Bill Chronicles Episode 7.10 – Thank You

This is the final chapter in the Bill Chronicles and it is with a heavy heart that I reflect upon the final moments of our beloved vampire William T. Compton.

Thank You

The final episode “THANK YOU”

Bill calls on Sookie and tries to explain the reasons behind his decision to end his life. He is thinking of Sookie’s future, what her life would look like with him in it and how that doesn’t correspond to the life that he pictures for her. I think it’s very presumptuous of Bill to think that he has any say in how Sookie should live her life and that he is trying to shape her future to what he wants for her. What about what Sookie wants?

Bill tells Sookie that because of the disease he feels more human than he has ever felt before. He reflects on the circle of life and how he would be denying Sookie the best parts of that.

If Bill dies he will not only give Sookie a chance to lead the life that he thinks she deserves, but he also ends the life that he was never meant to live in the first place. When Lorena turned him she cheated Bill out of living his natural cycle, growing old with Caroline and seeing his children and grandchildren grow up.

He wants Sookie, the woman he loves, to end his life with her fairy light ball. That way she would not only kill him but also lose her fae identity in the process so that she will no longer be attractive for vampires because of her sweet blood.

With just cause Sookie is totally shocked by Bill’s request and asks him to leave, but she promises to reflect upon it.

Thank You

Bill is back at the Compton Mansion when Hoyt brings Jessica home. Jessica tells him that she doesn’t want him to die but that she will be fine. She will never understand why he is doing it but she will find a way to accept it and she will be ok. Jessica notices that Bill is warm. Is he running a fever or could it be that he has really become more human?

Like a true old-fashioned daddy, Bill informs about Hoyt’s intentions towards Jessica and if he thinks he will one day ask her to marry him. Jessica takes Bill up to her bedroom for a little talk about what just happened and she is not pleased. This is not how she had imagined it all to happen when she was a little girl dreaming about her wedding day. Bill explains that he had already been made vampire before his daughter Sarah got wed and he never got to give her away or meet the man she married. He is a dying man and he wanted to know that Jessica was spoken for before he leaves. To make Bill happy Jessica decides that, if Hoyt will her have, she would get married that same day.

Thank You

Andy, Holly and Arlene arrive at the Compton Mansion for the wedding. Bill asks Andy to come into his office for a little talk. He explains that Andy is his eldest living heir and that means that the mansion will pass over to him after Bill’s death. Bill asks Andy to rent the house to Jessica and Hoyt for the sum of $1 a month.

Thank You

An extremely proud Bill walks Jessica down the aisle and gives her away in marriage, although not legally of course. After Bill sits down next to Sookie, she realizes that she can hear his thoughts. She mentions this later to Jason, but never says anything about it to Bill. Instead of exploring this miraculous development further Sookie decides to honor Bill’s wishes and arranges to meet him in the cemetery at sundown.

Subtle and not so subtle hints about Bill’s humanity were dropped throughout this season, planting the seed in our heads that the possibility might exist that maybe Bill could turn human again and live a normal life like he always desired.Thank You0trueblood-00111

Bill and Sookie both make their way to the cemetery and meet at the open grave at Bill’s tombstone. After having said their goodbyes Bill lies down in the wooden coffin holding the photo his daughter left there so many years ago during his first funeral. Sookie says that she will never forget Bill and lights up her faery ball. She realizes that she doesn’t want give up on being fae, it is part of her; just like Bill is a part of her but she can’t do this for him.

Bill still wishes to die and Sookie makes a stakeout of a shovel and climbs down into the grave.

At this point, I wonder if Bill can still ask her to assist in his death. Should he put the woman he loves more than life itself through such a traumatic experience? Should this be the last memory that Sookie will have of Bill? Why doesn’t she stay with him until dawn and let the sun end Bill’s life.

Thank You

Sookie straddles Bill and asks him if he is sure. They tell each other one last time that they love each other and end their love story with a final kiss. Sookie places stick on his chest, and when Sookie doesn’t stake him immediately, Bill puts his hands over hers and together they drive the stake into his heart. Bill and Sookie lock eyes and in his final moment a fleeting smile passes over his face like a shadow. He has finally found his peace.

Thank You

Could there have been a better ending to Bill’s story? Maybe.

It may not be the ending many of us had expected or hoped for, but taking everything in consideration this may be the only possible outcome to a storyline filled with hardship and suffering such as Bill’s. He wasn’t able to live a happy life with Sookie, he would always have felt that he couldn’t give her all that she deserved. And he would have to watch as she grew old and die while he remained unchanged. Or he could have left her, never to return again and waste away in seclusion like Dexter.

I don’t think a happy ending for Bill and Sookie was ever in the True Blood cards. They were doomed from the start. What attracted them to each other is the same thing that ultimately drove them apart. They tried so hard and failed time and time again; sometimes love just isn’t enough.

I can’t say I fully understand Bill’s decision to stop living but I do understand that it was probably the only possible outcome for his story. No matter how much we all wanted it for him, a happy ending for our tragic hero was just not an option.

Bill decided to opt out on his own terms, Godric did the same and nobody had anything to say about that.

I like that we never saw the face of Sookie’s man. Some fans call him “a random guy”, but he is not, his is Sookie’s love and the father of her unborn child. This is the life that Bill wanted for her all along and that he couldn’t give her. Bill did not die in vain.

Rest in peace William T. Compton. We will never forget you.


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