1. My first thought: “Yay, no manbangs!”

    My second: “Um, sun?”

    But great pics, no doubt. It’s cool to get a peek behind the scenes on occasion.

  2. I agree Lou, Stephen is looking good. I have a feeling he’s going to looking great fore Season 3, can’t wait.

  3. Can that man not look any hotter? Doesn’t he look gorgeous in those shades??? He is looking very slim – very toned!

    They both have scripts in their hands and I think they are rehearsing in their minds!

  4. I appreciate the new “You might also like” section. Very nice. Thanks for the lovely pics, guys. Yes, they are very professional on set.

  5. Lovely to see them. Both Anna and Stephen are looking fit and fine. Thanks, Shad, for the piccies. Now I’m wondering about those outdoor scenes. Vampire Bill in the sun? Hmmm.

    “You might also like” … great idea. In case we want to re-visit or initially missed an article, picture or video.

  6. I was also wondering, “Vampire Bill in the sun?” Unless it was a flashback to before he was turned.

  7. Obviously our Bill will not be shooting outdoors in the sun. He better not be because I can’t handle him being burnt again. He was the one that was burned but I was scarred from it.
    Both Stephen and Anna are wearing their serious faces.

  8. Indoor shooting. No sun there. :P

    Stephen is looking MIGHTY FINE….the more I see of him as Bill the better I feel about him looking like Season One Bill again!!! WooHOO!!
    Did I say he looks GORGEOUS? YUMMY!!

  9. SM looks relaxed, and eager to be on the set. AP looks ….serious, pensive, deep in thought, somewhat annoyed (?) Pick one. It looks like
    a sunny day – watch out, Bill, honey!

  10. Oh I can’t wait to find out what they’re up to in this scene.
    Run your fingers through his hair, Anna, and muss it up a bit. Please?

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