1. did you see the blue jean like henley he had on when they were doing the interview with the cast prior to tonights true blood? you could see his biceps and i about fainted. blue works for him too, that dark smoldering blue…

      1. ur right russia! i’ve had a ‘dark smoldering blue’ dream recently! gotta tell you about it.

  1. Bill looking his best… A BIG thank-you make-you to whomever is responsible for his make-up & hair this season.

  2. In that black jersey top he looks like every college boy you ever had a crush on, but older, better and with special powers.

  3. I just want to kiss and hug the hair and make-up people. I really do.

    That pic of him in the black shirt just may be Bill at his absolute hottest. I need a cigarette after looking at it. And a fan, and a drool bucket…..

  4. That picture of Bill in that black shirt is just about too much for my poor blood pressure!! H.O.T.N.E.S.S.!!!!!!!!!!

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