Beam me up, Bill Compton.

It is all about Bill right now. Has he gone dark or is he plotting a master plan to overthrow the Authority? Personally I think that Bill is under the influence of the blood and Salome and his own need to believe in something, but I can’t shake the nagging feeling that he might still have a card hidden up his sleeve.

That vial of blood keeps showing up in every promo that we see and it’s no ordinary blood, that’s for sure. I wonder what Bill is thinking in this photo published on TVLine. There is the blood vial again, Bill wears the Lilith pin on his chest and he looks like he just stepped of the Starship Enterprise. Beam me up, Scottie and make it Sunday already.

Bill Compton

Photo source TVLine


  1. That’s what I said when I saw the promo stills of this episode, and Bill in that “outfit.”  Star Trek all over again!  He sure is the handsomest Trek-man I’ve ever seen!

  2. Bill is so Star Trek *hot* here. What I would do for a few hours time in a holodeck ……….
    I still hope Bill deep down has a plan.

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