Big Death Early in Second half of True Blood Season 6

SPOILERSASMSQUAREOver at Spoiler chat, we see an interesting tidbit about the supposed “major” death in True Blood Season 6. They report that the death will take place in the second half of the 10 episode season, but before the finale. Yikes, who could it be?

We’re not happy about a possible death of a main character, but will have to be patient to find out who it is. We couldn’t imagine that it might be “BILL” but we’re still biting our nails until we know for sure. Waiting sucks even more now, don’t you think?

Here’s the info:

Jessalyn P.: Summer time means True Blood time! Spill!
Sookie wants her life back! Everything is spinning out of control! The humans are pissed! The vampires are even more pissed! Basically, True Blood is going all out this year. Just watch the season six trailer and you’ll see what we mean. Plus, that big death that’s happening this season? It might happen a lot sooner than we originally thought. It’s in the second half of the season, but before the finale.


  1. I’m trying not to think about it.  No sense fretting this early on.  However, if it is Bill (and I pray it’s not), that will probably end True Blood for me.  Deep breath and on we go.  Seriously, I will hate losing any of the major characters.  After 5 seasons they are like old friends.

    1. Rowena75 Thanks for saying this and saving me from typing panicky nonsense again. Now I can just say “I concur.”

    2. You hit the nail on the head yet again.  Even though I wouldn’t mind a non-Eric version of TB…it would lose so much without him, and half the fans would flee.

  2. I absolutely agree! There is still much time to wait, then each week’s episode takes another five weeks for the first half of the season….so it’s a very looooong way off! The spoilers are not always “literally true” either so I am taking this with a grain of salt and putting it on the shelf. Not taking it down until I see where the story is going this year.
    I don’t expect it to be any of the leads. That is just suicide for a series, especially this one. so many fans….
    Heck…”major death” could mean a thousand people die. Or it could mean a secondary cast character. but i seriously doubt it is Sookie, Bill or Eric. They are the leads, if any of them die this year….NO MORE TRUE BLOOD at all. The show could not go on. So unless this is the last season, I truly believe those three are safe. (please, please spare Lafayette! Unless he dies and gets to go be with Jesus. I love him dearly!)

    1. Completely agree boo boo.  I can’t imagine that they would kill off  Eric or Bill since they would lose one half of their fans…and this si all about Sookie so not her.  I love Lafayette, too so not him…even the other secondary characters like Jason & Pam & Sam are all so precious to us now…waiting does suck!!

      1. Piper1715 Gosh, is there ANYONE IN THE WHOLE TRUE BLOOD WORLD who doesn’t love Lala?
        You are so right, Piper, they are all so precious to us. Heck, I like some of these characters better than some family members. ha ha. seriously, your words are perfect…they are ALL precious to us now after all this time. Even Eric adds his own spice to the mix, ha ha.

  3. I seriously don’t think any of our main leads are going anywhere… I mean this is just a vague statement… So who knows what can happen… I just hope its not *Bill* He’s been my fave since the beginning and would totally lose interest in it.. But in all seriousness I know it wont be so I’m not worried at this point:)

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