Bill Compton’s Family photos

In one of the final scenes of True Blood, Bill Compton found the photo he took with his daughter Sarah back before he left for the Civil War. You may remember, we saw Bill and his family posing for photos in one of the many Bill flashbacks in Season 7.

Below is the photo of Bill and his daughter Sarah, that he will cherish for eternity.

bill and his daughter

Back in Season 1, when Bill spoke to the folks in the church at the Descendents of the Glorious Dead, the mayor brought a photo that he had found and gave it to Bill. It was a photo of Bill, his wife Caroline and his daughter Sarah and son, Thomas. When Bill received the gift, a tear came from his eye which he quickly wiped away with a handkerchief. This was the first time we learned that vampires cry blood as we saw the redness of his tears on the handkerchief, when he quickly put it in his pocket

Below is that photo. It’s nice to see the family together and we’re glad that Bill finally got to see the photo he took with daughter Sarah.




  1. They made him look older in this pic, but I love it, it captures his old-fashioned southern gentleman essence.

  2. That is not Stephen’s daughter, but an actress named Isabella Rice. She played his daughter in the Season 7 flashbacks.

  3. Beautiful photos of Bill’s human family.  Treasured keepsakes for him, and for us as well.  Thank you for providing.

  4. I keep saying it I don’t know if anybody is reading this do Before True Blood. with all the charactersmake it the prequel. I’m just a desperate fan. LolI love true blood!!! Copy written Lol

  5. Beautiful photography to accompany you on the true death. BRAVE. Your love for Sookie was TRUE. I will miss you, Bill… (from Buenos Aires)

  6. Stephen,DON’T post this. It means nothing to all your TB fans. I don’t care who your HUMAN family was on the show. I ONLY LOVE YOU and your family on TB.

  7. Thanks for posting these lovely photos.  Cherished images of Bill’s loved ones he probably thought he’d never see again.

  8. Thanks, I really enjoyed the flashbacks of Bill before he was turned. Stephen did a great job in those scenes.  It was so sad when Bill found the photo of he and his daughter in the coffin, and then when his teardrops of blood fell on it.  Very moving.

  9. Really bill’s daughter sookie was sexy him for three Eric, bill, wolf love it… Sookie love who find someone?

  10. The more I think about it, I realize that Sookie didn’t deserve Bill’s love.She was infatuated with him, but I don’t think her actions showed that she ever REALLY loved him. How many times did she push him away without listening to his side of things? At least Bill is now at peace with his human family. I DO wish they had inserted a brief scene with Lafayette seeing Bill happy in his afterlife.

  11. no matter what you all have posted and while these pictures a nice, it doesn’t take away fro, the fact the ending sucked…

  12. Completely adore this picture- this is what got me hooked on the show to begin with- the southern gentleman charm, that romanticism of the era. One should only be so lucky to find a partner with those portrayed qualities.
    Mr. Moyer great performance. Blessed be you your lovely wife and all the children. Hope to see you in other fascinating projects. U0001f44d

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