on August 24, 2014, we saw our favorite vampire of all time, Bill Compton die.

It’s true that Bill did not want to be a vampire and never really embraced his new form except for the few times when he achieved power and when he became a vampire god. After his godlike powers were gone at the end of Season 6 and throughout the final season 7, Bill was a sad vampire longing for his human life.

He continued to regret, throughout all 10 episodes of the final season, his time as vampire and was unhappy with what he had done and become, even though he and Sookie had rekindled their love. He felt so much guilt about what he had done that he begged for death and asked Sookie to help him accomplish it.

For Bill Fans, this death was devastating and while we still think that Bill should not have died, we could recognize Bill’s desire for death. Even so, we weren’t convinced that dying was necessary at all even though the writer’s claimed it was his only way out. Again having found his way back to loving Sookie and she loving him, in our opinion, should have made him happy again.

However, since the writer’s felt that Bill had to die, we could have understood that. But, what we continue to dispute was how the deed was done. Bill deserved a much better death; one that gave him dignity. It would have been much preferred for Bill to end his time as a vampire in a way similar to how the vampire Godric did, but instead Bill was turned to goo on Sookie’s dress; with no follow up scenes showing any mourning by those who loved him.

We all loved the character Terry Bellefleur and mourned his death at the time, but can’t understand why Terry’s death warranted almost a full episode of mourning when Bill, the lead character in the show got so little and such disrespect!


However, the deed is done, the show is over and this horrible ending is not going to change.

Therefore, all we can do is choose to not accept Bill’s death with any grace here on this web site and instead, think of him as we loved him most, in Season 1, episode 1 when he walked into Merlotte’s.

Watch that moment below:

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