On April 27 Billsbabes Get Into ACTION: BILLSBABES DAY 2013



Welcome to Billsbabes Day 2013! Billsbabes get into action for the Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fund of Brentwood Theatre and this year we will not only sponsor the traditional Christmas show but also the Billsbabes Week of Kids Theatre scheduled for 28 October.

Maybe not all today’s Billsbabes were around last year, so let’s start at the beginning by explaining about Billsbabes Day.


Who are the Billsbabes?

The Billsbabes is Stephen Moyer’s original fangroup that was formed in September 2008 on the old HBO messageboard. The most dedicated Billsbabes are now united on the AllStephenMoyer messageboard, but everyone with a soft spot for Stephen Moyer is a Billsbabe in our eyes.

What is Billsbabes Day?

Billsbabes Day is the day where Stephen Moyer fans come into action to raise funds for one of the charitable causes Stephen supports. This year the donations will go to the Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fund of Brentwood Theatre in support of the Christmas show and the Billsbabes Week of Kids Theatre scheduled for  October 28th.

How can you participate in Billsbabes Day?

In any way you want!

Do you have a creative hobby? Sell your postcards, jewelry, knitwear, needlecraft, dolls, bookmarks, candles, etc to your friends/family or online and donate the proceeds to the Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fund.

Auction off your art work (a portrait of Stephen Moyer perhaps or of a fellow Billsbabe?).

Are you creative in the kitchen? Sell your cupcakes, pies, sandwiches or cookies at work or invite your friends over for an exclusive dinner in exchange for a donation.

Prepare a nice gift-basket and hold a raffle among your colleagues, friends and family.

Clean out your garage and hold a yard-sale.

Get sponsored for a sport event, weight loss attempt, nude swim in the ocean or shave your head.

The possibilities are endless! Take a look here at last year’s activities.

When does Billsbabes Day 2013 take place?

Billsbabes Day 2013 is held on April 27, the last Saturday of the month, but your fundraiser activity doesn’t have to take place on that exact date. As a matter of fact you should already start right now preparing your activity, creating your items, taking orders, selling and raising money. It will all count for the grand total of all the money raised for Billsbabes Day 2013.

How to sell your creations.

We’ve created an online auction and sale platform where participants can auction or sell their creations safely directly from our website.


For more information visit the Billsbabes Day 2013 FAQ of contact us directly at info[at]allstephenmoyer.com.

You can also join the AllStephenMoyer messageboard, where we have a special Billsbabes Day section where you can ask your questions, exchange info and find buyers for what you would like to sell. Sign up for the board here.



  1. Thanks for this definitive look ahead at Billsbabes Day 2013.  I anticipate helping out with some purchases, as I did last year.

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