Bill Chronicles Episode 7.08 – Almost Home


The thing that probably hurt Sookie the most was learning that meeting Bill was not a coincidence. At the time Bill worked as a procurer for Queen Sophie-Anne and checking out Sookie was just another job for him. This huge revelation with all its consequences has continued to bother Sookie and reluctantly she brings up the issue while they lie post-coitus on the couch. If she doesn’t ask about it now, she might never know. Bill tells her that it was Sophie-Anne’s intention to breed Sookie for little faery babies.

“We all want what we can’t have. And if we’re denied it for long enough, we lose our way.”

Could it be that with this remark Bill is not only referring to crazy Queen Sophie-Anne, but also to himself? He so desperately wants his human heart back, but every time he came close it slipped through his fingers, until he finally had to accept the fact that it was truly lost to him.

“From the very first moment that we met, you reminded me of what it felt like to have my human heart. The problem was… it was only a memory. All I had was darkness to give you in return.”

“I couldn’t escape my past no matter how much you made me want to or made me believe that I could. I thought that if I could protect you, it would erase all the things that I’d seen and done. I was such a fool.”

It was beautiful and heartbreaking to watch Sookie and Bill in this scene. Bill once again consumed by his pain and Sookie who assures him that she loved him like she had never felt before.

It was touching to see how the news of Bill’s illness affected Eric. He came looking for Sookie to tell her that he was going to be ok and because of the blood they shared in the past, he knew to come knocking on Bill’s door to find her. The problem is that Mr. Gus Jr. is not likely to want to hand out free samples of his New Blood and it will not be a simple task for Eric to get the cure for Bill. Sookie at this point is willing to do anything to save Bill, even facing a bunch of very dangerous looking Yakuza.



While Sookie is making preparations to bring him to Fangtasia so he can drink Sarah’s blood, Bill is having a very dark dream. In his dream he sees Sookie in her house, rocking a baby and softly humming a nursery rhyme. The makeup department went light on Bill’s powder for this scene and he looks more human than ever, even his freckles show. Bill looks over Sookie’s shoulder to admire the baby and discovers to his horror that she is holding a blanket filled with darkness.

Sookie and Jessica bring a very weak Bill through the tunnel to the dungeon of Fangtasia. Pam is shocked to see how sick Bill really is. She might not have thought much of him in the beginning, but even though she will never admit to it, she has grown an itsy bitsy fond of him.

To everybody’s surprise Bill announces that he doesn’t want the blood.




Everything that happened so far this season with our beloved Bill has led up to the tragic moment where he refuses to drink the cure and decides that he doesn’t want to continue living his undead life.

Bill turns around to Sookie when he says he doesn’t want the blood implying that his decision is related to her. I understand that he feels that he has never and will never be able to give her what she deserves, but I can’t believe that he would choose death only in order to set Sookie free. I think the continuous yearning for his humanity might have become too much for him to bear. He wants back what he has lost when he was turned and he will never ever be able to retrieve that.

But wouldn’t it be an act of humanity to save Sookie from the pain of losing him? And what about Jessica? Bill is her maker, her father, her friend and her only family and without him she will be alone in this world.

Either Jessica or Sookie should take cue from Pam and put a gun to her heart in order to force Bill to drink and free his body of the Hep-V infection.

If…. and that’s a very big IF, the cure works on Bill. He is suffering from a mutated strand of the virus and it wouldn’t surprise me if the antidote doesn’t work for him.

I predicted during season 6 that drinking Lilith’s blood would turn Bill human somehow. It didn’t happen then. I can’t shake the idea however that it would make Bill’s storyline come to a full circle.

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