Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer answer your questions on Twitter

Not only is the True Blood leading couple, Stephen Moyer and Anan Paquin featured in this week’s Entertainment Weekly, but the magazine has also organized a Twitter Q&A for the fans.

Entertainment Weekly @EW
Have burning questions for @AnnaPaquin & @_smoyer of @TrueBloodHBO? Tweet w/ #AskAnnaAndStephen & they may answer from 8-9 pm ET on 6/22!

So send in your questions now and maybe yours will be answered!


  1. Great opportunity for the fans to have their questions answered.  Should be an entertaining and informative hour.  Thank you, Stephen, Anna and ET.

  2. First of all, I just want to say I LOVE you guys and have been a fan from the beginning,never missed an episode!! Okay so my question is what was the worst set malfunction you guys had. What was the worse thing that ever happened while filming True Blood? Forever your,
    Lynn McArthur

  3. I’ve already tweeted a few questions. Very excited for this live twitter Q&A with my fave couple on and off screen!

  4. Hey Bill is this the last season is going to be alright I hope not cause I really like your movies and I didn’t know well anyways I just hope and pray this ain’t the last season cuz I would love 2 because im vampire and vampires do this Eric Northman said they didn’t but I know they do because I’ve been reading on them and I’ve been saying spells and drinking from people and my mouth hurts my teeth hurting all for my love it

  5. So this cannot be your last season because I want to become one of yall I know even though you play an actor you doing that but they are real and you would love to become one I know you would well anyways I am going to do some more spells to become a vampire so I can do all that and live for a long time

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