Another Trailer including Stephen Moyer for the film “Concussion”

Scheduled to premiere at the AFI film festival next week and to be released in theaters on Christmas Day, below is another trailer for Will Smith’s film, Concussion.

Stephen Moyer plays the part of Dr. Ron Hamilton, who was Dr. Bennet Omalu’s teacher and below are a few screenshots from the trailer that include Stephen.




See more photos in the Photo Gallery:

Click here to go to the Concussion Photo Gallery.

If you wish to know more about the issue that is discussed in the film, watch the PBS Frontline documentary here: It’s well worth a watch!



  1. I love Stephen but this movie is going to make people go bonkers about football. They’ll ignore the fact that girls soccer actually has the highest incidence of concussions by a WIDE margin. He still looks handsome though. ;)

  2. Can’t wait to see the movie! Steve looks great. I love how he looks different in each project he does. He really embodies the characters he plays. Some actors, though they may be great, are the same in every movie. Steve transforms himself.

  3. Thanks for both the trailer and the pictures. Wish there had been more of Stephen, but I was grateful to catch a glimpse. I hope this one comes my way. It’s absolutely riveting!

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