Bill Chronicles True Blood Episode 7.03 – Fire In The Hole

Bill Chronicles True Blood Episode 7.03. While Acide is coming to the conclusion that Sookie bailed on him and took off with Bill, the ex-lovers are driving in the dark on their way to somewhere or something. Apparently nothing good because Bill wished he could talk her out of it, but Sookie replies with a look so deadly it could make a vampire burst into flames spontaneously and he resigns with a sigh. When the girl has an idea she can’t be talked out of it, not even when it includes taking Bill’s blood again.

We learn that Bill is unable to feel Sookie anymore, because Billith was drained at vamp camp last season and received a transfusion from Jessica and James. The Bill Compton that he was before his blood god adventure is no more; physically he is not the same person. But that doesn’t mean that he gets a clean slate, he will have to live with the memories of what he has done to Sookie forever. Sookie is pleased to hear about his eternal torment, she clearly is not even close to forgiving him. Yet she turns to him in her hour of need and doesn’t think twice about drinking his blood and reestablishing the bond between them. Bill enjoys the blood giving a bit too much and Sookie reminds him that she has a boyfriend. A boyfriend that she ran out on while he was in the shower and who has no idea where she is or what she is up to.



Sookie’s plan might not be the most solid, but she is willing to risk her own life to help find and rescue the ones that were abducted.

Sookie’s masterplan consists of her being vampire bait for the Hep-V infected vampires while Bill is sitting in a tree. To kill the time they reminisce about the time when Bill took Sookie to Fangtasia for the first time and called her “vampire bait”. This is the second time that we see a direct reference to Bill and Sookie’s first date, last week Sookie remembered it when she read the diary of the dead girl. After all the unpleasant things that happened between them, we are reminded of how magical their relationship was in the beginning.


With Sookie opening up about her reasons for undertaking this risky endeavor Bill seizes the opportunity to ask her the very personal question whether she loves Alcide. Although she says it’s none of his business, William Compton, she immediately continues by telling Bill that she is afraid that she doesn’t love Alcide as much as he loves her. From her words we understand that the relationship with Alcide will not last and that sooner or later she will end it.

The chatter continues about Six Flags and Bill is kind of flirty with her when he confirms that she smells special. Bill is more and more like a William Compton 3.0 is this scene, when have we last seen him so relaxed, talkative and smiley? He really seems to be enjoying this one on one time with Sookie and reconnecting with her on a personal level. But it’s war and when Sookie reminds him of that Bill remembers when he went off to fight in the Civil War and had his picture taken with his family in 1862. We are reminded what a family man Bill was and how hard it must have been for him to leave his wife and children behind, not knowing if he would ever return home.



Sookie tries to speed things up by cutting into her own arm and spreading the scent of her blood that tastes like sunshine and flowers. The first one coming out of the woods is Holly followed immediately by the infected vamps that drag Bill out of his tree and immobilize him with a silver chain and take Sookie captive. Before they can take Bill out Sam and Alcide, both in canine mode, attack the vamps and free Bill. Andy, Jason and the rest of the gang arrive and shoot the rest of the vampires.

Alcide is pretty pissed at Bill of course and the evening air is thick with testosterone while they argue about who knows Sookie best until the fatal bullets hit Alcide and put an end to the argument forever.



  1. Come on…………Bill would have turned Alcide even if Sookie didn’t want him to. Bill’s major concern is Sookie’s survival. Alcide is 100% driven by love (according to the convo while waiting on the HepV vamps) to protect Sookie. So, turning Alcide would provide another vamp to protect her.

  2. Thanks, Shad, for highlighting the Bill Compton parts of this episode.  I was pleased to see the Civil War flashback and the “vampire bait” look back to Bill and Sookie’s Fangtasia visit.  Sookie’s plans may not be the best thought out, but she is willing to give her all to rescue her Bon Temps friends who are in danger.  And Bill will not hesitate to help her.  His presence in her life has completely changed its direction, and not necessarily for the good.  He believes he owes her, willingly gives her his blood, and gets carried away with the sheer pleasure of it.  Sookie reminds him that she has a boy friend.  It was strange seeing Bill up in that tree while they waited for Sookie’s plan to take effect.  I was just happy to see them talking and sharing on a fairly deep level. I didn’t think Alcide would be turned there at the end.  Sookie knew he wouldn’t have wanted that.  But the offer was at least made and could have been done by any of the vampires present.

  3. Great Bill-cap! I was so glad we got much more of Bill Compton this ep, the show just isn’t the same when he’s barely on screen. I was amazed at the moments of sorta levity that Bill and Sookie managed while waiting to face danger. I love them!!

  4. I enjoyed your recap Shad. Bill Compton my favorite topic. ♥♥♥

    Bill would lasso the moon for Sookie if she ask. There is no reasoning with her 
    so usually to his own detriment he stands between her and whatever danger she 
    places herself in. 
    No, Bill doesn’t have a clean slate but Sookie has faltered along the way as well.
    It was so nice to hear them talk sans Sookie’s feigned rancor and to be open and honest 
    with each other. Opening up to Bill about her true feelings towards Alcide spoke volumes. 
    Even sitting in a tree Bill was so charming, relaxed and at times almost boyish. 
    Their flirty exchange did not go unnoticed. 
    Bill still feels so deeply the pain of parting from his family never to return. 
    Those memories are easily surfaced.
    So sad and how sweet was he with his little daughter? 

    Bill was as unimpressed as I was with the big bad wolf huffing, puffing and posturing.
    I think Bill was a bit taken aback by Jessica offering one of the vampires to turn Alcide.

    The more Bill the happier I am. I hope we get some Jessica/Bill scenes as well.

  5. Thank you for the Bill recap.  Loved Bill and Sookie finally talking.  I was completely enthralled by his gentle voice and that smile melted my heart.  Go Bill and Sookie!!!

  6. Didn’t we already hear that Bill’s daughter Sarah grew up, had kids and one of them married a Bellefluer which makes Bill related to them? or am i confused and that’s in the books?

  7. Thanks, Shad for such a great recap! I loved the scenes of Sookie and Bill together. She seems to be coming closer to Bill by comparing her love for Alcide to what she felt for Bill. That to me means she still loves Bill and can never get over him…..

    Also, I don’t think Alcide would have wanted to be a vampire and plus he took a bullet straight to his forehead, probably no chance of turning him anyway. 

    This was my favorite episode so far this season. Great recap!

  8. screechowl since Bill had so much guilt over killing Jessica and making her a vampire, i don’t think he will ever again turn someone into a vampire; unless it was Sookie and she begged him to. and maybe not even then. 
    I certainly do agree tho that Bill’s major concern is Sookie and Jessica’s welfare and safety. he loves Jessica too. He just has an unusual morality for a vampire; he remembers how to “love” now and prob won’t ever again kill a human and “turn” them. just in my speculative opinion. :-)

  9. ShadalizaMonterosa OH YEAH! i forgot about that. so we already know she was not a vampire. i once thought that might be a possibility but there are a gazillion “possibilities”.  lol.

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