Bill Chronicles Episode 7.05 – Lost Cause

After all the tragic events of the past days, Lafayette, James, Jackson Herveaux and his lady friend decide to throw a party at Sookie’s house to celebrate life.

Bill is the first guest to show up when Sookie is still in her dressing gown looking like she just rolled out of bed (which she did) and she is pretty annoyed by it all. Bill’s momma taught him that he should never turn up to a gathering empty handed and since he couldn’t get the requested alcohol he brought the hostess flowers. So the liquor store was closed in Bon Temps but the flower shop was still open or did Bill pick them himself?


At the party Bill keeps to himself and doesn’t mingle with the happy party people, he doesn’t have any real friends in Bon Temps and only showed up to show his support to Sookie. When the Fangtasia survivors toast to “not dying” Bill remembers when he first learned from Charles Dupont that war was imminent.

In the flashback Bill warmly greets the slave Minus on the street. Minus was already mentioned in Season 1. During his first visit to Sookie’s house he tells Tara about Minus a young and strong slave that his father owned. Clearly Minus likes Bill and was treated well by him, the same cannot be said of his current owner Mr. Dupont.

Charles Dupont addresses the town’s people in the Bodehouse saloon with a heated speech about their rights and protecting their freedom. According to Bill it is a lost cause since the South doesn’t have the amount of weapons the Yankees have and he fears the destruction of their town, lands and livelihood. Bill is labeled a Yankee sympathizer and is asked to leave the saloon. Gutsy of Bill to stand up for his opinion when it’s not shared by the majority.


Back in the present Bill saves Sookie from Violet and her speech about losing over a hundred boyfriends. In the kitchen they all toast to Alcide and Tara as well after Lettie Mae joins them.

When Andy proposes to Holly, Sookie turns to Bill and they exchange a long and meaningful look. A long time ago Bill proposed to Sookie but it did not have a happy ending. He follows her with his eyes when Sookie sneaks upstairs with Arlene.


Bill has another flashback to his Civil War time and we find out that Bill and his family tried to escape north. They were stopped by Charles Dupont who killed Minus who was with them as well. Caroline protected her beloved husband Bill with her body from getting shot by Dupont.

Sookie finds Bill standing outside the house all alone deep in thought, she also noticed that he didn’t socialize at all at the party. He points out to her that they are all pleased to see her and that she has done well. Sookie has done more for mainstreaming than he has achieved in decades. Sookie gives him a big hug and thanks him for seeing her the way she can’t see herself sometimes.


Back at the Compton Mansion Bill relaxes in the bathtub and thinks of his wife Caroline again and how he had to leave his family to fight in the Civil War. He told Caroline how he loved her from the first moment he saw her and that she was his first and only true love. He promised her to survive the war and come home to her and the children, a promise that he could not keep because Lorena turned him before he ever made it home.

Stepping out of the tub Bill discovers the vein on his chest. He too has been infected with Hep-V!




How did Bill get infected?

He hadn’t fed for quite some time before Sookie gave him her blood in episode 4 before they went to Fangtasia. Was Sookie a carrier of the Hep-V virus? Did she get infected through the open wound in her arm when she was covered in infected blood?
Hep-V is to vampires what HIV was to the gay community. Aids went from being a deadly disease to being a chronic disease and maybe the same will happen with Hep-V. I think there is some kind of cure out there and Sarah Newlin is the key. There better be! Please don’t let our beloved vampire die!

I am not really sure what the meaning was of the Civil War flashbacks of Bill. What made him think of that period of his life? Was it an omen that yet again Bill’s life as he knows it will come to an end?


  1. I think sukki infected him we hep v he feed from her after thry killed all them hep v vampires she was covered in it

  2. Re the flowers: Way back in season one, Arlene drops her kids off with Sookie and Bill while she goes out with Renee. Bill asks the kids if it would be ok if he is Sookie’s boyfriend. They ask if he brings her flowers when he comes to call. Bill says he hasn’t yet. The kids say he can be her boyfriend, but he has to bring her flowers. I think he remembered this and brought them as a romantic gesture.

  3. thank you so much for the fucking spoiler(!) im from uk so on ep 3. please dont put any spoilers on your page please

  4. When she cut her arm and then got covered in dead hep v vamp it didn’t go in her eyes or mouth but they all forgot about the cut on her arm she then let bill feed from her

  5. Look at my comment we have already seen her get infected with hep v in the uk it was only a matter of time before something happens between them

  6. I think she will save bill and he will save her by making her a vamp . If they all die this show will be forgotten just as lost has been

  7. Interesting… Hadn’t figured Jason into the Cure Equation. I had considered Sarah having knowledge of a cure. If she does, that will be the only thing that keeps her alive (temporarily)

  8. Sookie got HepV blood in her eyes when the HepV vamps all got shot right before Alcide died. She said so as she was ushered to the creek by Violet to wash it off. in the next episode the scene where she tells Bill ‘Its just lunch’ and feeds him she infects him.

  9. I was hoping Sookie would be the cure. Now I’m hoping Sara has the cure, and tells our fav Viking to save her ass!

  10. I think he got infected back in season 6 when he fed nora eric’s sister when she was dying of hep v its taken longer to show on bill because he had lilith’s blood in him at that time .

  11. Wow this sucks!!  I don’t want to see Bill and Eric die!!!  I am not liking the end of the show!!

  12. Not sure. Maybe she’s read the books and has insight. I’m just starting the second book in the series.

  13. During the fight at Fangtasia, Bill was covered in blood. Some of it must have got into his system :-( x

  14. Yes, there is hep v and v in the books, but season one is pretty much the first book but after that the show is independent except for some things and characters…

  15. Okay, now I can sign in.  I couldn’t earlier.  Well done as always, Shad.  I wasn’t sure what the purpose was for the Civil War flashbacks.  Were they Bill’s way of celebrating or at least acknowledging his human life.  In the midst of the party, he distances himself and remains aloof, thinking about the onset of the war, his family’s attempt to escape north, and the love he had for his wife and children.
    I loved his appearance at Sookie’s door with flowers in hand.  A gentleman always brings something to the hostess.  Since he had no liquor for the party, he chose flowers.  Did he pick them himself, as Shad suggested?  Could be.  Another meaningful moment … the look they exchanged when Andy proposed to Holly.  Sookie probably still has that engagement ring hidden away somewhere.   Their discussion outside the house was another tender scene.  Bill lauds Sookie for all she has done for mainstreaming (pointing to the party where vampires, humans and at least one shifter mingle). Sookie gives him a hug and thanks him for seeing her the
    way she can’t see herself sometimes.  Sweet!
    And then the dreadful reveal when Bill discovers he has Hep V.  That was a blow!  Surely there must be a cure. Five more episodes to see it happen.  Fingers crossed.

  16. Sookie because she was covered in the blood from the infected vampires during the fight when Alcede got killed.

  17. From Sookie feeding him of course. She sliced open her arm, and the Hep-V vamps exploded all over her, therefore making her a carrier. I saw that one coming a mile away.

  18. pls no one from -Bill and Eric dies pls…about Sookie i know she dont die because all show is mostly because of her..but pls keep Bill and Eric save too !

  19. Yea bc in early episode she’s a carrier with a not known blood type she got the hep from the vamps and then fed bill

  20. I hate Bill and always have since I first saw him on the printed page. Show Bill sucks just as much. I just know the show is going to ruin this brief moment of joy by getting Bill better but, on the bright side, that means Eric should get better too.

  21. Sookie! The ending of season 6…everyone got tested. When she asked Alcide about his test…he said it was negative! But when he asked Sookie about hers… she rushed and put it in her purse and had that funny look on her face and said she was fine. She lied! Before Alcide got killed….she gave Bill her blood to protect her. Now he’s infected because he didn’t feed off of anyone so she told him that he needed his strength to help them fight! Remember she said it’s only lunch!

  22. There is NO hep-v in the books. You obviously have not read them. The books are totally different than the show, so its useless to compare them. Sookie infected him. There is no other way he could’ve gotten it.

  23. Shad you Bill Chronicles explain a lot, thanks. This was a fangtastic episode except for Bill getting infected with HepV. No they cannot let him meet the true death and end the series that way with Bill and Eric going via virus – it would just be wrong.
    I’m trying to understand all the Bill flashbacks – is Bill truly going home to his family! Are they showing the contrast as to what a good man he was and how low he had fallen during the ups and downs of living the life of a vampire and now it’s time to hang the fangs up and go to ground for good, (IDK) just thinking out loud. Are they trying to tell us that Sookie is not the one, she is just a really good friend; Caroline is his true love and that is where he needs to go. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  24. I think bill did it on purpose because he missed his family but it’s the last season so I’m sure they will all die :'(

  25. He did have sookies blood. Because she neede him to feel her if she needed him. That was the 2nd episode when she was under the tree waiting for the hep v vamps to smell her blood. The night alcede died.

  26. Sookie wouldn’t have let Bill feed on her if she knew she was infected. I think he got it from Eric’s sister when Eric begged Bill to try and save her.

  27. i think he got infected when he drank sookies blood, she was probably not tested to see if she was a carrier because of alcide

  28. Sookie didn’t know she was infected. Think about it. She was washing the blood off to make sure none was in her eyes and mouth when Alcide got shot I doubt she even thought about her cut arm. Goddess, with all that was on her mind with Tara and now Alcide and her friends held captive, she had to be pretty much in shock. When she finds out Bill is sick because of her, it will hit her hard. But I think Sookie will somehow save Bill AND Eric.

  29. He never fed from sookie, he bit his arm and let her feed from him and and Erics sister never bit him, he bit his arm and dropped the blood into her mouth as Eric held her still. Come on guys!

  30. Everybody is saying that bill drank sookies blood! He hasn’t since like series 4!!! Sookie may very well be the carrier, but at no point in the 7th series prior to or after alcide died did bill drink sookies blood! And that is a fact, if you don’t beleive me then go and watch the shows again!

  31. Bill drank Sookies blood before the went to fight the hep v vampires and save her friends. He drank from her neck to be specific.

  32. Bill did feed from Sookie in episode 4 this season she told him it was just lunch. I think he got ot from the Hep V vamps they faught.

  33. But Than It Took 6 Months To Manifest??? Plus, He Had Lillith’s Blood In Him At The Time……I Think It Was From Sookie. She Slit Her Arm Open To Bait Hep V Vamps & Than She Was Covered In Their Blood.

  34. Sookie destroyed the man. first broke his heart and now infected him with hep V [although she has a bath in the river the virus is inside her].

  35. does sookie have the disease do you think? she was the last person he drank from and then all of sudden it started appearing on his chest. :/

  36. Carla u are a truebie. They are focusing on season one so u just nailed it. And I think it is very sweet of bill to bring them. I think he picked them. Even thoe Sookie just lost alcide I bet it did make her feel better. Wasn’t it crazy to see how big the kids have gotten. Crazy

  37. But before the cocktail vamp human mixer everyone even vampire got tested for hep v and he was negative. And after all the vamps drained him he was free off all of liliths powers. Wouldn’t James or Jessica then get infected since they fed him to save his life?? Just a though

  38. And he drank from
    Her arm before she was trying to be bait for the hep v vamps. She wanted bill to feel her fear so he could save her of she needed it. So that is twice, once before she had all the hep v blood on her and once after on her neck

  39. TB went in a totally different direction from the books. But I’d like to know if it’s true that Jason’s blood is the cure?!

  40. It bothers me that he kept flashing back to his wife and kids. It is almost like he feels death around him — even though he didn’t know yet that he was infected. It felt almost creepy, and he was clearly depressed at the party, not socializing. Sookie will save him, though. She has to. We can’t lose those two — it would be way too cruel to the fans. And I don’t think anyone would buy Season 7 when it comes out on DVD. I was a Dexter fan, and I didn’t buy the last season because they killed Deb. LOL — I just watch the others and pretend it didn’t happen. But I really couldn’t take losing Bill. I want him and Sook and Eric to all end up living. Could not handle never hearing “Sookeh!” again. LOL

  41. everyone keeps on saying sookie gave him the virus I don’t know if we will find out who gave it to him until sunday or possibly the very end if he survives

  42. Please stop saying that. He fed from her in the fourth episode. She wanted him strong before the battle so she let him feed from her. Go watch that episode again!

  43. Sookie is part fairy, she doesn’t get diseases like people. She doesn’t have a blood type. She can’t get or give the infection (I hope)!!!!!

  44. Episode 3 the infected vampire explodes on sookie.. then bill fed on her in ep. 4. The way it’s spreading I bet it’s from her crazy fairy royalty blood

  45. Super recap Shad.  
    As y’all know I find deep meaning in everything Bill does and this episode delved really deep. Even having been a vampire for well over a century and a half  Bill hasn’t forgotten his upbringing  and is a well bred gentleman his mother would be proud of.  I think Bill picked the flowers and they looked like the type of flowers he would associate with Sookie,  a simple bouquet  of  assorted sunny unpretentious flowers.  

    Bill was an observer at the party.  One would think someone would have chatted with him . The women  were obviously blind drunk not to notice him. 
    Pensive and reticent to join in  the party his thoughts drifted back to his human life.  Many  men were  like minded with Mr. DuPont but there also were  southern men like Bill who knew the war was a lost cause but went to war out of loyalty to their state and a sense of duty .  It was the worse war the US has engaged in with the largest loss of life. No wonder the war still haunts him. 
    I think Bill gives Sookie too much credit. She barely made an appearance at the mixer then simply awoke to the party organized by others. Maybe he wanted to lift her spirits. 
    The meaningful looks between Sookie and Bill  speaks e volumes of the love that is still intact but Bill seems  resigned  their relationship will  not be rekindled..  Perhaps that why  his memories  are surfacing so often of  a time when he was unquestionably loved  by his wife  and  family and being part of  his community .  A little solace as he feels so adrift and alone.   I hope that is all there is to it.  
    I admit to a feeling of trepidation  and wondering why so many flashbacks.  Probably just my fears and worry  for Bill.  The tub scene so like the one when he was Sookie stepping out he tub and wiping the mirror but this time we see he is infected with hepV.
    There has to be a cure for  HepV .  I am really afraid because it seems to be advancing so quickly with Bill according to the preview.  

    * Interesting but likely odd for Bill to remember the forbearers of town folk he encounters  in present day.  (Mr. Forteberry the photographer and Mr. Bodehouse the barkeep

  46. Willkill4Bill You are right about him giving Sookie too much credit, didn’t think of that.
    He is working on being friends with Sookie, it’s new territory since they have never been “just” friends before and I agree that he doesn’t think it will ever happen again with Sookie. But he clearly has deep feelings for her and wants to be close to her.

  47. Poor Bill, always dressed and looking fabulous!
    And the hair is workin’!
    Luv Bill!
    I hope he’ll be alright.
    Maybe both Skokie and Adlyn

  48. I think he got infected when killing the HepV Vamps at Fangtasia. And either Sarah Newlin has the antidote or Sookie is the cure.

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