Bill Chronicles Episode 7.10 – Thank You

This is the final chapter in the Bill Chronicles and it is with a heavy heart that I reflect upon the final moments of our beloved vampire William T. Compton.

Thank You

The final episode “THANK YOU”

Bill calls on Sookie and tries to explain the reasons behind his decision to end his life. He is thinking of Sookie’s future, what her life would look like with him in it and how that doesn’t correspond to the life that he pictures for her. I think it’s very presumptuous of Bill to think that he has any say in how Sookie should live her life and that he is trying to shape her future to what he wants for her. What about what Sookie wants?

Bill tells Sookie that because of the disease he feels more human than he has ever felt before. He reflects on the circle of life and how he would be denying Sookie the best parts of that.

If Bill dies he will not only give Sookie a chance to lead the life that he thinks she deserves, but he also ends the life that he was never meant to live in the first place. When Lorena turned him she cheated Bill out of living his natural cycle, growing old with Caroline and seeing his children and grandchildren grow up.

He wants Sookie, the woman he loves, to end his life with her fairy light ball. That way she would not only kill him but also lose her fae identity in the process so that she will no longer be attractive for vampires because of her sweet blood.

With just cause Sookie is totally shocked by Bill’s request and asks him to leave, but she promises to reflect upon it.

Thank You

Bill is back at the Compton Mansion when Hoyt brings Jessica home. Jessica tells him that she doesn’t want him to die but that she will be fine. She will never understand why he is doing it but she will find a way to accept it and she will be ok. Jessica notices that Bill is warm. Is he running a fever or could it be that he has really become more human?

Like a true old-fashioned daddy, Bill informs about Hoyt’s intentions towards Jessica and if he thinks he will one day ask her to marry him. Jessica takes Bill up to her bedroom for a little talk about what just happened and she is not pleased. This is not how she had imagined it all to happen when she was a little girl dreaming about her wedding day. Bill explains that he had already been made vampire before his daughter Sarah got wed and he never got to give her away or meet the man she married. He is a dying man and he wanted to know that Jessica was spoken for before he leaves. To make Bill happy Jessica decides that, if Hoyt will her have, she would get married that same day.

Thank You

Andy, Holly and Arlene arrive at the Compton Mansion for the wedding. Bill asks Andy to come into his office for a little talk. He explains that Andy is his eldest living heir and that means that the mansion will pass over to him after Bill’s death. Bill asks Andy to rent the house to Jessica and Hoyt for the sum of $1 a month.

Thank You

An extremely proud Bill walks Jessica down the aisle and gives her away in marriage, although not legally of course. After Bill sits down next to Sookie, she realizes that she can hear his thoughts. She mentions this later to Jason, but never says anything about it to Bill. Instead of exploring this miraculous development further Sookie decides to honor Bill’s wishes and arranges to meet him in the cemetery at sundown.

Subtle and not so subtle hints about Bill’s humanity were dropped throughout this season, planting the seed in our heads that the possibility might exist that maybe Bill could turn human again and live a normal life like he always desired.Thank You0trueblood-00111

Bill and Sookie both make their way to the cemetery and meet at the open grave at Bill’s tombstone. After having said their goodbyes Bill lies down in the wooden coffin holding the photo his daughter left there so many years ago during his first funeral. Sookie says that she will never forget Bill and lights up her faery ball. She realizes that she doesn’t want give up on being fae, it is part of her; just like Bill is a part of her but she can’t do this for him.

Bill still wishes to die and Sookie makes a stakeout of a shovel and climbs down into the grave.

At this point, I wonder if Bill can still ask her to assist in his death. Should he put the woman he loves more than life itself through such a traumatic experience? Should this be the last memory that Sookie will have of Bill? Why doesn’t she stay with him until dawn and let the sun end Bill’s life.

Thank You

Sookie straddles Bill and asks him if he is sure. They tell each other one last time that they love each other and end their love story with a final kiss. Sookie places stick on his chest, and when Sookie doesn’t stake him immediately, Bill puts his hands over hers and together they drive the stake into his heart. Bill and Sookie lock eyes and in his final moment a fleeting smile passes over his face like a shadow. He has finally found his peace.

Thank You

Could there have been a better ending to Bill’s story? Maybe.

It may not be the ending many of us had expected or hoped for, but taking everything in consideration this may be the only possible outcome to a storyline filled with hardship and suffering such as Bill’s. He wasn’t able to live a happy life with Sookie, he would always have felt that he couldn’t give her all that she deserved. And he would have to watch as she grew old and die while he remained unchanged. Or he could have left her, never to return again and waste away in seclusion like Dexter.

I don’t think a happy ending for Bill and Sookie was ever in the True Blood cards. They were doomed from the start. What attracted them to each other is the same thing that ultimately drove them apart. They tried so hard and failed time and time again; sometimes love just isn’t enough.

I can’t say I fully understand Bill’s decision to stop living but I do understand that it was probably the only possible outcome for his story. No matter how much we all wanted it for him, a happy ending for our tragic hero was just not an option.

Bill decided to opt out on his own terms, Godric did the same and nobody had anything to say about that.

I like that we never saw the face of Sookie’s man. Some fans call him “a random guy”, but he is not, his is Sookie’s love and the father of her unborn child. This is the life that Bill wanted for her all along and that he couldn’t give her. Bill did not die in vain.

Rest in peace William T. Compton. We will never forget you.



  1. the only upsetting part is when sookie killed bill but as it got to the end i was disappointed because they would skip a couple years, and we will never find out who that guy is that sookie is dating ..

  2. Thanks for the review Shad, great job.  

    On the decision about Bill’s dying or not.  I can adjust to the fact of Bill dying, even though I would have preferred he live on, but I do oppose to the means by which he met the true death. I agree with you when you wonder if asking the woman he loved to kill him was traumatic. Yes, it was and I know that the only reason he asked her to do the deed was to end her life as a faery.  When she refused, that should have been that.

    You mention Godric’s death. His death was a beautiful poetic scene where the sun rose and he vanished in flames. Bill’s end, however was not pretty. By having Bill turn into goo all over Sookie’s dress was, in my opinion, not what Bill deserved.  

    So I ask why did Sookie have to be the one to do it AND, why did Bill have to die such a horrific and ghastly way? The end could have been so much more satisfying for me if he either died in bed or met the sun or died trying to save Sookie from a vampire.

    I say again, our vampire deserved better!!!

  3. Not happy that Bill died. He and Sookie should have wound up together. The mystery man at the end was terrible.

  4. Yes, he had to finish the story as the tragic character that he had become. After all, its a classical love story and they don’t end happily ever after most of the time. I was hoping Sookie’s fairy light would ‘kill’ the vampire in Bill and leave the man so they could live out their lives together. Mature couple-mature ending.  Our little hearts would have eternally wished for another season.

  5. I love this. I hate that Bill died but now it actually makes a little sense. Except Bill could have turned Sookie and then they could have had a happily ever after.

  6. she isnt dating she is married to him and pregnant and i cried like a baby I couldnt handle seeing sookie have to kill bill but he helped her do it but what if the scene he seen of sookie holding a baby was the one she is carrying now if so then he didnt have to die man it sucks it ended that way.

  7. I hated it .. Bill shouldn’t have met the true death .. He was my fav on the show and it was just horrible..

  8. Bill saved Sookie from Warlow with her family and friends after he was no one Billith. And even when he was Billith he saved his own vampire kind. Bill has always been a hero. Sanguinista or not.

  9. Haven’t watched the finale, but after hearing what happened to Bill think I’ll pass. Yes, Sookie & Bill should have ended up together! I think all through the years, we were led to believe this would happen in the end. So disappointed.
    That’s what got a lot of us hooked in the beginning this beautiful
    Love story.

  10. This ending was actually pretty clever…the writers wrote about someone who was sick and dying, and chose to have an assisted suicide. Some people agree, some disagree and they really make it apparent that asking some one to change who they are for someone else is NOT okay…and it does leave a lasting impression on the people that are left. The Sookie that started the show basically died and was reborn when she climbed out of that hole after she helped Bill kill himself. Sad to see Bill go but they have been hinting at it for two seasons with all the flashbacks…RIP Bill.

  11. For me you were the most beautiful couple in the series … after that of Jessica and Hoyt.I will miss this series sad that this is finished.

  12. I have been grieving for Bill since the Sunday finale.  Between the books and the show, I feel as if I have loved him forever.  I do understand his reasoning for wanting to meet the true death. I believe it was a complete act of love for Sookie to enable her to move on to the life she deserved – a happy, normal one.  Yes, it could be construed that he was being presumptuous as to if she wanted children.  I do recall they talked very much during their relationship, even alluding to the fact that they spent two weeks in bed talking.  Sookie herself confided in Tara that she wanted children and Bill confirmed that earlier this season when he and Sookie had that heart to heart talk when he was up the tree.  Due to the fact that he was becoming more human as he got closer to the true death, I feel he was perhaps going back to the mindset of when he was human, which was very old fashioned.  I thought Jessica’s wedding was lovely.   The marriage was not legal, making it more of a commitment of love and a wonderful gesture from daughter to father.  Like everyone else, what is most upsetting is that he was staked by Sookie and both she and the audience had to bear him splatting again.  I can only say that Sookie had to love him with every part of her, just as she heard Bill thought;s saying that is how he loved her, to be able to stake him.  He set her free from him and she set him free from his heartache, to return to his family.  Thank you, Shad, for this recap and for pointing out that Bill had a look of peace on his face as the stake went through his heart.  That helps me a great deal.  In the end, Bill’s act of love was not in vain as Sookie did get that life she wanted and Bill knew he could not give to her.  RIP Bill Compton.  You surely deserve peace.

  13. I completely agree with Lynn. I could have accepted Bill dying if it were in a less horrific way and NOT done by Sookie. When she decided to stay fae that should have made their ‘deal’ null-and-void. Sookie should have refused and walked away. Then if Bill still wanted to die he could have met the sun and just faded away like Godric did. As sad as that was it was done with dignity and beauty. Softly. Bill deserved so much better and to die with class and dignity. And Sookie deserved to not have to be wallowing in his goo. 

    And it was so wrong for the writers to stick in all these hints of Bill maybe becoming human, giving us so much hope as we sat there holding our breath, and then RIP IT OUT FROM UNDERNEATH US! So cruel! That’s what we get for “Being true to the end”. :-/

  14. I did not like the ending either They should have showed Bill going to heaven And looking down With his family in heaven Looking down on Snooki and her family

  15. Wanted to add…..the Thanksgiving at the end just made it feel like everyone went on happily and Bill Compton never even existed. I know it was 4 or 5 years after he died but I feel like they could have stuck something in there to show that Bill may be gone but he’ll never be forgotten. Like have Jessica be wearing a locket and she opens it and Bill’s picture is in there. Or one of her wedding pictures of her and ‘daddy’ Bill. She looks at it. smiles, and says she’s thankful for Bill Compton having come in to her life. And she holds up her glass and toasts Bill. They all say “To Bill!” Then they carry on. Then at least it would have felt like he was still with them. I like to think Jessica has framed photos around the house of him.  

    The writers made some awful choices and it angers me. If they were so determined to kill Bill it could have been done so much better and more acceptable. IMO

  16. You don’t remember how the first thing he did was purposefully getting her assaulted and hurt so he could “rescue” her and gain her trust? They shouldn’t have ever been a pair after that.

  17. I think A lot of people were #TeamEric over #Team Bill but I have only read 2 comments out of thousands that were ok with How Bill died ! No #TeamBill fans were that I know of !! I want a surprise episode 11 … a alternate ending Dammit !!

  18. True. But I think he ended up really caring for her after that. I would have been neat too if somehow Sookie’s light could have made him human. I was just looking for a true love forever ending.

  19. in the very last episode its heartbreak when Sookie was in the grave with you it’s very powerful one of t emotional thing to do it very emotional touched me because I couldn’t I’m not that strong but without giving too much away I think when Sookie have her baby she said name is Bill Compton

  20. Para nada me gusto el final, no puede ser que Sookie matara a Bill, que estupidessss..les falto cratividad un final muy conservador para una serie con mucha fantasia…

  21. I fell so sad in that episode, why he have to die?? I was crying!!!! My heart was completly broke…
    Jyudi Ramos C estoy contigo… ese episodio hasta me hizo llorar… no podia creer lo que sucedio..llegue a pensar q Erick llegaria e iba a intentar de sarbarlo de esa locura..

  22. Worse ending in the history of TV series. Bill was one of the reasons why the show was a success from day one 7 years ago. I truly believe whoever wrote the last season had no clue what went on for the last 7 years. I can think of 100 ways of creating a GREAT ending, where all of us will be begging for more seasons. Alan Ball, It disappoints me that you didn’t think of us, true to the end fans. You owe us!

  23. wow yall judge who wrote the books who directed so judge all yall want but remember get facts straight before running mouth

  24. my HBO is paid up until the second week of next month. it will be cancelled before then.
    we got the shaft: lazy/sloppy writing, absentee and /or/ revengeful Executive Producer, HBO made so much money off of us they don’t care what we think now that the contracts are not renewed, and a larger host of reasons why the writing went so off road that it ended up in the ditch.
    Bill Compton deserved better than this. He is a star and always will be. HBO was lucky to have him in this.

    i am wondering if we are being used as a test study for the Powers That Be that is really a cruel joke on us: HOW MUCH WILL THEY PUT UP WITH IF WE SIMPLY STRING THEM ALONG FOR AS LONG AS WE CAN? HOW MUCH MONEY CAN WE MAKE BEFORE ANYONE CATCHES ON?

    pissed and not forgiving of these writer’s or producers or HBO. 
    our memories are long enough to change channels, that’s for sure.

  25. my HBO is paid up until the second week of next month. it will be cancelled before then.
    we got the shaft: lazy/sloppy writing, absentee and /or/ revengeful Executive Producer, HBO made so much money off of us they don’t care what we think now that the contracts are not renewed, and a larger host of reasons why the writing went so off road that it ended up in the ditch.
    Bill Compton deserved better than this. He is a star and always will be. HBO was lucky to have him in this.

    i am wondering if we are being used as a test study for the Powers That Be that is really a cruel joke on us: HOW MUCH WILL THEY PUT UP WITH IF WE SIMPLY STRING THEM ALONG FOR AS LONG AS WE CAN? HOW MUCH MONEY CAN WE MAKE BEFORE ANYONE CATCHES ON?

    pissed and not forgiving of these writer’s or producers or HBO. 
    our memories are long enough to change channels, that’s for sure.

  26. Shad,
    I forgot to thank you for your last Bill Chronicles. You wrote a very compelling and passionate article and you were so “compassionate” that, for a few minutes, you helped me channel my anger away. 

    Thank you for all you have done. Every episode has had an excellent Chronicle from you from the very beginning. xoxoxoxo

  27. I think they will come to regret their tragic ending, HBO especially. Who will ever buy any more dvd’s or merchandise than they already have? I stopped reading the books after about #5, because of How Ms. Harris treated Bill and I can’t imagine watching the show ever again because of what AB and team have done.

  28. So disappointed that Bill was killed by Sookie, of all people, and with a stake! If that had to be the ending why couldn’t she and Eric get together? Did the writers run out of creative ideas or what? Sorry, but I was so disappointed!

  29. i hated it…flat out hated it…if any vamps should have married a human (or a fairy, tee hee) it should have been bill and sookie

  30. I agree totally. it was awful…they showed 3 vamp/human couples at that thanksgiving dinner, and there is no reason bill and sookie couldn’t have been the “main couple”…must sucked (pardon the pun)

  31. Shad and Lynn, just had to say thank you both for your “labor of love” all these years! I have followed The Vault and All Stephen Moyer from the start and I can’t say enough about the great job you have done. I look forward to following the continuing adventures of Stephen Moyer on this site…

  32. I can’t believe, I watched True Blood for 7 years, to see Bill dying…. Seriously.. Shitty last episode…

  33. Shad you last Bill Chronicles is so well written and spot on.  I completely agree and I almost don’t need to write anything except a big thanks to you and Lynn too for all you do for us Bill/Stephen Moyer  and True Blood fans.

    My last few Bill Chronicle thoughts:
    The last episode was very difficult to watch and process in the end; Bill died the true death and Sookie helped him achieve his demise to set them both free.  It was an ugly and undignified death for our Bill, but we all know we are watching a vampire show and meeting the true death for any vampire isn’t pretty.  Unless you are a two thousand year old Goldric who burns up in the sun like pure natural gas Bill’s choices were slim: fry up like bacon in the sun (S1), get staked as he did or succumb to the hepV goo death.  Vamp death isn’t pretty. (Am I missing an alternate vamp death?)

    I also feel Sookie had to be there to partake in Bill’s death as a symbolic loosening of their bonds and burying him; a closure happened. As many have said more should have been done to tie in his human family – the picture in the coffin was not enough is one of my criticisms.
    RIP Bill Compton, your lady love Sookie is happy.

  34. Beautifully written, Shad.  I so wanted a happy ending for our beloved Vampire Bill.  But it was not to be.  His pain was too great.  I’m not talking about the pain he endured from his illness.  He never wanted to be a vampire.  He could never embrace the life.  It cheated him of his humanity and took him away from his human family.  I can see that he wanted to let go of this existence.  Once he knew that Jess would be taken care of, he was even more ready to go on that final journey.  The staking was horrific.  And to ask the woman who loved him to kill him placed an enormous burden on Sookie.  Would meeting the sun have been easier, or simply dying in bed?   We’ll never know, will we? 

    When Sookie couldn’t go through with using her light ball on Bill, I thought the deal might be off.  But, no, there was a makeshift stake and the grisly and unbelievably sad death was accomplished.  So Sookie is still part fae and prey to any old vampire who wants her, and she’s still a telepath.  Her reasoning for choosing to remain “as is” made no sense to me.  But this is about Bill, not Sookie.  I guess I’m just a foolish romantic.  I wanted their love to be strong enough to surmount the obstacles that had separated them for so long.  They had just found their way back to one another, and I was hopeful.  But Bill was adamant about wanting a normal life for her (as normal as you can get being part fae and a telepath).  It would seem she got that in the end.  I hope so for his sake, and for hers as well.  

    Rest in Peace, Bill Compton.  You are where you wanted to be, with your wife Caroline, and your children Sarah and Thomas.  And we are bereft.

  35. So This was the end. Of seven seasons. I’ll miss it despite everything . I Will surely miss True Blood.
    hoje fotos voce ele mais

  36. I don’t think they gave our Vampire Bill the true death he deserved, either. He should have been given a bit more respect, and Sookie should have also been shown more dignity, as well. I do agree, that since he never wanted to be a vampire and led a tragic, self loathing life after being turned, that it was a fitting end to his story, but NOT this way! It was horrifying! The wedding scene of Bill walking Jess down the isle was lovely and I’ve never seen her more lovely and glowing. So happy that he was able to see to it she was cared for in the end. I know it might’ve been for the best, but not to see Sookie’s new hubby at the end was a huge disappointment to me, personally. Others may disagree, which is okay, but I wanted to see the face of the man she loved and married! And the last we saw of Eric and Pam? That seemed like an evil sort of justice, but “someone” got their just desserts, as messed up as it was!

  37. I was crying while reading this so tragic but I liked the ending…even though it wasn’t whet I was expecting it was still good to me

  38. So many bad things happened to Sookie because of Bill, I’m sure he had not forgotten any of it.  I felt like Bill had a great deal of regret as of late.  Bill hated being a vampire.  He had been a vampire for at least 140 years.  Bill’s mind was so much on his human family, lately.  He seemed to be missing them more than ever.  I think Sookie had to help Bill die.  It was coming full circle in their relationship.  She started out by saving his life, now she was there to fulfill his request to die.  The fact that Sookie decided to remain faerie threw the ending off a bit, but I can see why the writers wouldn’t want to change her.  Sookie didn’t have the power to turn Bill human or save him with her light.  I didn’t have a problem with Sookie staking Bill.  She would have been traumatized either way that she killed him. She loved him so much that she was willing to do it for him.  The fact that they did it together was important, I thought.  I didn’t mind Bill exploding, it didn’t seem undignified.  His remains were contained in the coffin, not lying on a parking lot, like the hepV vamps.  The ending was quite powerful, revealing what incredible actors Bill and Anna are and showing that incredible connection they have had since the beginning.

  39. callonmebill Thanks, Lynn and I had such a blast working the sites all these years. Thank you so much for your support and love! xoxo

  40. booboobear5000 Hi Boo, thank you so much for all your support and love over the years. I know you are very upset about the finale, I am disappointed too and tried to make some sense out of it in the Chronicles. xoxo

  41. At first, I was so disappointed with the final show. Then, I started reading the many posts and discovered I understood the reasoning that brought us to that ending, and totally appreciate the “bigger picture” that brought us there.

  42. Since sunday I been so sad n crying after 7 years. Bill ended like dat. They should done it BETTER. Rewrite his love story become human n marry sookie and have many children’s

  43. Thank you Shad and Lynn; finding The Vault was one of the best things in my True Blood experience – no hate!
    xoxo back to you!

  44. I couldn’t even look.. all i heard was it happening and i dont ever wanna see this episode again, will surely have a true blood maraton again in the future but i will drop this episode!

  45. As the Romans fell on their swords to retain their honour in death. Sad,very, but a soldier’s death as befitted Bill.

  46. I don’t get it – the entire series (for hbo anyway) was always around Bill & Sookie somehow – why did Eric and Pam live on and Not Bill?

  47. You would not do in this situation, you have to muster a lot of courage. That the chapter will miss fabulous.

  48. Shad thank you for doing such a great job on the Bill Chronicles  and inviting our comments on Bill each week.  It saddens me this is the last one.  I’m struggling withwriting this one.  I’ve written very little on this episode because I’ve been so devastated.Bear with me now as I unload my heavy heart. 
    I finally got my wish to see Bill and Andy acknowledge their kinship though it was too brief. I love when they chat and Andy calls him Vampire Bill and Bill cracks a barely discernible smile.I think Bill finds it humorous that Andy always adds Vampire when he addresses him. I know I do. 
    The wedding did seem rather quick but Jess being the loving progeny wanted to assure Bill she would not be alone . While it may seem presumptuous I don’t think Bill meant to be.. Bill’s efforts to ensure both Jessica and Sookie are going to be okay after his demise hark back to him being a southern gentleman  looking after his women folk and perhaps his feeling more human. That trait  also endeared him to us. Remember him asking to call on Sookie and asking Gran if he could take Sookie for a walk?  A southern gentleman of his era right to the end. I loved Bill on the printed  page before True Blood came to be thenStephen Moyer  played Bill so magnificently it only made me love Bill  more. I am disappointed,  so heartbroken and in mourning for my beautiful Bill but now the anger stage of grief is creeping in.Correct me if I am wrong but  wasn’t the crux of the series to show how the differences, prejudices  and obstacles that set people apart can be overcome?  Then for 7 years we were spoon fed and we willingly consumed a love story that makes all others pale by comparison. Sure we’ve had dramatic misdirection as any good drama will have but it always drifted back to the heart and soul of the show, Bill and Sookie’s indestructible  love for each other.  We all know Bill did not embrace being a vampire, He always put Sookie ahead of his own well being but having prevailed all the trials and tribulations a vampire can have thrown at him, Bill decides he needs to die and Sookie to be his executioner? NO  Bill would never traumatize her that way after having shielded her countless times.  How could she recover from doing that to the love of her life?  IMO it boiled down to shock value and unimaginative sloppy writing. I am calling it bs.  It’s shameful to give Bill such an undignified nonsensical ending especially after Stephen has honed that character to perfection for 7 years and the lead actor. I am insulted and offended as a fan and for Stephen.  Bill, Stephen and we the fans deserved better.There was absolutely no reason for Bill to die, let alone in yet another puddle of bloody goo in case we missed it the first time. And who wants a life that is predicated on someone you really love dying.? All you’d be left with is sorrow and guilt if you any had heart / conscience whatsoever.. Shad  it baffled me as well why Sookie didn’t  tell Bill about the  “miraculous development” of hearing his thoughts. What?  That coupled with his feeling more human indicates a transformation of some sort was happening to him .Had he known that he it may have given him pause to rethink dying. Nora was warm so I think that was the virus but maybe not.  Bill always had more humanity than all other vampires and many humans. After all the bizarre magical mystical mythical things that happened they thought it was too much of a stretch to have Bill return to human. WTF?  Really? No character deserved a HEA more than Bill.  I will neither forget or forgive what they did to Bill. So they kill him and then we see the Thanksgiving gathering which rang hollow for me because Bill was missing and most of the guest around that table would not have been alive had Bill not intervened at one time or another. Also by my count there were 3 or 4 human / vampire couples at the table and Willa but apparently no place for Bill.  It would  have been a nice gesture  to show Sookie and Jessica placing flowers on his grave before joining the group as a show of love and remembrance.. For those of us that love Bill it would have shown he wasn’t forgotten and neither were we. I will love Bill forever and day.♥♥♥   Rest well my Beloved Bill  ♥♥♥
    * I want to stress my dissatisfaction with the finale is in no way is a negative reflection on the brilliant actors. ** I know a lot people wondered but I have no zero interest in Sookie’s baby daddy  because  it doesn’t matter.  He will reside in Bill’s shadow.

  49. Willkill4Bill I totally agree with you. this ending was BS and sloppy writing done just for shock value. I am so over the stupidity of “shock value” and especially at the finale`. The community dinner at the end was such an insult that it was deliberate for none of them to even think or say anything about Bill. no flowers on his grave, no mention of anyone mourning him, stupid ending. BB says we are not “writer’s” so our opinions are of no matter to him. Well, see where his career goes from here… nowhere i bet. BB was absolutely the worst writer on this show.

  50. Willkill4Bill  Well said, WK.  At the Thanksgiving celebration Arlene and Keith, Lafayette and James, Hoyt and Jessica were there celebrating the day … human-vampire couples who still enjoyed their togetherness in this post script vignette.  And this solution couldn’t have worked for Sookie and Bill?  Bill gets to be the sacrifice.  It can be said that he got his wish, to rejoin his human family.  But I think Bill was short changed.  His death was horrific.  If death had to happen, it could have been done in a gentler way, easing the pain for all involved … Bill, Sookie and us fans.  A remembrance of Bill, a visit by Sookie or Jessica, flowers on his grave, would have been a sweet touch, letting everyone know and see he was not forgotten.

  51. Janice Rhymer I said the same thing why did Eric n Pam live n Our beautiful n. Loving Bill die that pissed me off Buckner screwed us over with a crappy finale sookie was so selfish

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