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The Bill Chronicles for True Blood Episode 7.02. Although the screen time of Bill in this episode was a measly 17 seconds and fits all in the below Youtube video, the presence of Mr. Compton could clearly be felt. He has had an enormous impact on Sookie’s life and when she reads the diary of that poor dead girl those happy memories come floating back to her and she fondly remembers the first time Bill took her to Fangtasia.

Sookie seems to be planning something and she needs Bill’s protection. While Alcide is in the shower, she strolls over to the Compton Mansion and asks Bill’s if he can still sense her fear. Bill is surprised to see her, but also a little happy, which immediately changes into worry when her next question is if he would still be able to feel her if she got herself into serious shit. Bill sighs and seems to be thinking: “Here we go again.”

We’ll see where that storyline will go in the next episode.

Clearly not enough Bill in this episode. It came in handy of course for Stephen who directed the first episode and was doing post-production while filming episode 2, but I hope they’ll make it up to us in episode 3.


  1. Thanks, Shad, for providing.  I enjoyed the Bill-Sookie flashback to the Fangtasia “this is not a date” planning.  You could see Sookie thinking of Bill when she read the dead girl’s diary.  And then there was that evening visit which took Bill by surprise.  So, what does Sookie have in mind?  If it involves her needing Bill’s blood so he can sense when she’s in trouble, we know what that means:  danger ahead for Ms. Stackhouse.  I believe her words were “serous shit.”  Yep, I can see that happening.

  2. sookie was so foolish to walk thru the woods alone like that. her powers wouldn’t stop a bunch of the Hep V vamps. but she made it to his door and i just hope they start the next episode with this conversation and them finishing it.
    such a small amount of our “Bill”….but the reminiscing that Sookie did all thru the episode made me very hopeful.
    Thanks Shad. You and Lynn work very very hard to bring us these pleasurable moments and it is appreciated by us all!

  3. Thank you.  Agreed that there was not enough Bill but I am now so anxious for this scene to continue. It was the cliffhanger for me.  It was delightful to go back to their first “date”.  I also love that spark in his eyes when he opens the door to see her.

  4. I agree Shad there wasn’t enough Bill in this episode but what an impact 17 seconds  can make.  Sookie’s fond memories of their “non” date had her thinking  of Bill all the way home . As soon as she could ditch the wolf, off she went to knock at Bill’s door when a phone call would have sufficed,especially  given the herd of HepV vamps on the loose.  I think she already knew the answer but she wanted to see Bill. and who can blame her.  

    Bill’s pleased but questionable look at seeing her at his door was understandable as she consistently  runs hot and so cold with him.  His proposal to protect her against  the HepV vamps was so rudely rejected by her and reiterated by her current live in substitute for Bill.

    Bill inquiring why she was there and looking past her to see if she was alone was a reasonable response. 
    His look of , when aren’t you in some serious shit Sookie, was priceless. He conveys so much with so little effort. 

    Of course Bill will do whatever she ask of him and more to his own detriment as he has proven in the past .
    Anxious to see how they are going to deal with the HepV vamps and the chaos in Bon Temps..

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