Bill Chronicles Episode 7.08 – Almost Home


The thing that probably hurt Sookie the most was learning that meeting Bill was not a coincidence. At the time Bill worked as a procurer for Queen Sophie-Anne and checking out Sookie was just another job for him. This huge revelation with all its consequences has continued to bother Sookie and reluctantly she brings up the issue while they lie post-coitus on the couch. If she doesn’t ask about it now, she might never know. Bill tells her that it was Sophie-Anne’s intention to breed Sookie for little faery babies.

“We all want what we can’t have. And if we’re denied it for long enough, we lose our way.”

Could it be that with this remark Bill is not only referring to crazy Queen Sophie-Anne, but also to himself? He so desperately wants his human heart back, but every time he came close it slipped through his fingers, until he finally had to accept the fact that it was truly lost to him.

“From the very first moment that we met, you reminded me of what it felt like to have my human heart. The problem was… it was only a memory. All I had was darkness to give you in return.”

“I couldn’t escape my past no matter how much you made me want to or made me believe that I could. I thought that if I could protect you, it would erase all the things that I’d seen and done. I was such a fool.”

It was beautiful and heartbreaking to watch Sookie and Bill in this scene. Bill once again consumed by his pain and Sookie who assures him that she loved him like she had never felt before.

It was touching to see how the news of Bill’s illness affected Eric. He came looking for Sookie to tell her that he was going to be ok and because of the blood they shared in the past, he knew to come knocking on Bill’s door to find her. The problem is that Mr. Gus Jr. is not likely to want to hand out free samples of his New Blood and it will not be a simple task for Eric to get the cure for Bill. Sookie at this point is willing to do anything to save Bill, even facing a bunch of very dangerous looking Yakuza.



While Sookie is making preparations to bring him to Fangtasia so he can drink Sarah’s blood, Bill is having a very dark dream. In his dream he sees Sookie in her house, rocking a baby and softly humming a nursery rhyme. The makeup department went light on Bill’s powder for this scene and he looks more human than ever, even his freckles show. Bill looks over Sookie’s shoulder to admire the baby and discovers to his horror that she is holding a blanket filled with darkness.

Sookie and Jessica bring a very weak Bill through the tunnel to the dungeon of Fangtasia. Pam is shocked to see how sick Bill really is. She might not have thought much of him in the beginning, but even though she will never admit to it, she has grown an itsy bitsy fond of him.

To everybody’s surprise Bill announces that he doesn’t want the blood.




Everything that happened so far this season with our beloved Bill has led up to the tragic moment where he refuses to drink the cure and decides that he doesn’t want to continue living his undead life.

Bill turns around to Sookie when he says he doesn’t want the blood implying that his decision is related to her. I understand that he feels that he has never and will never be able to give her what she deserves, but I can’t believe that he would choose death only in order to set Sookie free. I think the continuous yearning for his humanity might have become too much for him to bear. He wants back what he has lost when he was turned and he will never ever be able to retrieve that.

But wouldn’t it be an act of humanity to save Sookie from the pain of losing him? And what about Jessica? Bill is her maker, her father, her friend and her only family and without him she will be alone in this world.

Either Jessica or Sookie should take cue from Pam and put a gun to her heart in order to force Bill to drink and free his body of the Hep-V infection.

If…. and that’s a very big IF, the cure works on Bill. He is suffering from a mutated strand of the virus and it wouldn’t surprise me if the antidote doesn’t work for him.

I predicted during season 6 that drinking Lilith’s blood would turn Bill human somehow. It didn’t happen then. I can’t shake the idea however that it would make Bill’s storyline come to a full circle.


  1. There are still 2 episodes left and I honestly think there is a valid reason for his not drinking her blood…remember Sookie offering Jessica a drink before we knew she was a Hep-V carrier???? There is another cure for Bill…no idea what it is but he and Sookie are not done yet….their love is too strong to have endured 6 seasons and then end this way.

  2. I missed that parallel about QSA as it relates to Bill.  Thank you for pointing that out.  This is a very complicated decision he is making with many implications.  I want him to drink the cure and forgive himself.

  3. That made me sad that he will not drink her blood. I still feel that sookie and eric should be together. But I dont want bill to die

  4. The main reason I don’t want him to die is because of the undeniable, unearthly connection Sookie and him have. Though I personally like Eric better, and in the books Sookie ends up with Sam (like wtf right?), Bill and Sookie have this connection that even in the first episode of season 1 we could all see. When Eric betrayed her slightly she wasnt that upset, and even when others did she wasnt that upset, but when Bill did we could see her lose pieces of herself. Them being together again would be the only way in my opinion this show could end for me. If she ends up with anyone else, in my eyes, they will only be a rebound man.

  5. Agree with all you’ve said Shad.  I too think that Bill will somehow be saved, not sure how or in what form, but I can’t think that they’d let him die now after all these episodes and after finding Sookie again; just seems that it would be so cruel of the writers to do that to us.  Can’t wait to find out, but also sad to know because that will mean the end of True Blood for good. So sad.

  6. I have the dread feeling that Bill is going to die. I can accept that he and Sookie are not going to live happily ever after, although I would love that. They gave us some sweet resolution between them and I’m afraid that’s all we’re going to get. I really think Bill has made peace with the idea that he’s lived long enough–too long, he probably thinks. It will be very painful to see him go. (I will be very glad if I’m proven wrong.)

  7. Nicely done, Shad.  The Bill-Sookie scene in bed was loving and tender.  I’m glad Sookie asked about Sophie-Anne, and got her answer.  So sad that Bill believes his human heart is lost to him forever, and that all he can bring to their relationship is darkness.  Sookie vehemently denied that, saying he brought love into her life.  His chief motivation now seems to be her protection.  I was heartbroken that he refused the cure.  Does he believe that he has lived long enough, that it is time to let go, and that his death will somehow keep Sookie safe?  What about Jessica who loves him?  He is her maker, her father.  Can he let her go so easily?

    I believe Eric was concerned for Bill when he learned that he (Bill) has Hep-V and that it is advancing rapidly.  Gus Jr. admonished Eric not to do anything stupid while he was in Dallas.  Eric disregarded that and somehow slipped the men who were supposedly watching him to get to the basement and Sarah Newlin.  His plan was to disregard Gus’s instructions and get the cure to Bill.  So we are left with Pam and Eric meeting Bill, Sookie and Jessica in the Fangtasia basement.  Sarah Newlin is on reluctant offer to Bill.  To the astonishment of all, he refuses to drink her blood.  

    I believe that Bill will somehow be cured; it may not be through Sarah’s blood, but a way will be found.

  8. I can see how he’s feel that way. But heck.. He’s done the undead thing all this time, why not just change Sookie, and Jason ? Bill,Sookie,Jess, and Jason could be one little happy nest.

  9. Oh Nooo!! Seriously?? So.. He’s probably going to die. Was really hoping he would think about Jess and Sookie and change his mind.

  10. I no. It’s bad enough that it’s the last ever series but to kill him of is just the nail in the coffin. Lol. It wouldn’t surprise me if he did die. Look at all the other characters they killed off. U0001f62d

  11. I just started reading the books. They haven’t followed the books in regards to other characters… Like, Lafayette (thank goodness) or Tara. Heck! Tara and Lafayette aren’t related, nor the same race, in the books. Hoping they stay that course and not following the books regarding Sookie and Sam’s ending

  12. They can’t end the whole thing with Bill dying! That will be too sad. They can’t kill him off! I throw the TV out if they do. I have been on his side since day one!

  13. Loved your thoughts on this Shad, I agree that Eric and, yes, even Pam were thrown by Bill’s sickness and concerned about him.

    And YES….it has been bothering me that Bill would make this decision and not consider Jessica’s pain and fear of losing him. I mean, yes I feel for Sookie’s pain too but Jessica is like his daughter. And I feel like it’s selfish of him to decide he wants to be dead and not put Jess first. He always puts others first. And I understand he thinks he’s saving Sookie once again by doing this but ultimately he’s being selfish doing this.

    Anyway….hopefully in the end everything will turn out well. I hope.

  14. If they kill bill: the whole True Blood thing would have been a waste of time for me. Sookie does not look good with Eric which is who they show flying off with her at the end I freeze framed it. I never liked Sookie with Eric he’s too tall and they did not look well making love together however Bill and Sookie rocked it especially when he came out of a grave to grab her let alone their first time when he took her virginity wow. Please don’t kill bill: HBO please thank you.

  15. is Pam going to die, on the preview i see her chain up… WTF she cant die she is best– and Bill cant die either…

  16. I would b destroyed if Bill were to die. I believe he would have taken blood from someone else other than this skank. I guess he’s thinking after all her organization has done to try and kill off the vamps, he would rather die on his own terms than take her blood, even if it’s a cure for his Hep V.

  17. Excellent Bill Chronicles, Shad. you really got every point and when you said: 

    “I predicted during season 6 that drinking Lilith’s blood would turn Bill
    human somehow. It didn’t happen then. I can’t shake the idea however
    that it would make Bill’s storyline come to a full circle.”
    I agree with you, I think there is another way for him to “come full circle” as we have been told this season will be. I am hoping he becomes human. Perhaps with Sookie’s help.

  18. This has been my favorite show I only have HBO when true blood is on ! this pisses me off that it’s going off oh well .something else will turn that in its place but just not the leftovers yuck

  19. maycomb booboobear5000 if she uses her Fae ball of vampire killing light on him she may turn him human and herself be “no longer Fae”. perhaps Niall knew this and spoke in riddles so she would have to be extremely motivated to figure it out. he may ask her to do it so he does not become like the “rabid” Hep V vampires. we are very short on time tho so it has to happen before the last five minutes of the last episode. then we can imagine it from there!

  20. Wow Shad this is a powerful recap, I share some of the same thoughts.  
    I agree Eric and Pam were very concerned for Bill. 
    Bill and Sookie’s long overdue talk at long last wipes the slate clean.Now it seems Bill can’t forgive himself. I know it sometimes ruffles feathers when I say this but Sookie needs to polish her Karma as well. I was very pleased she told Bill she felt a love she never thought existed. 
    I am just tired of Bill being the only one ever held accountable for any and everything. 

    We were told Bill’s many flashbacks/dreams were to help him to remember his true self after being Bilith. I never believed that Bill totally disappeared within that entity. As I’ve mentioned before I am willing and happy to watch Bill do anything but all his dreams and flashbacks of his family and human life have worried me, he may want to join them in the afterlife. Or are they just to drive home all he has lost and he simply can’t see how much of his humanity he has regained. 
    In Jessica’s blog with Bill which is heart wrenching btw he told her his wife told him his stubborn hard headed nature was his greatest weakness and she thought it would kill him. 
    I think she was right because his inability to forgive himself and recognize he is the most human of Vampires may be behind his refusal to take the cure. He also said “It’s our flaws that make us worthy of love”. I hope Jessica reminds him of that. 
    I am so worried Bill has in mind to make the ultimate sacrifice thinking that is his way to atone and free Sookie for a normal life which of course is the last thing she wants.I feel Bill has more than atoned for his sins and deeds he regrets. I think Sookie needs to  be the one to make a sacrifice to save Bill by using her Fae power in some way even if means she will no longer be Fae. Bill simply must live.
    Looks like they are going to ring the last drop of emotions from us. My anxiety meter is on overload.

  21. True to the end! Drink the bitch bill, have never missed an episode, dont kill bill off please, it would be a crappie ending to my favorite series!!!

  22. I dont want bill to die.he and sookie must end up together.eric is too good for her and he deserves better than sookie.but i like sookie and bill together

  23. I think he doesn’t want to be haunted by his past anymore.. Bill actually live by his past… He doesn’t want to move on.. I think that’s the reason why he keeps on dreaming of his past.. He has a lot of regrets..

  24. BILL mejor es q te tomes esa cura y t quedes con Zookie…. BILL you better drink that cure and stay with Zookie…

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