Bill Chronicles Episode 7.07 – May Be The Last Time

Bill Chronicles Episode 7.07 – May Be The Last Time


How much more of this can we take? Bill is putting up a brave front, but Billsbabes all over the world are slowly falling apart having to witness Bill get sicker and sicker. Jessica and Sookie are having a hard time coping with it as well. They hang out with him at the mansion when suddenly they see the veins in his neck blacken. Sookie may refuse to accept that there is no cure, but Bill seems to have resigned himself to the fact that his death is imminent.


Bill has been so important in Jessica’s vampire life and the poor thing is grief-stricken by the thought of losing her beloved maker. She climbs into bed next to Bill and watches him sleep, wanting to spend every last moment with him.


Bill’s dream takes us back to Bon Temps in 1855, when Bill was a young man eager to travel and a firm believer in marriage for love. His father thinks otherwise however and urges him to marry the new neighbor’s daughter Caroline Shelby to ensure the future of the family.

Bill met Caroline at a garden party and they hit it off right from the start. And although it was an arranged marriage, they did marry for love anyway. I must say they made a lovely couple.


His dreams however are rudely disturbed by the arrival of Dr. Ludwig, who was called over by Sookie. The little doctor assumes that Bill and Sookie are still a couple and she questions if Sookie knows that they are no longer lovers. I am not surprised by the assumption of Dr. Ludwig because the 2 of them could easily be mistaken for a couple with the looks that pass between them and their unspoken communication. Unfortunately the doctor is unable to help him and runs off as soon as she hears that Sookie is related to Niall.


After Dr. Ludwig Sookie calls upon her great-grandfather Niall to help her cure Bill. Niall makes it clear that he doesn’t like Bill for her, but when Sookie begs him to use his magic for her he says he’ll try. Unfortunately Niall doesn’t have a magic trick up his sleeve to cure his ill, but he does show her the birth of Bill and Caroline’s first child. Niall tells her that there is magic in the ordinary and in the things we can see.


The story of Bill and Sookie comes to a full circle when, just like in season 1, Sookie runs dressed in white across the cemetery to meet Bill.

When Bill opens the door he is surprised to see Sookie. She promises him that she will not leave him and will stay with him till the very end. The surprises continue when she wraps her arms around him and kisses him.

Theirs is the lovemaking of 2 people who have a very deep connection and a long history together. Bill was already well on his way to redeem himself for the hurt he caused Sookie and now that he is dying, infected by her blood, she throws any animosity that she might still have overboard to be with the love of her life again. In each other’s arms they find the love, comfort and consolidation they both so desperately need.


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