Bill Compton photo from True Blood episode 3.04

It was so difficult again for the True addicts to spend a Sunday without our fix of Bill Compton. To ease the pain HBO has released stills from next weeks episode “9 Crimes”. If you thought that the scene of Bill calling Sookie was heartbreaking… you’ll be screaming in agony knowing that Lorena was in the room with him while he makes that call. And who could be on the other end of the line?

Yes, my dear Billsbabes… there are 2 people in this photo…. What do you think will happen to Bill. Will he break free from King Russell’s grasp or will he succumb to his will. And, what will happen to Lorena now that she is even more twisted than she was before the last episode?

bill compton



  1. Looks like somebody has been lurking on the yuku board because I posted some caps of that scene in the spoiler thread. It’s from the alternative promo for 9 Crimes so it isn’t an episode still.

    1. These were posted by Aceshowbiz as released by HBO.

      I didn’t see them on our spoiler thread, because I never go there.

  2. Ladies:
    Lorena will always get imense pleasure out of seeing Bill Compton
    Break Sookie Stackhouse’s heart~or hurt her in any way!!
    Lorena is a Jealous witch!!!
    Lorena has no heart~She NEVER HAD one even when she Wasn’t a Vampire
    Becoming a Vampire only made things WORSE!!!

  3. I don’t know what the distinction is between screencap and promo still – what I mean is: a promo still is never a screencap, and vice versa?
    It may not matter, I’m just curious.
    I don’t read spoiler threads either, there are enough “semi” or “possible” spoilers on regular threads.

    Mirror, mirror, on the wall – were I you, looking at the hottest man of all!

  4. Yummo! Even Smirky McBitchyson can’t ruin that view. I’m glad that I’ll have some eye candy while Bill breaks Sookie’s heart. :(

  5. Is it asking too much of season 3 for there to be one scene where Bill looks hot and sexy and I can feel happy for him at the same time? Okay, the Bam scene wasn’t sad, but it wasn’t his dream.

    1. Yeah tell me about it! Bill’s chest has been getting tons of screentime this season (all hail Alan Ball!), but it’s always in such stressful circumstances for the poor guy! When are we going to get to see Bill naked AND smiling?!

      1. AMEN to both of you!!! I couldn’t agree more!! Bill is looking hotter than molten lava but is being tortured all the time and it’s not too much to ask for us to get to see him happy for more than two minutes in a season!!!

  6. I Hate Lorena she tells him to do it you can here the pain in his voice he dousent want to herit Sookie and I dont like the smile on her face I cant wait till Sookie kills her that if they go by the book

  7. That chest/manfur is a wonder to behold. This is one time I hope they follow the books…Sookie gets to stake Lorena. She absolutely deserves it.

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