Bill Chronicles Episode 7.07 – May Be The Last Time

Bill Chronicles Episode 7.07 – May Be The Last Time


How much more of this can we take? Bill is putting up a brave front, but Billsbabes all over the world are slowly falling apart having to witness Bill get sicker and sicker. Jessica and Sookie are having a hard time coping with it as well. They hang out with him at the mansion when suddenly they see the veins in his neck blacken. Sookie may refuse to accept that there is no cure, but Bill seems to have resigned himself to the fact that his death is imminent.


Bill has been so important in Jessica’s vampire life and the poor thing is grief-stricken by the thought of losing her beloved maker. She climbs into bed next to Bill and watches him sleep, wanting to spend every last moment with him.


Bill’s dream takes us back to Bon Temps in 1855, when Bill was a young man eager to travel and a firm believer in marriage for love. His father thinks otherwise however and urges him to marry the new neighbor’s daughter Caroline Shelby to ensure the future of the family.

Bill met Caroline at a garden party and they hit it off right from the start. And although it was an arranged marriage, they did marry for love anyway. I must say they made a lovely couple.


His dreams however are rudely disturbed by the arrival of Dr. Ludwig, who was called over by Sookie. The little doctor assumes that Bill and Sookie are still a couple and she questions if Sookie knows that they are no longer lovers. I am not surprised by the assumption of Dr. Ludwig because the 2 of them could easily be mistaken for a couple with the looks that pass between them and their unspoken communication. Unfortunately the doctor is unable to help him and runs off as soon as she hears that Sookie is related to Niall.


After Dr. Ludwig Sookie calls upon her great-grandfather Niall to help her cure Bill. Niall makes it clear that he doesn’t like Bill for her, but when Sookie begs him to use his magic for her he says he’ll try. Unfortunately Niall doesn’t have a magic trick up his sleeve to cure his ill, but he does show her the birth of Bill and Caroline’s first child. Niall tells her that there is magic in the ordinary and in the things we can see.


The story of Bill and Sookie comes to a full circle when, just like in season 1, Sookie runs dressed in white across the cemetery to meet Bill.

When Bill opens the door he is surprised to see Sookie. She promises him that she will not leave him and will stay with him till the very end. The surprises continue when she wraps her arms around him and kisses him.

Theirs is the lovemaking of 2 people who have a very deep connection and a long history together. Bill was already well on his way to redeem himself for the hurt he caused Sookie and now that he is dying, infected by her blood, she throws any animosity that she might still have overboard to be with the love of her life again. In each other’s arms they find the love, comfort and consolidation they both so desperately need.



  1. This is how it should end with her and bill, pluse you can tell their love as a real couple the way they do it

  2. They love each other and have always been there for each other U0001f60dU0001f48bU0001f44cU0001f495U0001f491

  3. Sookie she’s less nervous after all of them she’s been through.Glad to see it revolve back around to them.Just don’t want the show to end :(

  4. Was I happy to see this happen? You bet I was! It is wonderful to see them together as lovers and know that they both forgive one another for any past/present indiscretions. She never loved anyone like she loves Bill. Period. Sookie running across the cemetery to Bill’s mansion gave me chills. Go Sookie!

  5. Hope they get together and someone saves Bill and Eric. True blood wouldn’t be same without either.

  6. Jessica is heartbroken at Bill’s imminent death.  She was so sweet with him, wanting to spend every minute in his company.  Her lying down beside him was a loving tribute to how much she cares for him.  Sookie is devastated as well, but determined to find a miracle for Bill.  Dr. Ludwig didn’t provide it (so good to see her back), and immediately left when she learned that Sookie was related to Niall.  Niall had some advice for his granddaughter many, many times removed.  Maybe his plain speech that miracles can be found in the ordinary events and feelings of life will bear fruit for Sookie.  We’ll have to wait and see.  I loved, loved Sookie’s run across the cemetery in her white dress, and the lovemaking scenes … so beautifully reminiscent of Season 1.  Will Bill survive?  I fervently hope so. Will he and Sookie end up together.  More fervent hopes and wishes that this will indeed be the case..

    Shad, thanks for your excellent summary and for the pictures.  I’ve devoured them!!

  7. umm because I freaking love true blood, but this season lost the plot and episodes are too slow and I prefer eric and sookie. :)

  8. this was awesome watching them make love…less the veins on our Bill..The fairy blood must make it spread faster???? So glad their time, together…her and Eric was bad assed, too…love this show. Sookies had some several hot lovers! WOW; turned me on!

  9. Terrific recap Shad.  My poor beautiful brooding vampire. Why must Bill suffer so? Lucky for Bill all his BillsBabes aren’t there hovering over him like Jessica and Sookie else he would have to go to ground to escape all the loving attention.  Jessica is woeful and so fearful of losing Bill.  They share an unconditional love.I think Bill loves her as he did his human children and we know she loves Bill more than her human father. Their scenes break my heart. I was happy to see Dr, Ludwig again. Sadly she was unable to help. She did have a great line, asking Bill if she ( Sookie ) was aware they weren’t lovers. Niall sorely disappointed me.  I was counting on him to have some magic to help Bill. I think his only objection to Bill for Sookie is that he is a vampire. I love watching Bill’s dreams of his human life and seeing Bill smile. He and Caroline were so lovely together . Did y’all catch Bill saying to her at the garden party that everyone’s eyes were on them?  Full circle to when he told Sookie  something similar in Merlottes.The minute Sookie darted out of her house in that white dress running to Bill I think we all knew she had finally truly come her senses. Their love has endured through all the efforts of others to kill it off and remains the  focal point of the show/story. Maybe Hoyt’s girl Bridget can help as she is a microbiologist. Maybe she will isolate the HepV and help find a cure in Bill’s lab. I just can’t give up hope for Bill though they give us an ounce of hope and then take it away. If love alone could cure Bill I feel confident we BBs could save him rather quickly.  Anxiously waiting for the next episode.

  10. Bill was wonderful with everyone in this episode – Jess, Caroline, Dr. Ludwig and especially Sookie. Seeing Sookie so devoted to helping Bill, and ultimately running to him and making love with him figuring they don’t have much time left… Well, it was beautiful and sad. Kudos to Steve, Anna, writers and directors.
    And kudos to you, Shad, for another great Bill-cap. :)
    Only a few more to go. :(

  11. New blood season 1 episode 1 eric and pam opening fangtasia up selling new blood.with guest appercnces by former true blood stars,

  12. Sam????? No not sam lol……i love eric lol. Doesnt look like bill will make it cuz he finished filming way before everyone else so from that they said he will die. Just have to wait and see…i cant wait for sunday….i hope violet dont kill jessica and i hope addilynn stays alive…..they said more death is coming and lots of surprises and twist……hope jessica makes it shes to sweet and caring

  13. If only they made a new blood tv series like The Oiginals from the vampire diaries show!! It be siiiicccccckkkkk! U0001f44c

  14. you all shall be missed but not forgotten…V”V…time to put our bites away….FAREWELL TRUEBLOOD!

  15. THE Way the show is going you guys at least have another 2 years u could pull out the hat.come it.none of us wants our show to end

  16. Must be nice when the love she had was once their n then jumped to another then dies On her n then goes back to her first love again.
    (NICE!!!!!!!!! :-))

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