Bill Chronicles Episode 7.09 – Love Is To Die


Despite the fierce objections of Sookie and Jessica Bill remains steadfast in his decision that he does not want the antidote. He can’t explain why, but knows that he accepts his fate. Can you still call it “fate” when the cure is standing right in front of you? Sookie is right calling it a choice; a choice that she and Jessica will have to live with after Bill’s gone. Despite Sookie’s efforts to beat some sense into him Bill still chooses true death.

Jessica makes the dramatic decision to ask Bill to release her. We have seen so many beautiful scenes between maker and his progeny, but this emotional event cut straight through the heart and it was topped off with a final stagger as Bill leaves the dungeon.


Back at the Compton Mansion Eric pays Bill a visit to advocate on behalf of Sookie. Bill explains that he is doing it all for Sookie, it is what she needs. She won’t be able to love anyone else as long as Bill is alive.

“It is her light that pulls us in. Just as she is pulled to our darkness.”

Eric listens in silence. And seems to understand what Bill is talking about.

Even after all the hurt that Bill has caused her, Sookie always returns to him, like a moth to a flame. She can’t let go and Bill wants to set her free. He asks Eric to play “marriage counselor” and talk Sookie into receiving him that evening. Eric is the only other person who could possibly understand how Bill feels and what he is going through. This talk took their bromance and friendship to the next level; I don’t remember them ever having such a heart to heart before.

Eric convinces Sookie to talk to Bill. In that conversation I was surprised to hear that Sookie didn’t think that Eric cared about Bill. I thought she would have understood that by now.



Bill staggers across the graveyard to go call on Sookie. He stops at the graves of his wife Caroline and his children Thomas and Sarah. He walks up to the house where Sookie is nervously awaiting him. He knocks on the door and…..

And only one more episode to go.

Next week I will write the last Bill Chronicles. What will happen to Bill? Will he live? Will he die?


  1. Sookie will somehow give him his humanity with the last dose of her fairy power. He will turn human. That is my prediction.

  2. They need an HEA. That’s the only way I can see it happening. Plus, I think there was more to what Niall was saying, ‘magic in the ordinary.’

  3. Beautifully written, Shad.  This was a heart-wrenching episode for us Bill fans.  I can understand to a certain extent why he refused to take the cure and is ready for the true death.  He wants to free Sookie.  He is convinced she cannot move on with her life until he is gone from the planet.  As long as he lives she will be drawn to him.  He obviously believes there is no future for them should he be cured.  But what about Sookie’s and Jessica’s pain.  They will have to face a future without him.  Bill’s resolve tore at the heart strings.  To add to that pain was Jessica’s request to be released.  Bill acquiesced.  I had tears in my eyes watching Jessica as the enormity of this decision hit her.  .It was done and Bill departed, staggering as he left Fangtasia’s basement.  The scene between Bill and Eric was touching.  Bill asked Eric, newly cured of Hep-V, to request an appointment with Sookie on his (Bill’s} behalf.  Eric understood Bill’s position once it was explained to him, and agreed to talk to Sookie, which he did.  At the conclusion of the episode Bill raises his hand to knock on Sookie’s door, prepared to explain to her his reasons for refusing the cure.  And Sookie, thanks to Eric’s paving the way, is now prepared to listen.  Wonderful scene between Eric and Bill, probably my favorite of the episode.

    And what will the finale bring.  I’m hoping for a miracle in the form of a cure for Bill.

  4. I just can’t believe that the end is almost hear I cry every time I watch it knowing is one less episode now we r down to the final one theirs coming weekend I’m going to cry like a baby

  5. Haveant watched last weeks yet . Going ro watch it with the last one. Always wanted sookie with bill but am leaning towards eric. Maybe bill will become human and sookie will get turned

  6. It wasn’t the first time he released Jessica. The first time was in season 3. But it was still so sad. I’m going to miss you Stephen .

  7. I agree with Row, beautifully written, Shad. this one was so full of emotion on so many levels. This is the culmination of the seven year love story and it is surely bringing out all the angst and emotion it could possibly wring from us. I was touched too by the scene between Eric and Bill, I loved when Sookie told Eric thank you for the view of Bon Temps from above and Jessica’s pain and then the reasons for Bill believing he is still protecting Sookie by choosing true death….found only on the deepest levels of love.

  8. Bill and Sookie will die together and Eric will turn Sookie Vampire. Idk …. Who cares….I just wish it wouldn’t end.

  9. Bill tried to release her then, but Jessica wasn’t having any of it.  So, if the progeny doesn’t agree, I guess it doesn’t take.

  10. I agree this was beautifully written Shad. 

    Eric showed real compassion for Bill and Sookie. He knows they belong together. 
    Then there is Jessica, still in need of her maker’s guidance and love.. I wept when Jessica was released . You know it shattered them both.  
    Bill’s determination to martyr himself for Sookie both pulls at my heartstrings and frustrates me to no end.. Bill is of the mindset that this is the best course of action to ensure her chance of the life he thinks she deserves and wants.and to atone for his transgressions.  I think he has more than atoned and .Sookie is capable of deciding her own future. He doesn’t have to die. Wake up Bill, Sookie isn’t that wide eyed girl you first met. She is drawn to you in part because of what you are and because you are as you once said “clearly something more.”   She will never have nor do I think she wants that picturesque life you envision she wants because she will never be happy without you.You are in her blood and heart for all time. 

    Sookie is in danger.  I’m hoping if nothing else that will be the catalyst Bill needs to take the cure and snap out of this fatalistic mindset. Maybe Eric is right the virus attacks the spirit as well the body.
    After all the hurdles they have overcome  their love couldn’t be destroyed. All of that has been for naught if they aren’t together in the end. There is absolutely no reason for Bill to die,
    If he dies I will be  totally gutted.

  11. This episode was so touching and heart wrenching.  I just can’t believe they would have Bill die and Sookie just be left alone.  I think Eric really got what Bill was saying about Bill and Eric only being able to give Sookie darkness, so I don’t think Eric would try to get Sookie for himself.  Even if Eric did have designs on getting with Sookie after Bill is gone, there is no time left in the series for that to happen.  Sookie would need time to mourn Bill before even thinking about being with someone else.  That gives me hope that Bill won’t die, but I don’t know how they’re going to do it.  Maybe Sookie’s light kills the vampire, but not the person? Are vampires are drawn to faeries because they can save them?  Maybe Bill agrees to drink the cure in order to save Sookie?  If the Yacuzza (sp?) are coming for Sookie, why are Bill and Sookie in the graveyard?  I can’t predict how it will end, but I can’t imagine they will really kill Bill.

  12. Another thing is that if Bill dies, how is Sookie safe from all the other vampires out there?  Won’t she still be drawn to the darkness, even if it isn’t with Eric?  A lot of bad stuff could still happen to Sookie, and Bill would not be there to protect her.  Think about it Bill!!!!

  13. It was heartbreaking to see Bill release Jess.  I wish she had not done that to him.  I was also glad Eric was able to stop that third slap that Sookie as about to lay on Bill.  That man is suffering enough.  

    Bill is being Bill.  Trying to protect her like he swore he always would. He said he would do anything to protect her, and he is proving that now.  He believes with all his heart that this is the right thing to do by Sookie.  He is right that she will never let go.  She always chases him.  He has enough strength to let her go because his love for her is so profound and selfless.  

    It was wonderful to see the man to man talk between Eric and Bill.  Stephen and Alex have so much chemistry and Eric clearly showed he understood and cares for Bill.  I’m so glad Eric was able to convince Sookie to let Bill call on her that evening. 

    I hope Bill will take the cure, but I do not think that is going to happen.  

    Thanks, Shad, for the recap.

  14. I also agree with this and before coming here posted this on The Vault’s Random Thoughts. Why is Bill sacrificing himself when there are still a million vampires left who will be drawn to Sookies light and she to their blood? IK she always comes back to him.

  15. Shad thank you for the Bill Chronicles which are so well expressed and for the opportunity to express our views on our favorite vampire Bill and now his fate in the penultimate episode of TB.
    Though this is the Bill Chronicles I cling to what Eric said in the episode that he’s being a marriage/relationship counselor to Bill and Sookie which is odd for him; bless him for all he’s done for the two individually and separately. This is giving me a bit of hope that they are a couple and they will be together somehow in the end. Bill and Sookie have alway been my ‘Jane Eyre’ couple and somehow Bill/Mr. Rochester will survive (I hope).
    The love Bill has for Sookie is so heartfelt and his want of self sacrificing is noble but think long Bill and know Sookie will succumb too easily to another charming vampire and your chivalrous deed will have been in vain.
    I am trying not to be too harsh on Sookie but as Bill stated the light/blood attraction is too strong.
    I am happily looking forward to the resolution to the seven year saga of my favorite vampire Bill Compton and his lady love Sookie. I am hopeful it will be a happy one. It will be profoundly sad this will be the true end of a remarkable series that has brought me so much joy. Until Sunday.

  16. I’ve watched the scene with Jessica being released several times now and I cry every time. Wonderful performances by Stephen and Deborah.

  17. I will really miss the Bill and Jessica relationship, they are so good in every scene they have together.  Seeing Bill release Jessica reminds me of when he first turned her.  It was so funny how he had no clue how to control her.  Look how far they have come.  Uh, oh, I think I might cry again!
    Another reason I have hope for Bill is just that it’s a terrible way to end the series.  It will make so many people mad.  I don’t like love stories that end with somebody dying.  Those are movies I never want to watch again, even if they are really good movies.  I would think it may dampen the enthusiasm for buying Season 7, knowing that Bill dies, but maybe it’s just me.

  18. I was so shocked when Sookie slapped Bill.  Never expected that.  You could feel those two slaps and Sookie’s anger right through the tv screen.  Bill looked so sad.  God, they are so good together, I can’t believe we won’t be seeing this show again after Sunday.  I am dying to know what happens, but I’m dreading it so much, I’m afraid to watch it.

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