Bill Compton is Reborn at the End of True Blood Season 5

HBO has just released to us a photo of Bill Compton at the end of the True Blood Season 5 finale. I don’t know what all the Bill fans think out there, but I have to admit that I’m still stunned by the last scene. What will happen to Bill Compton now that he is a God? Or, is he a God? We’ll have to wait until next season to find out. What do you think of this new Bill. Tell us by leaving a comment below.


  1. I feel it was the death of romantic hero Bill and the birth of evil Bill, don’t know if there will be any glimpse of the Bill I fell in love with. One thing is for sure Stephen Moyer is one hell of an actor.

  2. I am in total shock, I absolutely did NOT see this one coming and as a Bill fan it feels like a kick in the gut while I was already down. As a Stephen fan I am thrilled to see him do all kinds of new stuff and only Lilith knows what the new season will bring. But I will for always mourn the Bill we all fell in love with in season 1.

    1. Well, this is my first reaction any way. I will try to gather my thoughts for the Bill Chronicles and try to make some sense out of all that’s happened. But it do feels like the end of an era and it’s too early to be excited about what lies ahead of us.

  3. I agree! I miss season 1, charmer Bill… I find myself torn now because I hate this new Bill, but I love Stephen! lol

  4. the last few eppys have been dumb with all this vampire taking over the world crap…i also miss when bill was a charmer and with sookie. Hoping next season is better!

  5. I agree, Shad.  *Hugs*.  I feel he could still redeem himself.  I enjoyed the epi but it isn’t the same with Our Bill.
    I hope some of the writers will see how heart broken we are and redeem him for us. It could bring some interesting watching for us and my kids want to see Warlow played by Stephen.  They think it would be kool.
    Any oppinions?  Anyway I love Stephen and always will and I hope he is happy and look forward to seeing the babies.  ‘
    Finally I do not know how I feel. Only I loved Salome’s death and Stephen was awsome in that scene and that annoying lady vampire with Steve Newlin.  I loved how Sam did her in. Awsome!
    All we can do is hope.

  6. I miss the old Bill but ever since Bill became King I kinda like seeing him kick ass for a chance. The fact that he makes you love when he’s charming and hate him when he’s evil shows his versatility and skill as an actor

  7. The last scene was indeed a kick in the gut. I felt my whole body lose feeling when I saw Bill became vampire “goo”.  After a few hours, I realized the “old” Bill was gone but he has been reborn a fearless vampire “God”. I don’t know what it means or where it will lead but, I want to believe this is means new and bigger things for Bill’s storyline. For instance, Bill’s vampire powers will be unique and enhanced unlike we’ve ever seen with any of the True Blood vampires. I’m proud of Stephen’s tremendous acting skills and, he never disappoints. I wish he continues the series till it’s ultimate finale. True Blood will not be the same without him.

  8. Stephen’s acting was phenomenal in this finale, as it has been all season.  Up until the final moments, I enjoyed  this episode. I cried with Sookie when Bill spoke of his torment.  However, to turn him into some kind of freak ,,,is devastating to me.   It’s the relationships that I enjoy on the show, not something done for shock value.  I am just really…sad.  I’m really invested in Bill’s character…I want him back.  

    1.  @Romagirl  Amen to everything you said. I hate the ‘shock value’ of it all. That’s what makes me angry with the writers. It’s the relationships (namely Bill & Sookie’s) that has kept me coming back for more torture. And yes, invested in Bill’s character….exactly.

  9. I thought Stephen’s performance tonight was exceptional. His range of emotion was phenomenal.  I know that it is good for him to have interesting things to do after playing Bill for so long, but I have to say I agree that this was “a real kick in the gut” to see him drink that blood and to be so villainous. I feel hurt and betrayed.  I will continue to be a Bill fan, but  the added component of having to wait until next season is going to be utter and complete torture now for us Bill Compton fans.

  10. Stephen really sold conniving, religious fanatic Bill.  This has to be wonderful for him to play.  He did a fantastic job.  However, I lament the loss of the Bill I fell in love with in Season 1.  Not sure if he’ll ever return.  This turn of events for Bill is all too fresh and raw for me to comment overly.  You can find me in the corner licking my wounds.

    1.  @Shadaliza  And I look forward to that movie! But it’s so different when it’s a character we’ve known and loved for 5 years. Ya know? *sigh*  Only time will tell.

  11. I feel like a part of my life has been torn. And I was not yet ready to lose it. I’m really sad. All night I’ve been trying not to cry. But it’s impossible. Anyway, Bill has been, is and always will be my favourite from True Blood. And the character with I feel more identified. Positive thinking: I understand that he wanted to stop suffering… and I hope it succeeds.A hug for everyone. Thanks for being here. With all of you I don’t feel alone.

  12. R.I.P. Bill Compton. a vampire that I fell in love with the first episode, series 1.
    I can not believe it’s true. My Bill is dead ….
    Alan how could you do this to us?
    Alan you are one .. hrldkn, hlksisen, hlkdkjrhena, lkdoehaf. …..
    Ok, now I feel better …

  13. I’m devasted. I kept waking up during the night in disbelief. I know for his character it will provide a new direction and new opportunities but I love the Bill we first all fell in love with. Hopefully in the end he will find his way back to his humanity and to Sookie.

  14. I am still in shock over the whole “Billith” thing, i want my old Bill back :( I feel like there’s so much more couldve been done with his character than to “kill him off” (basically what they did) i know he will still b in the show but will he just b walking around covered in blood all the time??? OR will he by some fairy miracle (a stretch i know) be old bill again?!?! Ughhh i dont know what to feel!!!!! Im just mad/sad at the whole thing. I loved King Bill, that was a good direction for his character to go but not this, not God Bill that is the bad guy ad wants to kill everybody. Guess my hopes that him and Sookie would ever get back together, were just staked :( no doubt though, Season 5 was by far the best, except of course….the last 5 seconds, but now that wouldnt be true blood if that wasnt the case! WAITING SUCKS!!!!!

  15. ***one more thought*** I couldnt help thinking through this whole season “Lorena would be so proud” …..this is what she wanted for Bill, to lose all humanity. I quote the wonderful Lorena “they are food!!” …so i couldnt help but imagine her smiling over the fact that Bill had in fact, lost all humanity.

    1.  @Ashk1208  Oh I wish Sookie had pointed out to him (or does next season) that he is being exactly what Lorena wanted him to be. Maybe that’ll shock him out of it. Hey, a girl can hope. lol

  16. Damn. You have taken a vampire who, along with his white henley, brown leather jacket and sideburns, became the wet dream of millions of women and turned him into a used tampon. Another one bites the dust.

  17. Bill WILL return! I refuse to believe anything other than that.  I am 45 yrs old and my entire existence on earth has been based on hope and good will of man kind.  I would not have survived this world for this long without it.  That is what Bill Compton is.  He is the goodness in humanity.  This goodness will always remain.  I refuse to let darkness and evil take it away.  So, Alan Ball, you may have created Bill Compton, but there is nothing that you or anyone can ever do to take him away!!!  So, I suggest, that if the writers and anyone employeed by or having monitary gain from this series want to continue to have a job, they had better get busy and turn this mess around!!!

  18. I am still in shock.  I fell in love with Bill in the first season and thought for sure Sookie would be able to save him but that was not the case. 
    I really don’t know if I will like the “new Bill”, we never really knew what or who Lillith was.  So I will have to wait for Season 6 to find out .

  19. As I saw somewhere else: BILLITH! I am not sure I am fond of this. This entire season has been…well…different. What I did enjoy is the fact that LaFayette had more screen time…they really need to get back to the supporting cast more often…those scenes were great. As for Billith…uh, no. Not going to be a fan, I am sure.

  20. Having trouble coping with this turn of events….I agree with most of you that it has been a thrill to see
    Stephen getting some great acting in but this transformation is like turning Rhett Butler into a “damn yankee”.    The writers should be cautious…they could lose half their fan base.  

  21. I could not believe my eyes.  It literally took my breath away and I was rendered speechless. A few minutes later  I thought about pulling an Elvis and shooting the tv but I was cemented to my chair.  I want to believe the Bill I love is somewhere deep inside this blood covered  roaring fearsome vampire.  I don’t know what else to say just yet about Bill but I will say Stephen Moyer continues to astound me with his command of the screen and my emotions.

  22. I agree with most of what has been said. Stephen was great and if he’s enjoying the challenge of playing a different character, that’s nice–FOR HIM. But on a strictly selfish level,  I am heartbroken. As much as one can be in love with a fictional character, I am in love with Bill Compton. Is he gone? It looks that way, but we’ll see. I can’t say I even look forward to season 6, I’ll be dreading it a bit. Time will tell whether I have to be mad at Alan Ball for the rest of my life.

  23. Can’t believe it ! I think that Bill is going to be the new enemy of Bon Temps ppl for season head was blowout of proportions last night ,,and Nora knows Warlow ! how about that ! I believe that Warlow is going to be the new heroe on season 6 eventhough he was Sookies parents killer…Tara and Pam didn’t see that coming..and Jason visions thats is crazy he may be a medium now or just a head injury..

  24. Something tells me that a good portion of Season 6 will be about restoring Bill to his vampire form.  Of course, Sookie will play a part, as will Eric and Jessica.  Stay tuned, blood sucking lovers!

  25. Stephen was again wonderful, that final scene between Sookie and Bill the best of the episode, if not the season. Not for the outcome, but for both of their performances. Maybe that’s why they each mentioned it in interviews, the chance to work together again in such a highly charged scene. I’m not sure why the show doesn’t want me as a fan anymore, it seems overly dramatic to phrase it that way but that’s how I feel. They went out of their way this season to remind me of the special bond Bill and Sookie had to give me hope. So I went into the finale thinking something could happen to reach Bill. Instead they gave me the ugly death of my favourite character and replaced him with a fierce and very ungentlemanlike unknown. I probably shouldn’t be making another comment this soon after the show, I’m still sounding bitter. But Bill was important to me, and not just any Stephen Moyer-shaped Bill, but the Bill that has had doubts about everything but his love for Sookie.

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