Bill Chronicles Episode 7.04 – Death Is Not The End

Without a doubt the most interesting episode so far this season, a lot happened and we got to see Bill in various roles: daddy Bill, kick-ass Bill and he got a taste of Sookie’s neck to boot.

A good episode for us Bill fans.

Jessica is hurting and not healing because she hasn’t fed in 10 weeks. Her boyfriend James doesn’t know what to do anymore and decides to get Bill involved, much to the dismay of Jessica. Bill asks his progeny why she hasn’t been feeding and if it has something to do with her killing the Bellefleur faery girls. He discovers that Jessica has been protecting Adilyn but hasn’t received blood in exchange for her services. Bill tells her that she has to forgive herself for what happened, but Jessica thinks otherwise. In the meantime Sookie has wandered in and joins the intervention offering her blood to Jessica. She says she trusts Jessica but both Jessica and Bill think some caution might be appropriate and Bill tells Sookie to be careful when he leaves the two girls alone.


After Sookie’s alternative intervention she leaves Jessica in the care of James and “his” human Lafayette and goes to Bill’s bedroom to discuss the plan of action for the Fangtasia rescue mission. Bill explains they will be badly outnumbered during the attack, because he doesn’t expect many vampires to show up to lend a hand because there is nothing to be gained for them. Sookie asks him why he is doing it. “Because I owe you everything”, Bill answers. For a moment they look into each other’s eyes before they both lower their gaze. Bill admits that he hasn’t eaten in a while and he is visibly shocked and surprised when Sookie offers him her neck to feed from. She calls it “just lunch”, but if that was really the case she could have given him her wrist to drink from instead of offering her former lover the intimacy of her neck. I bet Bill has been craving for a taste of Sookie’s sweet faery blood and from the looks of him it clearly isn’t “just lunch” and he enjoys every drop.



Later that night the party that will attack Fangtasia gathers at the Compton Mansion and as Bill predicted only a couple of vampires have shown up to assist. Just about when they are ready to leave Eric and Pam knock on Bill’s door. He smiles surprised at the sight of his former sheriff, a smile that fades quickly when he sees the veins on Eric’s chest that reveal his infection with Hep-V.

Bill offers Sookie and Eric a moment of privacy in his study before they all head over to Fangtasia. He waits for her outside holding the door of his car open for her, there is no way he’ll let anyone else besides Sookie ride shotgun.


Poor Eric is too weak to knock down the wall at Fangtasia, Bill looks at Pam for some kind of confirmation that he should take over subsequently knocking down the wall with a single blow. Bill and Pam free Nicole and Jane, but Arlene has already been taken upstairs and the vampires are feeding on her. Pam offers Bill a piece of advice telling him not to be too big a hero because it ain’t gonna happen with Sookie. Pam is a tough cookie but somewhere deep down she does care a tiny bit about Bill. He probably agrees with Pam that he doesn’t stand a chance to ever win Sookie back, but he owes her everything and not following through just isn’t an option.


Then all hell breaks loose in Fangtasia but the bottom line is that Bill totally was da man and kicked some serious ass! Bill saves Eric inside the bar when a vampire tries to stack him. “You see? Not an asshole anymore”.

Just when he is about to give Arlene his blood to save her, he hears the desperate cry for help from his beloved progeny who is about to be shot by Vince. He saves Jessica by killing Vince. “I got you, Jess”. Bill knows how important it is to Sookie to save Arlene, but his girl Jessica is simply more important to him.


The fight with the Hep-V infected vampires is over. I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next episode with our beloved vampire. I am liking this William Compton 3.0!



  1. I agree completely about this episode being the best so far and Bill was no exception.  The scene between him and Sookie when she offered him her neck was very provocative and reminded me of earlier Bill and Sookie moments. Great episode with lots of funny quotes.  Loved the Bill and Jessica scenes too and that he saved her.

  2. Great recap, Shad, and a terrific episode for us Bill Compton fans.  Daddy Bill gave Jessica some forthright advice about eating which Sookie reinforced.  He also saved his girl from meeting the true death, and saved Eric.  His strength was on display when he punched through a wall so the rescue forces could enter Fangtasia via the tunnel.  Thanks to Sookie he was able to feed.  She asked if he had eaten, and volunteered to give him her blood.  I especially appreciated their scene together in the bedroom.  Even Pam, who normally has no use for Bill, gave him some grudging respect.

    The episode was the best one so far.  I hope the rest of the season is on a par with episode 4.

  3. I posted to this, but it is lost somewhere in space.  Up above it says 2 comments, but only 1 shows.  Will try again.

    Great recap, Shad.  This was a terrific episode for Bill Compton fans.  Daddy Bill  was forthright with Jessica about feeding.  Sookie played her part in getting James to call Lafayette.  Bill helped organize the Arlene-Nicole-Jane rescue mission.  He showed his strength when he punched through the wall leading to the Fangtasia tunnel.  He saved Jess from the true death, and also saved Eric.  Even Pam, who normally has no use for Bill, gave him some grudging respect.  The bedroom scene with Sookie and Bill made me think of earlier scenes between them.  Sookie offered him her blood; he did not ask.  Also, when Eric arrived, Bill saw that Sookie had some private moments with Eric before they left for Fangtasia.

    A wonderful episode filled with all sorts of Bill goodness.

  4. I am soo gonna miss the show,it is hands down the best show EVER! LOVE ME SUM ERIC NORTHMAN,SOO FINE!!

  5. Okay, this was my first post.  I double and triple checked and it looked to be gone.  So I redid my comments.  Now it’s here.  Who knew?

  6. Bill has redeemed himself in my eyes. But I really like Eric and Sookie together… I don’t want this to end!

  7. honestly i dont want any of Bill and Eric to died..I dont know Sookie who will choose ,but hope Eric will be save….;(

  8. Well Done Shad. This was a great episode imo. Bill is so multidimensional and complex, it’s a pleasure
    to watch him interact with others on screen. 
    Ever the concerned maker I think Bill was ready to command if need be for Jessica to feed. 
    Sookie’s chat with her saved him from having to do so. 
    Bill and Sookie engaging in these personal conversations followed by Sookie offering to feed Bill in such an intimate way surely is leading towards a reconciliation of some sort. 
    Bill said something about he had compelled the vamps to come to Bellfleur’s because there was something in it for the vampires but now he could not do so. Is Bill still king or has the vampire hierarchy disappeared with the downfall of the Authority with only makers and their progeny remaining? 
    Bill’s was gracious and sympathetic to Eric. Gentlemanly to offer his study for Sookie and Eric to chat.
    Even Pam has a bit of a soft spot for Bill offering her don’t be a hero advice. 
    Bill is always bad ass when it comes to battle and the wall was no obstacle. He was willing to heal Arlene but naturally he had to save Jessica. Imagine if he had fed her his blood, Arlene would then be dreaming about Bill. That would have been interesting and fun to watch. 
    Loving the scenes of Bill and hoping for more to come.

  9. Willkill4Bill There is no Authority anymore and with that hierarchy seems to have disappeared and it’s very vampire for him/herself.

    I expect Arlene will be dreaming about Keith now!

  10. Rowena75 I don’t think Bill has ever asked Sookie for anything in their long relationship. She always came to him out of her own initiative and she is starting to do it again.

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