Bill Compton Is Dangerous in True Blood Season 6

SPOILERSASMSQUAREEarlier this week, we posted some quotes from Alexander Skarsgård where he stated that for True Blood Season 6, Bill is back and that we can expect a big war.

Well, once again Alexander has given us some more clues about the upcoming season where we learn that the friendship between Eric and Bill seems to be no more:

We just started True Blood season six two weeks ago,” Alexander Skarsgård revealed to Skarsgård said that the Bill-Eric dynamic will be more explosive than ever in the new season. “Bill is kind of dangerous now, even for an old, strong vampire like Eric,” he tells us. “So he’s got to be real careful.”

So, it sure looks like Bill Compton is going to be very bad news this summer, especially for anyone who happens to oppose him according to And that vampire may very well be Eric Northman, who did what he could to try and dissuade Bill from falling under the trance that caused him to drink up all of Lilith’s blood. With his feelings about the Authority and vampire religion being what they are, it sure looks like things are not going to go well for the Viking vamp. Alexander explained that Bill may now be one of the few vampires out there who his character is genuinely afraid of.

And, for those of you who love the Sookie/Bill romance, it appears that neither Bill or Eric will be spending too much time pursuing Sookie Stackhouse in Season 6. Instead, Anna Paquin’s character has a new love interest, Ben, a highly charismatic faerie who takes a liking to Sookie (and vice-versa).


We also know that Pam is likely to continue to pursue whatever it is that she started up with Tara during the season 5 finale, so presumably she will be busy and not able to help her maker Eric too much. But then, it is just as plausible that she and Tara will instead join forces with him in the battle?

Well, at least it’s clear that Bill will be in Season 6, but what do you think he will be like?  Will the Bill/Sookie romance have a chance to rekindle?  Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.



  1. The more I hear about Season 6 plans for Bill, the less happy I am.  I’m not interested in Bill’s being a big bad vampire god; however, that appears inevitable.  Maybe his role will change as the season progresses.  Time will tell.
    It would be lovely if Bill and Sookie could somehow work their way back to one another.  However, this doesn’t seem too likely.  Oh, but I’d love to be wrong about that.

  2. Thanks for summing up Bill in S6 so far, of coarse I want the old Bill back but I know that will not happen just yet (will it ever?) but until the end and the hopeful HEA with Sookie (a Billsbabe can hope) I will take Bill as he’s served and hope for the best.

  3. I am tired of new bad bill, bring back the old Bill (Sideburns and Henley shirt). I’d like to see Sookie white light Bill during the Fairy War and finally admit to herself that Bill is the only one she truly loves. Hopefully HBO will give us 12 episodes back for season 7.

  4. Everything so far seems to point to Bill being the badass vampire transformed by Lillith to lead vampires back to their original state of being.  This means:   using humans for food only, leading clandestine lives, owning the night, abhorring the light of day, viewing the fae as an abomination, being secretive,  having a predatory, dangerous attitude towards all other species.
    Of course this is the beginning of the season.  Since Bill Compton has gone through numerous changes in the last 5 seasons, there’s no reason to think more change won’t happen this season.  He may very well be transformed again – perhaps by Sookie’s lightening fingers!
    I know I’m hoping for that.

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