Bill Compton Wallpaper: AVL Pledge of Fealty

Below is a new Season 4 wallpaper for our King of Louisiana, Bill Compton and the AVL Pledge of Fealty. Bill’s pledge to the American Vampire League when he became king: “I pledge my fealty to the Authority for as long as I walk the earth – and I swear it on the blood.”

Click on the image to see to the (1024 x 768px version) of the wallpaper. To get a larger size (1680 x 1000 px) click here.

AVL Pledge of Fealty

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There are areas for all four seasons.  There are also sections of other cast members and there is a whole section dedicated to Stephen Moyer himself.


  1. Beautiful wallpaper, Lynn. I went back to the site to re-visit your other compositions…they’re all gorgeous; even the Alex ones are nice, though I probably won’t be using any of them anytime soon.

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