Bill Compton Proposes to Sookie Stackhouse

Bill Compton proposing to Sookie Stackhouse is one of the classic moments that HBO is reliving from past seasons of True Blood. For all the Bill fans, this has to be on the top of the list of favorite True Blood moments. The proposal took place in the last episode of Season 2, and for those who have seen it they know that unfortunately, the bliss was short lived as Bill was kidnapped from the table before Sookie could say yes. Still, it was a touching scene and worthy of watching over and over again.

source: HBO True Blood on YouTube


  1. Her look when she decided yes ! Yes was great ,then he’s not there! I said shoot!but realized , to soon for her to be happy !

  2. I REALLY do hope that ring will resurface and all will be well in my world when True Blood ends – it’s hard enough waiting on each new season – how are we going to deal with NO True Blood?

  3. One of my favorite moments Bill and Sookie – Absolutely stunning…bought tears to my eyes!!! Were watching season 6 the final episode a few hours ago…interesting ending, can’t wait till June 22nd, and to see how the season 7 will bring. Till then, much love to Bill and Sookie!!! xx

  4. I can tell by the way your a little bit lonely baby just like Jerry Lee… every time I see this pic I hear this song that was playing while they were dancing :)

  5. Beautiful scene, from start to….unfinished ending.  These two are just magic.  Where is the ring?  It’s time to bring the promise of this scene to fruition!

  6. Please let Sookie bring out Bills ring and put it on forever. To this day Bill never got to hear Sookie say yes.  Now that everything is going to be over,  please let Bill hear Sookie say YES!! YES!! YES!!

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