Vote for Bill Compton as TV’s Hottest Dad

Tomorrow is not just True Blood’s season premiere day, but it’s also Father’s Day.  Every Stephen Moyer fan knows that Stephen is a wonderful dad in real life, but we also think that had his human life not been taken away from him at the end of the Civil war, that Bill Compton would for sure be our favorite TV dad. He loved his family and would have loved to return to them. And, even after becoming a vampire, he has also been a good maker to Jessica (except for that one little outburst last season, ahem) and while we can’t predict how that will go this season, we still would rate Bill among the top TV dads.

Bill Compton comforts his daughter Sarah in Season 5 of True blood

Bill Compton comforting his daughter in early 1900’s.

Over at Hollywood Life, they have complied a list of their favorite TV “hottest dads,” among whom we would certainly include Bill Compton. They made up their list of dads from those currently on TV, check out who made their list below.

1. Klaus Mikaelson, The Vampire Diaries

2. Ezra Fitz, Pretty Little Liars

3. Bill Compton, True Blood

Long before he became a vampire — and way before he became a god — Bill (Stephen Moyer) was just a regular dad with regular problems. … Thank God they didn’t base the show on that!

4. Prince Charming, Once Upon A Time

5. Derek Shepherd, Grey’s Anatomy

6. Jaime Lannister, Game of Thrones

7. Fitzgerald Grant, Scandal

8. Deacon Claybourne, Nashville

9. Don Draper, Mad Men

10. Michael Bluth, Arrested Development

11. Kevin Hamilton, Awkward

12. Chris Argent, Teen Wolf

13. Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead

14. Tom Bradshaw, The Carrie Diaries

15. Dexter Morgan, Dexter

Make Bill the best dad! Vote for Bill Compton, by clicking here.

And, we want to wish Stephen a very happy and joyful Father’s Day!


  1. Bill will always get my vote, remember how sweet he was watching Colby and Lisa and he is the best maker to Jessica except with that Authority aberration.
    I can recall him twice telling Sookie he wants her to have children – kids are on his minds!
    Best TV dad ever!

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