1. true blood was so good tonight, I think there gonna kill everyone off. maybe sookie will end up with sam like the book

  2. Ok i haven’t read the books so someone clue me in…please tell me bill doesn’t die i’ll be heart broken!!!

  3. I’m sorry but this is Bullshit! Now both Eric and Bill are infected?! They can’t kill everyone off.. All the fan favorites! I’m hoping Sarah Newlin will tell Eric she has a cure..

  4. In the books, no Bill doesnt die. He ends up with his vampire sister. However the show, well we see thats a different story.

  5. This better not be a spoiler!!!!! I really didn’t want to see that bill has the virus! I haven’t watched the episode yet :(

  6. NOOOOOOOOOO, not Bill too! Sookie better save them both now! Someone BITE HER and TURN her….then make her let Eric and Bill drink….SAVE THEM SOOK! Please! :-(

  7. I still have a half hour before it plays here! I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. That episode was the best so far this season! One of Lafayette’s FINEST MOMENTS! You go Hookah!

  9. If you haven’t seen it yet then stay out of the threads until afterwards! God…it’s that simple!

  10. Caralhooooo Bill!!!! Nao me deixa porra!!! Ahahahhaha ;( perder o Bill e o Eric de uma vez só é de fuder! Paola Alves

  11. Y’all gotta stop this shit! You’ve got to tell us how Bill got exposed! This is such bs. But my baby Lala…spoke like a true queen tonight after doing the dirty! Damn right. No one thought about his happiness…did they!!!

  12. It’s getting ridiculous.I love these characters they’ve been a part of my Sundays for 7 years…..to watch them die is very sad….I just don’t like where it’s going…..

  13. Wait Sookie is a carrier? How’d that happen? I would figure her blood would of been the cure cause it’s fae blood, guess not unless Bill fed off someone else

  14. :( sookie infected bill, which sucks I was hoping they would hook back up again, guess that won’t be happening now :(

  15. I think sookie became a carrier when she got covered in all that blood, she infected bill when she fed him

  16. True. I forgot about that. I havnt watched the episodes yet. I only know what I have read off the net. I dont have pay tv and Australia doesn’t air True Blood or any good shows from HBO

  17. Al final morirán todos que mal !!! Muere Alcid, Erick en la fase 2 y ahora Bill no quedara ningún wuachon noooo

  18. Stephanie Lugo Lopez the night alcide died when they killed all the infected vamps and sookie was covered in their blood. I’m just guessing but she was the last one Bill fed from

  19. Bill fed from Sookie before she got covered in hep v blood… I dont think thats why he is infected. At the camp he only fed the vamps that wouldn’t drink the hep v true blood. That’s why they were in the room.

  20. Sookie cut her arm in the woods to make the hep v vamps come after her. Then she was sprayed with the diseased blood. I’m sure that is how she got infected. Sucks!

  21. NO NO I ido not want to see Bill & Eric die!!! There has to b a cure!! Sookie give them some of that Fairy Blood it seems to fix everything else!!

  22. Sookie infected no that can’t be. Bill can’t die too no no no. Worrying about Eric is enough already fuck

  23. I believe that sookie is the cure and she will cure Bill and Eric. And in return she will turn.

  24. i think the guy that invented trueblood.that bill had in his basement from season 6 will be brought back.and find a cure for our sexy vampires

  25. This episode brought tears to my eyes! Not fair to bill! Not fair to Sookie. But hey atleast people are fall into place!

  26. Sookie fed from Bill before the infected vamp attack…good thing Jess didn’t feed from Sookie…

  27. I hate all thia shit…it better not end stupid!!
    I have been a faithful watcher and lover of true blood from the beginning. .and I want what made me love it to carry me on when its over.
    I’m devastated:(

  28. My dream of Bill & Sookie rekindling their love has been dashed. I gasped when Bill got out of the bath and saw that vein. My heart just sank into my stomach. So very saddened.

  29. I can t believe that Bill was infected, Eric and Bill ..they can t die.I guess Sookie is going to save them. ..She is the cure. .

  30. First Eric now Bill… No, no not fair. How in the world did Bill get infected? In fact, how did Eric got infected? This is not not good. Please bring out healthy Eric & Bill.

  31. Maybe Sookie will have to turn to save Bill and Eric and others infected because Warlows blood would’ve saved them but he was killed. Now Sookie’s blood as a vamp hybrid is the only cure.

  32. Bill might want to be with his wife? So sad. Lafayette made a good point about his life and someone’s please not all of them! Nerve racking about Pam and Eric? Come on writers. So far last week was the best. Ginger rules!

  33. I shared that exact feeling. :( All hope for the two of them, gone. Really hoping Sarah Newlin has a cure.

  34. Wow thanks for ruining the episode for me, I love seeing pictures while scrolling down my feed that give away big parts of the episode when I haven’t watched it!! OMFG how dickish!

  35. Sarah Newlin is a trouble making bitch and her end needs to come to an end. Hurry up Russell, come back so Bill and Eric can kill you again and you can take her back to hell with you

  36. OMG!!!!!!!! Bill has hep V as well! Ridiculous, they are going to kill everyone off and that is a stupid way to end a series.

  37. They better come up with a cure or something. If the show ends with everyone I loved dead….it’ll be a sad day indeed.

  38. Bullshit! I’m rewriting my own version of the last season of true blood!! Oh and ps…I totally thought violet was gonna kill jessica..lol violet is growing on me, love her.

  39. I saw this at the end and I’m like, “WHAT THE BLUE MOON HELL?” “HOW??” just how, I don’t understand, they better clear this up next episode or I’m gonna be pissed

  40. um no, i dont freaking think so. im not putting my life on hold because i havent watched True Blood!! are you serious? lol

  41. It’s not spoilers if it was already aired lol. That’s what ppl are going to do is rant back abd forth about the scene:) ps wondering if Tara mother has some truth in if Tara in in limbo?

  42. I agree with stephanie, perhaps faerie blood is the cure. I think jason’s vamp is going to kill him. What do you think?

  43. Goddamn you true blood … my poor sweet bill someone better find away to cure his ass cuz everyone cant die :-(

  44. I’m also pissed off he better not die but I think sookie blood will save Bill if he dies I’m done watching the rest of trueblood I’m :( :'(

  45. I can’t believe they gave bill hep whyyyyyyyyyyyyuuu? Why would they give it to both him and Eric and then kill alcide why all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. No. It is not right that all of Sookie’s men die off and she ends up alone. This needs to be rectified.

  47. They pissed me off when they killed Alcide! This is looking more and more like they will end it like the book did! Can’t believe they gave him the virus!

  48. This just about stopped my heart. and I was enjoying the episode so much. laughing and smiling for the most part. Now I’m gonna be crying for the whole week and probably more. They better find a fucking cure. Losing Bill is NOT an option!!!! :(((

  49. Jason’s ass is gonna be grass! He’ll probably be the next to die! I thought sure she would rush in there and kill them both!

  50. No. I cant take all the dying of all my favorites. Now Bill too, dam end of season. I swear this sucks.

  51. Sara has a cure, terras mom killed terra thats why her death was off screen, eric is going to get with saras sister the vampire, and sooki is going to turn vampire and get with bill.. that is just my guess on whats going to happen

  52. Looks like the writers intend to kill off the entire vampire race. Plus how screwed up is it that Bill got sick drinking from Sookie? Poor girl has enough guilt. Thats just mean.

  53. Donna Pippen that’s what I’m thinking how Bill got infected. Her blood probably went in his ears when he staked her in episode 4 ,

  54. I simply can’t stand watching them all die off. And next weeks previews show Bill has progressive strain of Hep V! Wtf!!!????

  55. Dana Schoenauer I hope so too that violet needs to die I never liked her even though she’s beautiful

  56. This is their last and final season, I got that, but now Bill is infected! This is definitely going to be a for sure tear jerker already!!! :'( :'( Jason your ass is on the line, as is Jessica’s!!! :'(

  57. I just caught up to Alcide dying tonight :( really makes me mad and sad, I know that the serious is ending but are they really going to kill everyone off???? :(

  58. I think sookies blood is the cure but its gotta be part fairy and vampire blood so they turn her and she saves em all

  59. Seriously, if you haven’t seen the episode yet and don’t want it spoiled maybe stay off Facebook or keep on scrolling until you have seen it! Geez!!

  60. Holy crap! It’s bad enough with Eric! Not bill too! The idea of him and sookie having a happy ever after made me so happy!

  61. What the Hell???!! Why is Bill sick??!! Sarah Newlin’s blood is gonna be the Cure… Or maybe it will be Faerie Blood?!

  62. SOOKIE IS NOT THE CURE! WE KNOW THIS FROM THE LAST BS TO GO DOWN WITH FAERIES…and she’s only half. Only person we know of that Bill fed off and fed is SOOKIE! She probably got infected that night when the wolf died…he told her not to get the blood in her mouth and to keep her eyes and mouth closed. Oh Sookie…

  63. Can’t help seeing it when the pic is half the size of your monitor! I want going to read it but the picture have it away! No choice :-(

  64. Why bill what did he do wrong ,it’s bullshit why right every one off this is not true blood true till the end this just wrong. Way of fin a great show and not fare on fans.

  65. Oooooo fuck you directors! That it is the last season doesn’t mean you have to kill everybody we care!!!!!

  66. Ouii c’est vrai il est beau …. Mais bon tu en a un très beau aussi a la maison … Des gros bisous a vous trois

  67. I am so mad at the way this show is going they better find a cure for this or it will be the worst end of a show ever in history to me!

  68. Pourquoi vouloir la mort de tous les vampires pour une final j.aurais preferer une final bien et heureuse pour tous ..plutot que la tristesse grrrrrr dommage

  69. I hope jason has a cure i dnt even no when sookie got infected when did this happen when they was in the woods when alcide got killed

  70. no Amy, she fed on Bill in the car, so he could find her easy if she was in trouble. She got covered in blood the ep where Alcide died but said she didn’t get any in her mouth or eyes, but maybe she did get a little? Last week before the showdown at Fangtasia was the first time Bill fed on her since this whole thing began

  71. Thank you for the pictures.  He looks amazing.  Bill contracting Hep V was a devastating surprise.  I hope there’s a cure out there, both for his sake and for Eric’s.

  72. Didn’t see that one coming! BILL, has hepv? SOOKIE ! IS RUNNING OUT OF LOVERS! JUST CAN’T see her &SAM! She has never shown an interest in him , when she did , sam said no ! He was in a relationship!

  73. All I said when I saw this last night was, “No, No, No, not Bill!” I think that’s why they kept the Sarah Newlin character. She knows the cure for Hep-V or she better…

  74. Just sore to nights ep why bill how did he get it and why did They change bills past I throught he was in the army and that when he was turned .

  75. Sarah Newlin probably has the CURE for Hep. V….so, they better not kill her, until they get it from her!

  76. Someone mentioned the blood getting in sookie after the alciede episode good eye but eric got sick after a mth 2 soon 4 bill 2 get it from sookie

  77. I don’t see how Bill is infected UNLESS Sookie gave him something. He hasn’t even been feeding lately. It doesn’t make sense at all. I was hoping for Sookie/Bill, but I guess everyone dies? Maybe a cure is in order…

  78. I was so upset when I saw that Bill had it. I think Bills memories have shown him that he will be reunited with his beautiful family when he faces the true death. We all want it honky dory but life isn’t that way sometimes.

  79. what i want to know is how Bill (and Eric) got it! I thought they’d backstory us on Eric and they haven’t! And now Bill…WTF? did the virus go air-borne?

  80. no.not my Bill.Bill and Sookie have to end up together forever as vampires for eternity. Sookie is the only one Bill fed on and Bill also gave Sookie his blood so he could rescue her .  this means Sookie also is infected. there has to be a cure. Maybe Tara’s mom is right about her visions. maybe Willa’s blood can bring her back and maybe it can also cure everyone else who has the hep v.  i don’t really care how they cure it just as long as they do cure it. For my future and well being i need to be able to think Bill is still alive somewhere.

  81. Yeah a lot going on here im sure a big twist coming soon.
    I wonder if they will do something like in the last Twilight being all a psychic vision sookie is having and it ends as it began just meeting bill???? Or something like that. I dont like that the characters are dying off.:'(

  82. Guess that means THEY will have a cure before the end. I would be absolutely ticked off if they kill Bill and Eric off. Totally TICKED..

  83. I didn’t gave two shits when Eric was infected, but now I really expect that someone knows the cure! Bill can’t die!

  84. so heart broken for Bill! it was bad enough that i cried when eric and pam were talking about it, and then Bill!!

  85. after Eric survived being on fire on top of the Swiss mountain (by triggering an avalanche that killed an entire ski village, LoL), he went around biting everyone (an no doubt hooking up with people also) in a “devil may care” manner. that’s what he told Pam. That’s when Eric got infected. We don’t know how Bill got infected yet, but, I think he got it from Sookie. I think Sookie became a carrier the nite Alcide died, after the Hep V vamps exploded all over her

  86. Bill’s Hep V is also a little weird. the veins look more red than black, and it is traveling down his arms rather quickly. it’s likely a mutated form; we don’t know if it’s an equally fatal a strain yet

  87. the blood was going in her mouth when she was crying over Alcide’s dead body. it was running down her wet hair, that was wet with both river water and exploded Hep V vamp blood

  88. I am just so upset everyone & everything seems to die ome way or another I really did not think thos is what would happen in the end.

  89. I can’t believe Bill is sick too. How did he get infected???? they never drank the poisoned True Blood. How did it happen?? Very disappointed. Now the writers want to KILL every body???

  90. Delores, hmm I hadn’t noticed that. If that’s true, im starting to think the virus has gone airborne.

  91. i hope sarah dies and maybe sookie’s fairy blood saves them bill and eric both but she looses her fairy magic to do so. i mean after all there has to be a reason why they said early episodes that she would lose her fairy magic if she used her ball magic

  92. The same thing I was thinking ..That she by accident infected Bill, not thinking about that night that she got the hepV blood on her .

  93. Nooooooooooooooo:'( bill you’re my favorite and you’re the hottest one on there they better find a cure:'(

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