Bill and Sookie Fan Art on auction for Billsbabes Day

Two new items has been added to the Bid N Buy Charity Shop for Billsbabes Day 2012.

First up is by a hand-drawn comic book style illustration of Bill Compton by AphroditeMF aka Natalie Thake. We all remember this wonderful scene from season 4 “We are not fucking puppy dogs!” Natalie is known in the True Blood fandom for the podcast she does together with her husband “God Hates Fangs“.


The second fan art item is a painting by fbforbill aka Cindy portraying one of the sexiest scenes of True Blood, the Bill and Sookie make up sex of season 2. You can see more of Cindy’s work on Deviantart.


Both auctions are live now. Place your bid here . A simply registration is required.


Billsbabes Day is the day where Stephen Moyer fans come into action to raise funds for one of the charitable causes Stephen supports. This year Billsbabes Day is held on April 28 and the donations will go to the Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fund of Brentwood Theatre in support of  their activities for kids. More info here.

You can make a direct donation to the Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fund using the below PayPal button that was provided by Mark Reed, administrator of Brentwood Theatre.


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