Another video interview with the Cast of The Gifted at SDCC 2018

Below is another interview from SDCC 2018 with the Gifted cast. This time they are interviewed by Matt Webb Mitovich from TVLine.

Who’s really to blame for things going so sideways for the Mutant Underground in Season 1 of The Gifted?

Was it the Struckers who upended Marcos & Co.’s “best life”? Does it date a bit further back to Blink’s arrival? Or did Thunderbird ultimately not run a proper HQ?

Indeed, there was some playful finger pointing going on when several cast members from the Fox series visited TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con suite to, yes, reflect on the setbacks suffered by the Underground, but also preview Season 2.

After the explosive events that capped the freshman finale, Polaris (played by Emma Dumont) is now seen as a “bigot-killer,” and the general world outlook on mutants is “more hostile” than ever, the cast shares. But with a time jump having occurred between seasons, Polaris is now quite ready to give birth, and baby daddy Marcos (Sean Teale) is “hellbent” on being there for the blessed event. But will Hellfire ultimately trump hellbent?

SDCC 2018

Watch the video interview below:

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  1. Another entertaining and informative video. I look forward to learning more about the different groups (which have obviously expanded), and about the backgrounds of the main characters … how they got to be how they are now. Every interview is lively and fun to watch.

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