Bill and Jessica in True Blood epside 5.11 sneak peek

Looks like we won’t have our Bill back yet in episode 11. Watch and weep.



  1. She said to Bill:   “What if I made him a Vampire?”….OMG….Jessica really, really cares for Jason. She loves him!  It’s good that Hoyt is gone and glamored.
    I can’t believe this season is so close to ending. It just goes by too fast. There just isn’t enough time to wrap up everything.

  2. Oh dear … Jason, Sookie and the citizens of Bon Temps merely food?  Say it isn’t so, Bill.  Jason a vampire?  I hope not.  He does human so very well.  Hopefully, Jessica will find a way to protect him without going to that extreme.  I am really not looking forward to episode 11 with Bill continuing on this Lilith-induced path.

  3. I can’t stand seeing our Bill behaving this cold. I am hoping that the real Bill is still there, and it’s a ruse to take down the rest of the Authority. I am so sick of the Authority & Lilith! Or maybe Sookie and her fairy kin will bring Bill back from the dark side. One can hope!

  4. I believe Bill is saying the things he is saying because Salame is always listening in on his conversations.  So he has to say the things he is saying.  Bill has not gone to the dark side.  That is my story and I am sticking to it.

    1.  @BillSookie4Ever I keep hoping too. If Salome is listening, then it was a really bad idea for Jessica to use Bill’s phone to try and call Jason.

  5. Bill has to be playing, he is confused, but he is in there. Watch the faces on the characters. A smile, eyebrow, it’s all there. Bill for sure but every other actor too. Oh and background.

  6. I am hoping that Bill is saying these things as part of his cover.  For him to say that Sookie is just food is beyond everything he’s stood for since S1, episode 5, when, IMO, he fell in love with her, and committed himself  to keep her from QSA, and protect her from all danger.  How are we to believe that he would turn so completely in such a short period of time?   I cannot.

    1.  @iamtrue2bill It has to be – I’ll not think or any other scenario!  It’s all hard to hear but I am True to Bill too

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