Bill Compton is a better date than Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen not as good as Bill ComptonDuh… Personally I don’t understand why anyone would want to date Edward Cullen, he is annoying, doesn’t have fangs, sparkles(!) and is sexless. Doesn’t sound like a dream date to me….

The Gloss made a list of 10 vampires who make better candidates then Edward and surprise surprise (not really) 3 True Blood vampires proudly claim their spot: Bill, Pam and Eric.

Bill Compton from True Blood

Why you should date him: Because he has a heart of gold! Except for the super creepy rape-y scene with his maker. But a heart of gold as far as human women go. Besides, if he can roll Sookie’s name that way, imagine what he could do with yours.


  1. oh yeah! he has a heart of gold, eyes of blue and buns of steel! and he is funny, charming, witty, intelligent, enigmatic and eclectic! if that doesn’t lead to a second date, nothing will!

  2. William T. Compton is the first and only vampire for this fan and if not for Stephen/Bill I wouldn’t be watching True Blood.

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